The Condor 1995 - Abstracts

The Condor 1995
A catalog of song syllables of Indigo and Lazuli Buntings.Biological sciencesMyron C. Baker, Jeanette T. Boylan
Additional information on the use of tartar emetic in determining the diet of tropical birds.Biological sciencesGaetan Lefebvre, Brigitte Poulin
Annual molt in ruby-throated and black-chinned hummingbirds.Biological sciencesWilliam H. Baltosser
Artificial snags as nesting sites for chickadees.Biological sciencesC.L. Bronson, Thomas C. Grubb Jr
Aspects of breeding biology and social organization in the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.Biological sciencesJonathan V. Regosin, Stephen Pruett-Jones
Assessing vocal variety in the Winter Wren, a bird with a complex repertoire.Biological sciencesBeatrice Van Horne
A test of whether economy or nutrition determines fecal sac ingestion in nesting corvids.Biological sciencesKevin J. McGowan
Bald eagles kleptoparasitizing sea otters at Amchitka Island, Alaska.Biological sciencesJon Watt, Bernhard Krausse, Tim M. Tinker
Behavioral, ecological and morphological correlates of foraging for arthropods by the hummingbirds of a tropical wet forest.Biological sciencesF. Gary Stiles
Black Brant winter and spring-staging use at two Washington coastal areas in relation to eelgrass abundance.Biological sciencesJames B. Atkinson, Ulrich W. Wilson
Breeding habitat of the Mexican Spotted Owl in the Tularosa Mountains, New Mexico.Biological sciencesMark E. Seamans, R.J. Gutierrez
Changes in stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios in sooty and short-tailed shearwaters during their northward migration.Biological sciencesHiroshi Minami, Masao Minagawa, Haruo Ogi
Characteristics, use and possible functions of the perch songs and chatter calls of male Common Yellowthroats.Biological sciencesGary Ritchison
Clutch-size manipulations in the yellow-headed blackbird: a test of the individual optimization hypothesis.Biological sciencesRoger M. Evans, Colleen Barber
Colony differences in response to trapping in Roseate Terns.Biological sciencesMichael Gochfeld, Joanna Burger, Ian C.T. Nisbet, James M. Zingo, Jeffrey A. Spendelow, Carl Safina
Common goldeneye nest attendance patterns.Biological sciencesMichael C. Zicus, Michael R. Riggs, Steven K. Hennes
Communal parental care by monogamous magpie hosts of fledgling Great Spotted Cuckoos.Biological sciencesManuel Soler, Juan Jose Soler, Jose Javier Palomino, Juan Gabriel Martinez
Comparison of condition indices in migratory passerines at a stopover site in coastal Louisiana.Biological sciencesPaul L. Leberg, Terry J. Spengler, Wylie C. Barrow Jr.
Composition of Eared Grebe and Western Grebe eggs.Biological sciencesWendy L. Hill, Marybeth Browne, Cynthia Hardenbergh
'Condor' physiology.('The Condor' journal)Biological sciencesWilliam R. Dawson
Correcting biased estimates of dispersal and survival due to limited study area: theory and an application using wrentits.Biological sciencesNadav Nur, Geoffrey R. Geupel, Mitchell Baker
Courtship displaying and intrasexual competition in the Bronzed Cowbird.Biological sciencesEthan D. Clotfelter
Delayed access to local songs prolongs vocal development in dialect populations of brown-headed cowbirds.Biological sciencesAdrian L. O'Loghlen
Demography and movements of Apapane and Iiwi in Hawaii.Biological sciencesC. John Ralph, Steven G. Fancy
Differences in singing behavior between Rufous-collared Sparrows in Costa Rica and northwestern Argentina.Biological sciencesJames R. Fotheringham
Differences in wintering areas of Snowy Plovers from inland breeding sites in western North America.Biological sciencesPeter W.C. Paton, Gary W. Page, Mark A. Stern
Diving behavior of emperor penguins nurturing chicks at Coulman Island, Antarctica.Biological sciencesG.L. Kooyman, T.G. Kooyman
Does male-like coloration of female hooded warblers increase nest predation?Biological sciencesBridget J. Stutchbury, Joan S. Howlett
Dominance, brood size and foraging behavior during brood-rearing in the Lesser Snow Goose: an experimental study.Biological sciencesT.D. Williams, R.S. Mulder, F. Cooke
Ecological and physiological effects on egg laying intervals in ptarmigan.Biological sciencesKathy Martin, Karen L. Wiebe
