The Condor 1998 - Abstracts

The Condor 1998
Absence of breeding readiness in neotropical and long-distance migrant landbirds during spring stopover.Biological sciencesChristopher J. Norment, Gregory A. Jones
Abundance and distribution of marbled and Kittlitz's murrelets in southcentral and southeast Alaska.Biological sciencesDavid B. Irons, Steven J. Kendall, Beverly A. Agler
Abundance of diurnal raptors on open space grasslands in an urbanized landscape.Biological sciencesCarl E. Bock, Mark E. Berry, Sandra L. Haire
Acadian flycatcher nest placement: does placement influence reproductive success?Biological sciencesRobert J. Cooper, R. Randy Wilson
Acoustic frequencies and body mass in New World doves.Biological sciencesPablo Luis Tubaro, Bettina Mahler
An evaluation of whole body potassium-40 content for estimating lean and fat mass in pigeons.Biological sciencesJustin D. Congdon, T.G. Hinton, James A. Gessaman, Roy D. Nagle
A quantitative analysis of winter distribution and habitats of Kirtland's warblers in the Bahamas.Biological sciencesJ. Christopher Haney, David S. Lee, Martha Walssh-McGehee
A quantitative analysis of woodpecker drumming.Biological sciencesDanielle J. Dodenhoff, Robert D. Stark, Eric V. Johnson
Arrival time from spring migration in male Pied Flycatchers: individual consistency and familial resemblance.Biological sciencesJaime Potti
A sexually dimorphic learned birdsong in the northern cardinal.Biological sciencesAyako Yamaguchi
Azure-winged magpies avoid nest predation by nesting near a Japanese lesser Sparrowhawk's nest.Biological sciencesMutsuyuki Ueta
Behavior of migrant shorebirds in playas of the Southern High Plains, Texas.Biological sciencesLoren M. Smith, Craig A. Davis
Bird abundance and diversity along an urban-rural gradient: a comparative study between two cities on different continents.Biological sciencesPhilippe Clergeau, Jean-Pierre L. Savard, Gwenelle Mennechez, Gilles Falardeau
Bird tolerance to human intrusion in Wyoming montane forests.Biological sciencesStanley H. Anderson, James D. Roth, Kevin J. Gutzwiller, Heidi A. Marcum, Henry B. Harvey
Breeding biology and territoriality of the Hawaii creeper.Biological sciencesEric A. VanderWerf
Breeding ecology and behavior of the Hawaiian hawk.Biological sciencesCurtice R. Griffin, Peter W.C. Paton, Thomas S. Baskett
Brood parasitism by brown-headed cowbirds on brown thrashers: frequency and rates of rejection.Biological sciencesCarola A. Haas, Katherine H. Haas
Buteo polyosoma and B. poecilochrous, the "red-backed buzzards" of South America, are conspecific.Biological sciencesC. Craig Farquhar
Changes in the distribution and abundance of Waved Albatrosses at Isla Espanola, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.Biological sciencesHector D. Douglas III
Competition for food in urban pigeons: the cost of being juvenile.Biological sciencesDaniel Sol, David M. Santos, Josep Garcia, Mariano Cuadrado
Correlates of creeping speed variability in two species of Treecreepers.Biological sciencesTomasz S. Osiejuk
Demography of an introduced red-billed Leiothrix population in Hawaii.Biological sciencesC. John Ralph, Steven G. Fancy, Tim D. Male
Density and roost site characteristics of Spotted Owls in the Sierra Madre Occidental, Chihuahua, Mexico.Biological sciencesRaul Valdez, Kendal E. Young, Philip J. Zwank, William R. Gould
Differences in diet and chick provisioning between adult Roseate and Sandwich Terns in Puerto Rico.Biological sciencesDavid A. Shealer
Dispersal from natal territories and the origin of cooperatively polyandrous breeding groups in the Brown Skua.Biological sciencesE.C. Young
Distribution, relative abundance, and habitat relationships of landbirds in the Vava'u Group, Kingdom of Tonga.Biological sciencesDavid W. Steadman, Holly B. Freifeld
Early growth as an index of parental quality.(Variations in Growth of Roseate Tern Chicks, part 2)Biological sciencesJeff S. Hatfield, Ian C.T. Nisbet, James M. Zingo, Jeffrey A. Spendelow, Greg A. Gough
Effect of hatching date on body and organ development in greater snow goose goslings.Biological sciencesGilles Gauthier, Louis Lesage
Effect of implanted satellite transmitters on the nesting behavior of Murres.Biological sciencesPaul M. Meyers, Daniel M. Mulcahy, Scott A. Hatch
Effects of age and captivity on plasma chemistry values of the Egyptian Vulture.Biological sciencesJose L. Tella, Jose A. Donazar, Pablo M. Dobado-Berrios, Olga Ceballos
Effects of cowbird parasitism on parental provisioning and nestling food acquisition and growth.Biological sciencesFrank R. Thompson III, John Faaborg, Donald C. Dearborn, Angela D. Anders
Effects of mate removal on incubation behavior and reproductive success of female Wood Ducks.Biological sciencesGary R. Hepp, Chad A. Manlove
Effects of motorboats and personal watercraft on flight behavior over a colony of common terns.Biological sciencesJoanna Burger
Effects of time and nest-site characteristics on concealment of songbird nests.Biological sciencesFrank R. Thompson III, Dirk E. Burkhans
Energy expenditure and food requirement of Cassin's auklets provisioning nestlings.Biological sciencesG. Henk Visser, Wesley W. Weathers, William J. Sydeman, Peter J. Hodum
Evaluation of radio-tracking and strip transect methods for determining foraging ranges of Black-legged Kittiwakes.Biological sciencesRobert M. Suryan, Lyman L. McDonald, William D. Ostrand, Gary S. Drew
Factors affecting duration of incubation in Black Brant.Biological sciencesJames S. Sedinger, Michael W. Eichholz
Factors affecting nutritional condition of fledgling Florida Scrub-Jays: a ptilochronology approach.Biological sciencesGlen E. Woolfenden, John W. Fitzpatrick, Thomas C. Grubb Jr.
