The American Gardener 2001 - Abstracts

The American Gardener 2001
2001 AHS Book Awards.(American Horticultural Society)Home and garden 
A community makes room for wildlife.(Zionsville, Indiana; includes related article on Community Wildlife Habitation certification)Home and gardenBaird, Margaret
After dark in the garden.(night-blooming flowers)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
A garden takes wing.(attracting birds to a garden)(Editorial)Home and gardenEllis, David J.
All-American mallows: hibiscuses and their many comely American cousins add vibrant colors to summer gardens.Home and gardenHumphrey, Donald
An autumn windfall of persimmons.(at American Horticulture Society's River Farm)(Column)Home and gardenEllis, David J.
Ann Lovejoy.(American Horticultural Society member)(Interview)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
A northern light: plant breeder Harold Pellett has expanded the variety of cold-hardy trees and shrubs for northern gardens.Home and gardenJohnson, Bill
Blooming bogs: bulbs and bulblike plants can transform a troublesome soggy corner of the yard into a colorful garden.Home and gardenHeath, Brent, Heath, Becky
Chambers recieves 2001 AHS Horticultural Therapy Award.(Nancy K. Chambers; American Horticultural Society)Home and gardenClark, Ethne
Collecting and saving seeds.Home and gardenYee, Mary
Compost critters: the invisible life of the compost pile.Home and gardenJohnson, Kathryn Lund
Cutting gardens: a fresh look.(growing flowers for flower arrangements; includes related articles)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita, Kleiber, Chela R.
Deadheading reconsidered: seed heads provide interest in the winter garden and food for wildlife.Home and gardenBrown, Lauren
Deciduous conifers: living relics of the first trees that clothed the earth, deciduous conifers bring drama, majesty, color, and texture to the garden.(includes related article on the prehistoric roots of ginkgos and dawn redwoods)Home and gardenHahn, Carl H.
Designing a winter garden.(includes related article with more design tips and a list of plants that look interesting in the winter)Home and gardenBurrell, C. Colston
Discover diascias.(South African wildflower)Home and gardenKelaidis, Panayoti
Easy-to-make plant supports.(for vine growing vegetables)Home and gardenTaylor, Harold Alexander
Falling for native trees.(autumn colors; includes related article)Home and gardenOttesen, Carole
Finding solace in gardening.(after terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001;)(Notes from River Farm)(Editorial)Home and gardenEllis, David J.
Friend or phobia.(snakes, frogs, toads and bats)Home and gardenEichengreen, Cynthia
From temperate to tropical: the transplanted gardener.(gardener moves from New Jersey to Florida)Home and gardenJohnson, Roger
Gardening with hummingbirds: attracting these beautiful birds to your garden is easy once you know how.(includes related articles)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita, Heidcamp, Arnette
Garden vignettes: small-scale plantings can create seasonal drama in any landscape.(Cover Story)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
Giving back to horticulture: Jane Steffey.(former American Horticulturalist columnist and garden editor on the Washington Post)Home and gardenOttesen, Carole
Glory bowers.(growing clerodendrum shrubs and vines; includes related articles on propagation and classification)(Cover Story)Home and gardenLee, Rand B., Ellis, David J.
Going wild in the shade.Home and gardenMorris, Rekha
Gourmet alliums: fall is the perfect time to start easy-to-grow gourmet onions such as chives, leeks and shallots.(includes related article on the history of alliums)(Cover Story)Home and gardenBlanchard, Chris
Growing hope for Seattle's homeless youths.(Seattle Youth Garden Works)Home and gardenMolnar, Ann Marie
Hi-rise herbs: stalwart herbs add texture and substance to the ornamental border.Home and gardenLee, Rand B.
Hosta fever.(selecting the best hosta variety)(Cover Story)Home and gardenWallace, Carol
Inspired plantings for walls and fences: these architectural elements can be great backdrops for colorful and innovative plantings.Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
Lament for things unseen.(missing a garden)(Column)Home and gardenKeene, Teresa
Magnificent meadow rues: versatility and grace are the hallmarks of the herbaceous perennials in the genus Thalictrum, which includes selections suitable for both sunny and shady borders.Home and gardenBurrell, C. Colston
Mushrooms in the lawn: to mow or not to mow?Home and gardenSimpson, Rob, Simpson, Ann
New wave daisies.(includes tips for growing from seed and sources)Home and gardenLee, Rand B.
No place like home.(gardening in Missouri)Home and gardenBrown, Jerry W.
Northwest paradise preserved; with patience and foresight, Arthur and Mareen Kruckeburg have woven a masterful tapestry of native and adapted exotic plants in their Pacific Northwest garden.Home and gardenFerber, Deborah
On the trail of a fabled plant hunter.(Frank Kingdon Ward; includes related articles on the life of Kingdon Ward and the exploration area)Home and gardenPrice, Susan Davis, Yee, Mary
Overwintering tropicals.(tropical plants; includes related articles)Home and gardenYee, Mary
Perfectly di-vine: these native climbers will add style and stature to any garden.(includes related article on supports for vines)Home and gardenFisher, Kathleen
Reassessing garden design.(Editorial)Home and gardenEllis, David J.
Regional plant picks.(regional gardening groups pick best plants)Home and garden 
Rhododendrons to rave about: regional experts name the best rhododendrons for North American gardens.(includes related articles)Home and gardenNelson, Sonja
Rooftop garden cools windy city.(Chicago, Illinois)Home and gardenKleine, Adele
Secret gardens.(best hidden gardens in the United States and Canada)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
SmartGarden - biological controls: consider using these natural weapons in the fight against garden pests.(Column)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
SmartGarden - heat zones.(heat tolerance of plants)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
SmartGarden - pest and disease control: work with nature to prevent problems before they start.Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
SmartGarden - plants that suit your site.(choosing the right plants)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
SmartGarden - understanding hardiness: picking plants that survive winter in your region is a key consideration.(Column)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
SmartGarden - when to use pesticides: prevention is best, but sometimes extra help is needed.(Column)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
Success with African violets.(includes related articles)Home and gardenSimmons, Morgan
The bulbs of autumn.(fall gardening)Home and gardenGoodwin, Nancy
The busy days of winter.(gardening activities for winter)(Editorial)Home and gardenEllis, David J.
The garden of our discontent.(the family garden)(Column)Home and gardenWoodbury, Eugene E.
The garden tour.(preparing for a garden tour)(Column)Home and gardenHanson, Rosalie
The Holden Arboretum.(Cleveland, Ohio)Home and gardenThomas, Cathee
Thoughts on trees.(beauty of majestic trees at the American Horticultural Society's River Farm)(Editorial)Home and gardenEllis, David J.
Top regional performers: battle-tested flowers and vegetables for your garden.(includes related article on top All American Selections plants and gardens)Home and gardenPelczar, Rita
Vanishing oak savannas.(Midwest; includes related article about growing a savanna environment)Home and gardenKoehne, Maryalice
Waiting for my garden to smile.Home and gardenAchenbach, Delores
Waiting on a garden.(the slow pace of creating a landscape garden)(Column)Home and gardenActon, Patricia
Web tips from a savvy surfer.(using search links on gardening)Home and gardenTalt, Marge
When good plants go bad.(plants that are or can become pests; includes article on the most un-wanted plants and invasive plants in the wild)Home and gardenOttesen, Carole
Wild sesame and balloon flower: an urban oasis testifies to the psychological and spiritural rewards of gardening.(Korean Peace Garden)Home and gardenPrice, Susan Davis
Winter mania in Montana.(getting though the winter without flowers)Home and gardenKargel, Raven
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