Ecology and breeding biology of the Hawaii elepaio (Chasiempis sandwichensis bryani).Biological sciencesCharles van Riper III
Effects of food density on the behavior and distribution of nonbreeding American flamingos in Yucatan, Mexico.Biological sciencesGuy A. Baldassarre, Felicity Arengo
Egg characteristics and body reserves of neonate Ross and lesser Snow Geese.Biological sciencesRay T. Alisauskas, Stuart M. Slattery
Egg size and early nestling growth in the Snow Petrel.Biological sciencesTrond Amundsen
Evidence of conspecific nest parasitism and egg discrimination in the sora.Biological sciencesMichael D. Sorenson
Experimental evidence for intrinsic microhabitat preferences in the Black-throated Green Warbler.Biological sciencesJeffrey David Parrish
Factors affecting daily activity budgets of South Georgian shags during chick rearing at Bird Island, South Georgia.Biological sciencesS. Wanless, M.P. Harris, J.A. Morris
Fat content and stopover ecology of spring migrant semipalmated sandpipers in South Carolina.Biological sciencesSusan M. Haig, James E. Lyons
Filter feeding in flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber).Biological sciencesG. Zweers, F. de Jong, H. Berkhoudt, J.C. Vanden Berge
Food availability and egg-laying of captive European starlings.Biological sciencesT. Meijer, U. Langer
Foraging behavior of American Redstarts in breeding and wintering habitats: implications for relative food availability.Biological sciencesRichard T. Holmes, Irby J. Lovette
Foraging strategies and energetic costs of foraging flights by breeding Wood Storks.Biological sciencesA. Lawrence Bryan Jr., Malcolm C. Coulter, Colin J. Pennycuick
Genetic analyses of wild populations of Hawaiian Geese using DNA fingerprinting.Biological sciencesElizabeth H. Rave
Genetic evidence for undetected alleles and unexpected parentage in the gray-breasted jay.Biological sciencesJerram L. Brown, Rolf R. Koford, Bonnie S. Bowen
Genetic variation and nesting Bald Eagles.Biological sciencesRichard L. Knight, Michael H. Smith, James W. Grier, Gerald R. Craig, Robert G. McLean
Geographic, ecological and subspecific variations in the song of the Rufous-Browed Peppershrike (Cyclarhis Gujanensis).Biological sciencesPablo L. Tubaro, Enrique T. Segura
Grit use by House Sparrows: effects of diet and grit size.Biological sciencesLouis B. Best, James P. Gionfriddo
Habitat configuration around spotted owl sites in northwestern California.Biological sciencesR.J. Gutierrez, John E. Hunter, Alan B. Franklin
Habitat-related factors affecting the distribution of nonbreeding American Avocets in coastal South Carolina.Biological sciencesSusan M. Haig, Ruth Boettcher, William C. Bridges Jr.
Habits and habitat of mountain plovers in California.Biological sciencesFritz L. Knopf, Jeffery R. Rupert
Homing experiments with starlings deprived of the sense of smell.Biological sciencesH.G. Wallraff, J. Kiepenheuer, M.F. Neumann, A. Streng
Impact of tent caterpillar defoliation on the reproductive success of black-capped chickadees.Biological sciencesSusan J. Hannon, Shawna Pelech
Incubation behavior and body mass of female greater snow geese.Biological sciencesGilles Gauthier, Austin Reed, R. John Hughes
Interspecific competition for nest holes causes adult mortality in the collared flycatcher.Biological sciencesJuha Merila, David A. Wiggins
Intraclutch variation in egg volume Great Crested Grebes.Biological sciencesKeld Henriksen
Loggerheads shrikes, red fire ants and red herrings?Biological sciencesReuven Yosef, Fred E. Lohrer
Low power and implications for female mate choice theory.Biological sciencesKathleen G. Beal
Male northern orioles eject cowbird eggs: implications for the evolution of rejection behavior.Biological sciencesSpencer G. Sealy, Diane L. Neudorf
Melanin and the abrasion resistance of feathers.Biological sciencesRichard H.C. Bonser
Metabolizability and partitioning of energy and protein in green plants by yearling Lesser Snow Geese.Biological sciencesJames S. Sedinger, Robert G. White, Jerry Hupp
Mobbing of Eastern Screech-Owls: predatory cues, risk to mobbers and degree of threat.Biological sciencesFrederick R. Gehlbach, Jill S. Leverett