Factors affecting primary molt in the gray-headed albatross.Biological sciencesP.A. Prince, N.D. Cobley
Feeding associations between white-fronted terns and Hector's dolphins in New Zealand.Biological sciencesStefan Brager
First breeding records of Whooper Swan and Brambling in North America at Attu Island, Alaska.Biological sciencesPaul W. Sykes Jr., David W. Sonneborn
Foods of Mountain Plovers wintering in California.Biological sciencesFritz L. Knopf
Foraging proficiency and body condition of juvenile American dippers.Biological sciencesRoarke E. Donnelly, Kimberly A. Sulllivan
Forest fragmentation affects the behavioral response of American Redstarts to the threat of cowbird parasitism.Biological sciencesKeith A. Hobson, Marc-Andre Villard
Genetic evidence for low frequency of extra-pair fertilizations in northern goshawks.Biological sciencesDouglas Leslie, Thomas A. Gavin, Richard T. Reynolds, Suzanne M. Joy, Bernie May
Geographic, temporal, and age-specific variation in diets of glaucous gulls in western Alaska.Biological sciencesJoel A. Schmutz, Keith A. Hobson
Habitat selection by Northern Spotted Owls: the consequences of prey selection and distribution.Biological sciencesBarry R. Noon, R.J. Gutierrez, James P. Ward Jr.
How well do artificial nests estimate success of real nests?Biological sciencesMargaret C. Brittingham, Gina R. Wilson, Lourio J. Goorich
Influence of gambel oak on breeding birds in ponderosa pine forests of northern Arizona.Biological sciencesSteven S. Rosenstock
Influences of fluctuating river flows on Bald Eagle foraging behavior.Biological sciencesBryan T. Brown, Lawrence E. Stevens, Teresa A. Yates
Interactions between Black-billed Magpie and fallow deer.Biological sciencesPeter V. Genov, Paola Gigantesco, Giovanna Massei
Intraspecific variation in the hindlimb musculature of the northern flicker.Biological sciencesSusan Berman, Jill Addesa, Robert Hannigan, Vincent Restivo, Joseph Rodrigues
Is foot squeezing pressure by two raptor species sufficient to subdue their prey?Biological sciencesDavide Csermely, Giorgia Gaibani
Lek behavior of the Gray-hooded Flycatcher.Biological sciencesMarco Aurelio Pizo, Alexandre Aleixo
Leucocytozoon simondi in emperor geese from the Yukon-Kuskowkim Delta in Alaska.Biological sciencesJoel A. Schmutz, J. Christian Franson, Lynn H. Creekmore, Ada C. Fowler, Tuula E. Hollmen
Monitoring species richness and abundance of shorebirds in the Western Great Basin.Biological sciencesLewis W. Oring, Susan M. Haig, Nils Warnock
Morphological differentiation of brown-headed cowbirds in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.Biological sciencesDavid Ward, James N.M. Smith
Multispecies seabird feeding flocks in the Galapagos Islands.Biological sciencesKyra L. Mills
Nocturnal variation in body temperature of Griffon Vultures.Biological sciencesDavid C. Houston, Ofer Bahat, Itzhak Choshniak
Pair interactions in red-faced warblers.Biological sciencesThomas E. Martin, Kimberly G. Smith, Patricia M. Barber
Parasites, morphology, and blood characters in male Red Jungle Fowl during development.Biological sciencesMarlene Zuk, Torgeir S. Johnsen
Parasitism by shiny cowbirds of rufous-bellied thrushes.Biological sciencesGabriela Lichtenstein
Paternity and the relatedness of helpers in the cooperatively breeding bell miner.Biological sciencesKelvin F. Conrad, Peter T. Boag, Raleigh J. Robertson, Michael F. Clarke
Patterns and dynamics of shorebird use of California's Central Valley.Biological sciencesGary W. Page, W. David Shuford, Janet E. Kjelmyr
Patterns of activity, flocking, and habitat use in parrots of the Peruvian Amazon.Biological sciencesJames D. Gilardi, Charles A. Munn
Population trends of the Galapagos penguin: impacts of El Nino and La Nina.Biological sciencesP. Dee Boersma
Predators of quail eggs, and the evidence of the remains: implications for nest predation studies.Biological sciencesMiguel A. Marini, Celine Melo
Pre-Pleistocene differentiation among chat-tyrants.Biological sciencesPeter Arctander, Jaime Garcia-Moreno
