The Business Owner 1993 - Abstracts

The Business Owner 1993
Approaching lenders: how to get that needed capital.Business, generalMartin, Thomas J.
Before you sign that equipment lease.... (includes related article)Business, general 
Don't kill that deal: how to negotiate openings and closings.Business, generalMartin, Thomas J.
Executive life insurance offers many benefits. (includes related articles) (Fringe Benefits)Business, general 
Home office deductions: three examples.Business, general 
How to price quantity orders to increase sales and profits.Business, general 
How to use dividend-paying capacity to value a business.Business, general 
How to use intermediaries to raise capital and refinance debt. (financial intermediaries)Business, general 
How to use trusts in your financial planning.Business, general 
Incremental and breakeven analysis: tools to make more money. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Life insurance: is it doing what you want?Business, general 
Moneywatch: ideas to save, protect, and make money.Business, general 
Protect yourself when you give, sell, or transfer stock. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Protect your wealth: buy and update excess liability coverage. (includes related article)Business, general 
Tax credits: business and personal.Business, general 
Tax facts and compliance: for you and advisers.Business, general 
What about personal and company cars? technical items to check with you accountant.Business, general 
You, business, executor: how to plan for your estate. (includes related article on ideas to discuss with your advisers)Business, general 
You, family, business: which mistakes are you making?Business, general 
Your business: its health and profitability. (includes related article)Business, general 
Your corporate bylaws: do they protect you and your business?Business, general 
Your estate, will, and children.Business, general 
Your ownership: to help you stay out of trouble.Business, general 
Your travel, meals and autos: get deductions, stay out of trouble.Business, general 
Your travel, meals, and autos: highlights and money-saving strategies.Business, generalMartin, Thomas J.
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