Molt in the annual cycle of ring-necked ducks.Biological sciencesWilliam L. Hohman, Richard D. Crawford
Morphological differences in Pacific coast populations of Greater White-fronted Geese.Biological sciencesWesley E. Newton, Craig R. Ely, Michael L. Wege, John Y. Takekawa, Dennis L. Orthmeyer
Motility responses to fasting in the gastrointestinal tract of three avian species.Biological sciencesMary H. Clench, John R. Mathias
Movement of urine in the lower colon and cloaca of Ostriches.Biological sciencesA. Allan Degen, Gary E. Duke, James K. Reynhout
Nest defense by willow flycatchers to brood-parasitic intruders.Biological sciencesPeter M. Narins, J.C. Uyehara
Nesting habitat and nesting success of eastern Wild Turkeys in the Arkansas Ozarks highlands.Biological sciencesAlexander V. Badyaev
Nest-site characteristics of the Madagascar Buzzard in the rain forest of the Masoala Peninsula.Biological sciencesJames Berkelman
Nest-site characteristics of the socorro green parakeet.Biological sciencesRicardo Rodriguez-Estrella, Laura Rivera Rodriguez, Francisco Anguiano
Nest-site relationship among cavity-nesting birds of riparian and snowpocket aspen woodlands in the northwestern Great Basin.Biological sciencesDavid S. Dobkin, Adam C. Rich, Jennifer A. Pretare, William H. Pyle
Nest site selection by eared grebes in a Franklin's gull colony: structural stability parasites.Biological sciencesMichael Gochfeld, Joanna Burger
New information on Kittlitz's Murrelet nests.Biological sciencesRobert H. Day
Northern hawk-owls in the nearctic boreal forest: prey selection and population consequences of multiple prey cycles.Biological sciencesRudy Boonstra, Christoph Rohner, James N.M. Smith, Johan Stroman, Miranda Joyce, Frank I. Doyle
Nutrient reserve and organ dynamics of breeding cinnamon teal.Biological sciencesJames H. Gammonley
Nutrient-reserve dynamics of breeding male wood ducks.Biological sciencesGary R. Hepp, Daniel L. Hipes
Observations on the nesting and breeding behavior of the rock wren.Biological sciencesMichele Merola
Orientation and navigation: a perspective on fifty years of research. (avian research)(Historical Perspectives)Biological sciencesKenneth P. Able
Parental care not likely to explain poor mating success in yearling male American Redstarts.(response to Kathleen G. Beal, The Condor, vol. 97, p. 835, August 1995)Biological sciencesThomas W. Sherry, Kevin E. Omland
Passage rates of digesta markers in the gut of the Hoatzin, a folivorous bird with foregut fermentation.Biological sciencesAlejandro Grajal, Ornella Parra
Patterns of habitat use for pied and sooty oystercatchers nesting at the Furneaux Islands, Australia.Biological sciencesErica Nol, Brook Lauro
Patterns of movement of dark-rumped petrels and Newell's shearwaters on Kauai.Biological sciencesBrian A. Cooper, Robert H. Day
Patterns of Wood Duck nest temperatures during egg-laying and incubation.Biological sciencesNicolaas A.M. Verbeek, Steven F. Wilson
Phylogenetic reanalysis of Strauch's osteological data set for the Charadriiformes.Biological sciencesPhilip C. Chu
Phylogenetic relationship of the cinnamon tyrant, Neopipo Cinnamomea, to the tyrant flycatchers (Tyrannidae).Biological sciencesJason A. Mobley, Richard O. Prum
Phylogenetic relationships among North American grouse inferred from restriction endonuclease analysis of mitochondrial DNA. (deoxyribonucleic acid)Biological sciencesNova J. Silvy, Rodney L. Honeycutt, Darrell L. Ellsworth
Phylogeny and evolutionary ecology of modern seaducks (Anatidae: Mergini).Biological sciencesBradley C. Livezey
Pied Flycatchers prefer to nest in clean nest boxes in an area with detrimental nest ectoparasites.Biological sciencesJaime Potti, Santiago Merino
Plasma corticosterone in bar-tailed godwits at a major stop-over site during spring migration.Biological sciencesTheunis Piersma, Joop Jukema, Marilyn Ramenofsky
Population size and factors affecting at-sea distributions of four endangered procellariids in the tropical pacific.Biological sciencesNadav Nur, Steve N.G. Howell, Larry B. Spear, David G. Ainley
Population structure and survival of palila. (Loxioides bailleui)Biological sciencesG.D. Lindsey, S.G. Fancy, M.H. Reynolds, T.K. Pratt, K.A. Wilson, P.C. Banko, J.D. Jacobi
