Tectonics 2001 - Abstracts

Tectonics 2001
40Ar/39Ar muscovite ages from the Penninic-Austroalpine plate boundary, Eastern Alps.Earth sciencesYongjiang Liu, Johann Genser, Robert Handler, Gertrude Friedl, Franz Neubauer
Age and tectonic evolution of Neoproterozoic ductile shear zones in southwestern Madagascar, with implications for Gondwana studies.Earth sciencesMaarten J. de Wit, Sam A. Bowring, Lew D. Ashwal, Leon G. Randrianasolo, Vincent P.I. Morel, Roger A. Rambeloson
Alpine plate kinematics revisited: the Adria problem.Earth sciencesHelmut Weissert, Ulrich G. Wortmann, Hanspeter Funk, Jurgen Hauck
Alpine structural and metamorphic signature of the Sila Piccola Massif nappe stack (Calabria, Italy): insights for the tectonic evolution of the Calabrian Arc.Earth sciencesPatrick Monie, Claudio Faccenna, Bruno Goffe, Federico Rossetti, Alessio Argentieri, Renato Funiciello, Massimo Mattei
An integrated tectonothermal model for the evolution of the High Himalaya in western Zanskar with constraints from thermobarometry and metamorphic modeling.Earth sciencesC.B. Walker, M.P. Searle, D.J. Waters
A reappraisal of the Sibson-Scholz fault zone model: The nature of the frictional to viscous ('brittle-ductile') transition along a long-lived, crustal-scale fault, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.Earth sciencesJ. Imber, R.E. Holdsworth, C.A. Butler
Cenozoic tectonics of the Cape Roberts Rift Basin and Transantarctic Mountains Front, southwestern Ross Sea, Antarctica.Earth sciencesRhea J. Hamilton, Bruce P. Luyendyk, Christopher C. Sorlien
Comment on 'Continental collision and lateral escape deformation in the lower and upper crust: An example from Caledonide Svalbard' by N. Lyberis and G. Manby.Earth sciencesDavid G. Gee, Patrik Witt-Nilsson, Ake Johansson, Fredrick J. Hellman
Constraining continental structure by integrating Os isotopic ages of lithospheric mantle with geophysical and crustal data: an example from southeastern Australia.Earth sciencesM.R. Handler, V.C. Bennett
Correction to "Collission tectonics in the Swiss Alps: insight from geodynamic modeling" by O.A. Pfiffner et al. (Tectonics, 19.(6), 1065-1094)(Correction Notice)Earth sciencesO.A. Pfiffner
Crustal architecture of the southern Uralides from true amplitude processing of the Urals Seismic Experiment and Integrated Studies (URSEIS) vibroseis profile.Earth sciencesD. Brown, A. Perez-Estaun, A. Tryggvason
Crustal reworking at Nuaga Parbat, Pakistan: Metamorphic consequences of thermal-mechanical coupling facilitated by erosion.Earth sciencesPeter K. Zeitler, Peter O. Koons, Michael P. Bishop, C. Page Chamberlain, David Craw, Michael P. Edwards, Syed Hamidullah, M. Qasim Jan, M. Asif Khan, William S.F. Kidd
Crustal structure and tectonics of the Ninetyeast Ridge from seismic and gravity studies.Earth sciencesK.S. Krishna, Y.P. Neprochnov, D. Gopala Rao, B.N. Grinko
Crustal thickening leading to exhumation of the Himalayan metamorphic core of central Nepal: Insight from U-Pb geochronology and 40Ar/39 Ar thermochronology.Earth sciencesRichard L. Brown, Laurent Godin, Kip V. Hodges, Randall R. Parrish
Deformation history of tectonic melange and its relationship to the underplating process and relative plate motion: an example from the deeply buried Shimanto Belt, SW Japan.Earth sciencesT. Watanabe, C.T. Onishi, G. Kimura, Y. Hashimoto, K. Ikehara-Ohmori
Detrital muscovite 40Ar/39Ar ages from Carboniferous sandstones of the British Isles: provenance and the implications for the uplift history of orogenic belts.Earth sciencesFinlay M. Stuart, Brian J. Bluck, Malcolm S. Pringle
Development of volcanic passive margins: two-dimensional laboratory models.Earth sciencesJean-Paul Callot, Cecile Grigne, Laurent Geoffroy, Jean-Pierre Brun
Ductile and brittle shortening, extension-parallel folds and maintenance of crustal thickness in the central Aegean (Cyclades, Greece).Earth sciencesDov Avigad, Alon Ziv, Zvi Garfunkel
Dynamic modeling of the transition from passive to active rifting, application to the Pannonian basin.Earth sciencesSierd Cloetingh, Ritske S. Huismans, Yuri Y. Podladchikov