Recent geographic trends in Neotropical avian research.Biological sciencesKevin Winker
Refined colorimetry validates endangered subspecies of the Least Tern.Biological sciencesNed K. Johnson, J.V. Remsen Jr., Carla Cicero
Rejection of artificial parasite eggs by gray kingbirds in the Bahamas.Biological sciencesDirk E. Burhans, Michael E. Baltz
Risk-taking by incubating Common Goldeneyes and Hooded Mergansers.Biological sciencesMark L. Mallory, Donald K. McNicol, Russell A. Walton, Mark Wayland
Satellite tracking of Magellanic Penguin migration.Biological sciencesDavid L. Stokes, P. Dee Boersma, Lloyd S. Davis
Selection of forage-fish schools by murrelets and tufted puffins in Prince William Sound, Alaska.Biological sciencesDavid B. Irons, William D. Ostrand, Kenneth O. Coyle, Gary S. Drew, John M. Maniscalco
Short incubation periods of brown-headed cowbirds: how do cowbird eggs hatch before yellow warbler eggs?Biological sciencesSpencer G. Sealy, D. Glen McMaster
Singing behavior of lekking Green Hermits.Biological sciencesElizabeth MacDougall-Shackleton, Heidi Harbison
Site fidelity of black brant wintering and spring staging in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia.Biological sciencesFred Cooke, Evan G. Cooch, Eric T. Reed, R. Ian Goudie
Skeletal development at the time of fledging in house wrens.Biological sciencesL. Scott Johnson, Chaitali Dutta, David Larkin, Luz P. Mangurian
Song sparrow males use female-typical vocalizations in fall.Biological sciencesMichelle M. Elekonich
Song sparrows vs. cowbird brood parasites: impacts of forest structure and nest-site selection.Biological sciencesThomas B. Smith, Brenda Larison, Stephen A. Laymon, Pamela L. Williams
Southern fulmars molt their primary feathers while incubating.Biological sciencesOlivier Chastel, Chistophe Barbraud
Spatial variation in foraging of the black-throated green warbler along the shoreline of northern Lake Huron.Biological sciencesRobert Smith, Michael Hamas, Matthew Dallman, David Ewert
Species and subspecies limits in Least Terns.Biological sciencesBarbara W. Massey
Spring stopover ecology of migrant western sandpipers.Biological sciencesNils Warnock, Mary Anne Bishop
Status and trends of the ashy storm-petrel on southeast Farallon Island, California, based upon capture-recapture analyses.Biological sciencesNadav Nur, William J. Sydeman, Elizabeth B. McLaren, Gerard J. McChesney
The diet of the Antarctic Shag during summer at Nelson Island, Antarctica.Biological sciencesMarco Favero, Ricardo Casaux, Patricia Silva, Esteban Barrera-Oro, Nestor Coria
The incidence of nonbreeding by adult great skuas and parasitic jaegers from Foula, Shetland.Biological sciencesKeith C. Hamer, Robert W. Furness, Paulo Catry, Richard A. Phillips, Norman Ratcliffe
The influence of female age, body mass, and ambient conditions on redhead incubation constancy.Biological sciencesTina Yerkes
The relationship between intra- and interspecific brood amalgamation in waterfowl.Biological sciencesGuy Beauchamp
Thermoregulatory responses of bridled and juniper titmice to high temperature.Biological sciencesErick Greene, Wesley W. Weathers
The timing of pair formation in Harlequin ducks.Biological sciencesFred Cooke, Gregory J. Robertson, W. Sean Boyd, R. Ian Goudie
Timing of pair and extra-pair copulations in the Northern Fulmar.Biological sciencesF.M. Hunter
Tricolored blackbird itinerant breeding in California.Biological sciencesWilliam J. Hamilton III
Variation in foraging behavior among nesting stages of female Red-face Warblers.Biological sciencesThomas E. Martin, Robert C. Dobbs
Water economy of granivorous birds: California house finches.Biological sciencesRichard E. MacMillen, David S. Hinds
Winter participation by neotropical migrant and resident birds in mixed-species flocks in northeastern Mexico.Biological sciencesWendy K. Gram
Wood thrush postfledging movements and habitat use in northern Virginia.Biological sciencesJ.H. Vega Rivera, J.H. Rappole, W.J. McShea, C.A. Haas
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