Predation and kleptoparasitism by migrating Parasitic Jaegers.Biological sciencesJean-Francois Giroux, Marc Belisle
Prey of Peregrine Falcons breeding in West Greenland.Biological sciencesJames W. Schneider, Robert N. Rosenfield, Joseph M. Papp, William S. Seegar
Reconstructing avian diets using stable-carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of egg components: patterns of isotopic fractionation and turnover.Biological sciencesKeith A. Hobson
Removal indeterminacy and the proximate determination of clutch size in the House Sparrow.Biological sciencesTed R. Anderson
Renesting by spotted owls.Biological sciencesEric D. Forsman, Alan Giese, David Manson, Stan Sovern, Dale R. Herter
Repeatability in laying date and its relationship to individual quality for common murres.Biological sciencesWilliam J. Sydeman, Jeremy O. Eddy
Repertoires, territory size and mate attraction in Western Meadowlarks.Biological sciencesMaria Klemperer Aweida
Reproduction and breeding success of California Least Terns in Jalisco, Mexico.Biological sciencesGerardo Ceballos, Andres Garcia
Reproductive biology and vocalizations of the horned guan Oreophasis derbianus in Mexico.Biological sciencesFernando Gonzalez-Garcia
Responses of bird populations in a Puerto Rican forest to Hurricane Hugo: the first 18 months.Biological sciencesJoseph M. Wunderle Jr.
Sex-biased host selection and success of kleptoparasitic behavior of the Great Frigatebird in the northwestern Hawaiian islands.Biological sciencesRobert E. Cummins
Sexual dimorphism and breeding success in Tree Swallows and Collared Flycatchers.Biological sciencesTomas Part, David A. Wiggins
Singing behavior, song types on their wintering grounds and the question of leap-frog migration in Puget Sound white-crowned sparrows.Biological sciencesBarbara B. DeWolfe, Luis F. Baptista
Song types, repertories and song variability in a population of chestnut-sided warblers.Biological sciencesBruce E. Byers
Spatial aspects of roost-site selection in breeding male dark-eyed juncos.Biological sciencesEllen D. Ketterson, Val Nolan Jr., C. Ray Chandler
Speciation in Vireos. I. Macrogeographic patterns of allozymic variation in the Vireo Solitarius complex in the contiguous United States.Biological sciencesNed K. Johnson
Temporal-spatial patterns of food caching in two sympatric shrike species.Biological sciencesAngel Hernadez
The effects of late-incubation body mass on reproductive success and survival of Canvasbacks and Redheads.Biological sciencesMichael D. Sorenson, Michael G. Anderson, Robert B. Emery, Todd W. Arnold, Cristina N. De Sobrino
The loss of avian cavities by injury compartmentalization in a primeval European forest.Biological sciencesTomasz Wesolowski
Trans-Beringia comparisons of mitochondrial DNA differentiation in birds.Biological sciencesSievert Rohwer, Robert M. Zink, Alexander V. Andreev, Donna L. Dittmann
Unusual parasitism by the Bronzed Cowbird.Biological sciencesEthan D. Clotfelter, Timothy Brush
Unusual patterns of incomplete primary molt in Laysan and Black-footed Albatrosses.Biological sciencesSievert Rohwer, Nancy E. Langston
Use of ELISA for determination of plasma prolactin levels in the house wren.(Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay)Biological sciencesSharon M. Sintich, Michelle K. Keagle, R. Given Harper, Ian G. Welsford
Use of implanted satellite transmitters to locate Spectacled Eiders at-sea.Biological sciencesMargaret R. Petersen, David C. Douglas, Daniel M. Mulchay
Variation in brood behavior of Black Brant.Biological sciencesPaul L. Flint, James S. Sedinger, Michael W. Eichholz
Variations in growth of Roseate Tern chicks.Biological sciencesJeff S. Hatfield, Ian C.T. Nisbet, Jeffrey A. Spendelow
Vicinity of sparrowhawk nest affects willow tit nest defense.Biological sciencesSeppo Rytkonen, Mikael Soppela
Vigilance in the tufted titmouse varies independently with air temperature and conspecific group size.Biological sciencesVladimir V. Pravosudov, Thomas C. Grubb Jr.
Waterbird predation on fish in western Lake Erie: a bioenergetics model application.Biological sciencesCharles P. Madejian, Steven W. Gabrey
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