Tectonics 2000 - Abstracts

Tectonics 2000
Abrupt strike-slip fault to subduction transition: The Alpine Fault-Puysegure Trench connection, New Zealand.Earth sciencesJean-Frederic Lebrun, Geoffroy Lamarche, Jean-Yves Collot, Jean Delteil
A cross section of the convergent Pacific margin of Nicaragua.Earth sciencesCesar R. Ranero, Roland von Huene, Ernst Flueh, Manuel Duarte, Dania Baca, Kirk McIntosh
Active continental rifting in southern Baja California, Mexico: implications for plate motion partitioning and the transition to seafloor spreading in the Gulf of California.Earth sciencesJohn M. Fletcher, Luis Munguia
An early Pliocene uplift of the central Apenninic foredeep and its geodynamic significance.Earth sciencesM.J. van der Meulen, S.J.H. Buiter, J.E. Meulenkamp, M.J.R. Wortel
Architecture and seismotectonics of a regional low-angle normal fault zone in central Italy.Earth sciencesPaolo Boncio, Francesco Brozzetti, Giusy Lavecchia
Architecture of transpressional thrust faulting in the San Bernardino Mountains, southern California, from deformation of a deeply weathered surface.Earth sciencesJames A. Spotila, Kerry Sieh
Calibrating the bulk rheology of active obliquely convergent thrust belts and forearc wedges from surface profiles and velocity distributions.Earth sciencesJ.P. Platt
Cambrian arc evolution along the SE Gondwana active margin: A synthesis from Tasmania-New Zealand-Australia-Antarctica correlations.Earth sciencesCarsten Munker, Anthony J. Crawford
Central Costa Rica deformed belt: Kinematics of diffuse faulting across the western Panama block.Earth sciencesJeffrey S. Marshall, Donald M. Fisher, Thomas W. Gardner
Collision tectonics in the Swiss Alps: insight from geodynamic modeling.Earth sciencesO.A. Pfiffner, S. Ellis, C. Beaumont
Comment on "Back arc extension and denudation of Mediterranean eclogites" by Dov Avigad, Zvi Garfunkel, Laurent Jolivet, and Jose M. Azanon.(response to Don Avigad, Zvi Garfunkel, Laurent Jolivet and Jose M. Azanon in Tectonics, vol. 16, p. 924, 1997)Earth sciencesPierre Gautier
Continental collision, gravity spreading, and kinematics of Aegea and Anatolia.Earth sciencesJ. Martinod, D. Hatzfeld, J.P. Brun, P. Davy, P. Gautier
Cretaceous to Neogene cooling and exhumation history of the Oetztal-Stubai basement complex, eastern Alps: a structural and fission track study.Earth sciencesDiane Seward, Bernhard Fugenschuh, Neil S. Mancktelow
Crystal structures of the Rhinegraben and the Massif Central grabens: an experimental approach.Earth sciencesLaurent Michon, Olivier Merle
Deformation of accretionary wedges in response to seamount subduction: Insights from sandbox experiments.Earth sciencesS. Dominguez, J. Malavieille, S.E. Lallemand
Evolution of the Kangmar Dome, southern Tibet: structural, petrologic, and thermochronologic constraints.Earth sciencesJeffrey Lee, Bradley R. Hacker, William S. Dindlage, Yu Wang, Phillip Gans, Andrew Calvert, JingLin Wan, Wenji Chen, Ann E. Blythe, William McClelland
Exhumation during a continental collision inferred from the tectonometamorphic evolution of the Alpujarride Complex in the central Betics.(Alboran Domain, SE Spain)Earth sciencesJose-Miguel Azanon, Ana Crespo-Blanco
Extensional tectonics in the Caledonides: synorogenic or postorogenic?Earth sciencesHaakon Fossen
Formation and evolution of the Solander Basin, southwestern South Island, New Zealand, controlled by a major fault in continental crust and upper mantle.Earth sciencesRupert Sutherland, Anne Melhuish