Dynamics of magma emplacement in centrifuge models of continental extension with implications for flank volcanism.Earth sciencesMarco Bonini, Dimitrios Sokoutis, Genene Mulugeta, Mario Boccaletti, Giacomo Corti, Fabrizio Innocenti, Piero Manetti, Francesco Mazzarini
Evidence for contemporaneous yet contrasting styles of granite magmatism during extensional collapse of the northeast Greenland Caledonides.Earth sciencesR.A. Strachan, M.W. Martin, J.D. Friderichsen
Extension and basin formation in the southern Andes caused by increased convergence rate: a mid-Cenozoic trigger for the Andes.Earth sciencesTeresa E. Jordan, W. Matthew Burns, Ricardo Veiga, Francisco Pangaro, Peter Copeland, Shari Kelley, Constantino Mpodozis
Fault kinematics and past plate motions at a convergent plate boundary: Tertiary Shimanto Belt, southwest Japan.Earth sciencesJonathan C. Lewis, Timothy B. Byrne
Geometry and structural evolution of the central andean backthrust belt, Bolivia.Earth sciencesNadine McQuarrie, Peter DeCelles
Geophysical constraints on the location and geometry of the Las Vegas Valley Shear Zone, Nevada.Earth sciencesV.E. Langenheim, J.A. Grow, R.C. Jachens, G.L. Dixon, J.J. Miller
GPS-determination of along-strike variation in Cascadia margin kinematics: implications for relative plate motion, subduction zone coupling, and permanent deformation.(Global Positioning System)Earth sciencesM. Meghan Miller, Daniel J. Johnson, Charles M. Rubin, Herb Dragert, Kelin Wang, Anthony Qamar, Chris Goldfinger
Horizontal tectonic deformation geometries in a late Archaean sedimentary sequence, Belingwe greenstone belt, Zimbabwe.Earth sciencesPaul H.G.M. Dirks, Axel Hofmann, Heilke A. Jelsma
Large-magnitude extension along metamorphic core complexes of western Arizona and southeastern CAlifornia: Evaluation with paleomagnetism.Earth sciencesRichard F. Livaccari, John W. Geissman
Late Oligocene-Neogene evolution of Europe-Adria collision: new structural and geochronological evidence from the Giudicarie fault system (Italian Eastern Alps).Earth sciencesDiane Seward, Neil S. Mancktelow, Giulio Viola
Mesozoic-Cenozoic denudation history of the Patagonian Andes (southern Chile) and its correlation to different subduction processes.Earth sciencesStuart N. Thmson, Francisco Herve, Bernhard Stockhert
Metamorphic soles from the Albanian ophiolites: petrology, 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, and geodynamic evolution.Earth sciencesA. Dimo-Lahitte, P. Monie, P. Vergely
Miocene unroofing of the Canyon Range during extension along the Sevier Desert Detachment, west central Utah.Earth sciencesDaniel F. Stockli, J. Douglas Walker, Jonathan K. Linn, Trevor A. Dumitru
Neogene to quaternary sedimentary basins in the south Adriatic (Central Mediterranean): Foredeeps and lithospheric buckling.Earth sciencesGiovanni Bertotti, Vincenzo Picotti, Christina Chilovi, Roberto Fantoni, Saverio Merlini, Alessaandro Mosconi
Numerical modeling of Cenozoic stress patterns in the mid-Norwegian margin and the northern North Sea.Earth sciencesChristophe Pascal, Roy H. Gabrielsen
Oligo-Miocene midcrustal subhorizontal shear zone in Indochina.Earth sciencesDov Avigad, Laurent Jolivet, Olivier Beyssac, Bruno Goffe, Claude Lepvrier, Henri Maluski, Ta Trong Thang
Paleomagnetically defined rotations from the Precordillera of northern Chile: evidence of localized in situ fault-controlled rotations.Earth sciencesDarren E. Randall, Andrew J. Tomlinson, Graeme K. Taylor
Paleostress magnitudes associated with development of mountain belts: insights from tectonic analyses of calcite twins in the Taiwan Foothills.Earth sciencesOlivier Lacombe
Paleothermal structure of the Point San Luis slab of central California: effects of Late Cretaceous underplating, out-of-sequence thrusting, and late Cenozoic dextral offset.Earth sciencesMichael B. Underwood, Matthew M. Laughland
