The Business Owner 1998 - Abstracts

The Business Owner 1998
11 ideas when negotiating a business loan.Business, general 
32 ideas to protect your home's deductions, exclusions, and its value.Business, general 
41 tax actions to take before Dec 31; Apr 15 is too late. (1998)Business, general 
9 ways to protect yourself when hiring outsiders and contractors.Business, general 
Eight ways to value your business.Business, general 
For existing and new properties: protect yourself when renting to your company.Business, general 
How to plan for business succession, move assets to family, lower taxes.Business, general 
How to use discounts to lower value of your business.Business, general 
How to value the equity in your business.Business, general 
How will the IRS value your business - today and after your death?Business, general 
Husband sues for half of wife's business ownership.Business, general 
Ideas on getting that needed capital.Business, general 
Ideas to increase and protect your wealth.Business, general 
Ideas to increase and protect your wealth.Business, general 
Ideas to increase and protect your wealth. (investment strategies)Business, general 
Just for you: a special tax bonus.Business, general 
Planning your business' future without you in it.Business, general 
Plan now for retirement by determining how much money you will need.Business, general 
Retirement trends will put pressure on many business owners.Business, general 
Review these 20 rules and pitfalls before your invest in real estate.Business, general 
The big-money mistakes made in retirement planning.Business, general 
Three owners fire 25% owner for cause - but they won't pay the price.Business, general 
Why you should employ family members.Business, general 
Your retirement money: what a difference a percentage point makes!Business, generalMartin, Thomas J.
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