Pretectonic and posttectonic emplacements of the granitoids in the south central Okchon belt, South Korea: implications for the timing of strike-slip shearing and thrusting.Earth sciencesJin-Han Ree, Sang-Hoon Kwon, Youngdo Park, Sung-Tack Kwon, Sung-Hyun Park
Reflection seismic evidence for Caledonian deformed sediments above Sveconorwegian basement in the southwestern Baltic Sea.Earth sciencesAlexander Lassen, Hans Thybo, Asger Berthelsen
Reply.(geological discussions)Earth sciencesNikos Lyberis, Geoff Manby
Rheological control on the initial geometry of the Raft River detachment fault and shear zone, western United States.Earth sciencesMichael L. Wells
Role of topography-induced gravitational stresses in basin inversion: the case study of the Pannonian basin.Earth sciencesSierd Cloetingh, Gabor Bada, Frank Horvath, David D. Coblentz, Tamas Toth
Shallow slab detachment as a transient source of heat at midlithospheric depths.Earth sciencesM.J.R. Wortel, D.M.A. van de Zedde
SHRIMP U-Pb zircon dating of Archean core complex formation and pancratonic strike-slip deformation in the East Pilbara Granite-Greenstone Terrain.(sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe)Earth sciencesJ.R. Wijbrans, T.E. Zegers, D.R. Nelson, S.H. White
Southeast Baffin volcanic margin and the North American-Greenland plate separation.Earth sciencesLaurent Geoffroy, Jean-Paul Callot, Stephane Scaillet, Andy Skuce, J.P. Gelard, M. Ravilly, B. Bonin, J. Angelier, C. Cayet, K. Perrot, C. Lepvrier
Southward extrusion of Tibetan crust and its effect on Himalayan tectonics.Earth sciencesK.V. Hodges, J.M. Hurtado, K.X. Whipple
Stratigraphy, structure, and tectonic evolution of the Himalayan fold-thrust belt in western Nepal.Earth sciencesPeter Copeland, Peter G. DeCelles, Delores M. Robinson, Jay Quade, T.P. Ojha, Carmala N. Garzione, Bishal N. Upreti
Structural and tectonic evolution of the Ross Sea rift in the Cape Colbeck region, Eastern Ross Sea, Antarctica.Earth sciencesBruce P. Luyendyk, Christopher C. Sorlien, Douglas S. Wilson, Louis R. Bartek, Christine S. Siddoway
Structure and evolution of the Magnitogorsk forearc basin: identifying upper crustal processes during arc-continent collision in the southern Urals.Earth sciencesD. Brown, J. Alvarez-Marron, A. Perez-Estaun, V. Puchkov, Y. Gorozhanina, P. Ayarza
Structure of the Altyn Tagh Fault and Daxue Shan from magnetotelluric surveys: Implications for faulting associated with the rise of the Tibetan Plateau.Earth sciencesFei Wang, Paul A. Bedrosian, Martyn J. Unsworth
Style and history of Andean deformation, Puna plateau, northwestern Argentina.Earth sciencesPierre Gautier, Isabelle Coutand, Peter R. Cobbold, Marc de Urreiztieta, Annick Chauvin, Denis Gapais, Eduardo A. Rossello, Oscar Lopez-Gamundi
Styles of footwall uplift along the Simplon and Brenner normal fault systems, central and Eastern Alps.Earth sciencesTim F. Wawrzyniec, Jane Selverstone
Syncontractional extension and exhumation of deep crustal rocks in the east Greenland Caledonides.Earth sciencesMark W. Martin, Ebbe H. Hartz, Arild Andresen, Kip V. Hodges
Synlithification deformation processes of the Cretaceous sediments of the Ivory Coast-Ghana transform margin: a way to detail the margin history.Earth sciencesCaroline Huguen, Michel Guiraud, Jean Benkhelil, Jean Mascle
Synthrusting metamorphism, cooling, and erosion of the Himalayan Kathmandu Complex, Nepal.Earth sciencesM.R.W. Johnson, G.J.H. Oliver, R.R. Parrish, S.P. Johnson
Tectonic erosion and consequent collapse of the Pacific margin of Costa Rica: Combined implications from ODP Leg 170, seismic offshore data, and regional geology of the Nicoya Peninsula.Earth sciencesPaola Vannuchi, David W. Scholl, Martin Meschede, Kristin McDougall-Reid
Tertiary West Spitsbergen fold and thrust belt on Broggerhalvoya, Svalbard; structural evolution and kinematics.Earth sciencesK. Saalmann, F. Thiedig
U-Pb zircon ages from the Indian plate in northwest Pakistan and their significance to Himalayan and pre-Himalayan geologic history.Earth sciencesJoseph A. DiPeitro, Clark E. Isachsen
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