Geochronology of the Proterozoic basement of southwesternmost North America, and the origin and evolution of the Mojave crustal province.Earth sciencesAndrew P. Barth, Joseph L. Wooden, Drew S. Coleman, C. Mark Fanning
Geodynamics of flat subduction: seismicity and tomographic constraints from the Andean margin.Earth sciencesHarmen Bijwaard, Marc-Andre Gutscher, Wim Spakman, E. Robert Engdahl
Geodynamics of the northern Andes: subductions and intracontinental deformation (Columbia).Earth sciencesAlfredo Taboada, Luis A. Rivera, Andres Fuenzalida, Armando Cisternas, Herve Philip, Harmen Bijwaard, Jose Olaya, Clara Rivera
Geometry and rate of faulting in the North Baikal Rift, Siberia.Earth sciencesVladimir San'kov, Jacques Deverchere, Yves Gaudemer, Frederique Houdry, Andrei Filippov
High mountains in a zone of extended crust: Insights into the Neogene-Quaternary topographic development of northeastern Iberia.Earth sciencesClaude J. Lewis, Jaume Verges, Mariano Marzo
Interplay of plutonism and regional deformation in an obliquely convergent arc, southern Coast Belt, British Columbia.Earth sciencesE.H. Brown, J.L. Talbot, W.C. McClelland, J.A. Feltman, T.J. Lapen, J.D. Bennett, M.A. Hettinga, M.L. Troost, K.M. Alvarez, A.T. Calvert
Intracratonic, strike-slip partitioned transpression and the formation and exhumation of eclogite facies rocks: an example from the Musgrave Block, central Australia.Earth sciencesIan McDougall, Alfredo Camacho
Intraplate deformation and basin formation during the Tertiary within the northern Iberian plate: origin and evolution of the Almazan Basin.Earth sciencesAntonio M. Casas-Sainz, Angel L. Cortes-Gracia, Adolfo Maestro-Gonzalez
Low-temperature thermochronology of the northern Cordillera Real, Ecuador: Tectonic insights from zircon and apatite fission track analysis.Earth sciencesRichard A. Spikings, Diane Seward, Wilfried Winkler, Geoffrey M. Ruiz
Mechanisms for accommodation of Miocene extension: Low-Angle normal faulting, magmatism, and secondary breakaway faulting in the southern Sacramento Mountains, southeastern California.Earth sciencesErin Campbell-Stone, Barbara E. John, David A. Foster, John W. Geissman, Richard F. Livaccari
Mediterranean extension and the Africa-Eurasia collision.Earth sciencesLaurant Jolivet, Claudio Faccenna
Morphometry of late Pleistocene-Holocene faulting and volcanotectonic relationship in the southern Andes of Colombia.Earth sciencesAlessandro Tibaldi, Jaime Romero Leon
Neotectonics of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, northeastern Caribbean, from GPS geodesy.Earth sciencesTimothy H. Dixon, Pamela E. Jansma, Glen S. Mattioli, Alberto Lopez, Charles DeMets, Paul Mann, Eric Calais
On the relationship between surface uplift and gravitational extension.(tectonics)Earth sciencesKurt Stuwe, Terence D. Barr
Paleomagnetism and geochronology of the Late Cretaceous-Paleogene island arc complex of the Kronotsky Peninsula, Kamchatka, Russia: Kinematic implications.Earth sciencesNatalia M. Levashova, Mikhail N. Shapiro, Vladimir N. Beniamovsky, Mikhail L. Bazhenov
Plate boundary readjustment in oblique convergence: Example of the Neogene of Hispaniola, Greater Antilles.Earth sciencesManuel Pubellier, Alain Mauffret, Sylvie Leroy, Jean Marie Vila, Helliot Amilcar
Polyphase rift evolution of the Voring margin (mid-Norway): constraints from forward tectonostratigraphic modeling.Earth sciencesPaul Reemst, Sierd Cloetingh
Present-day motion of the Sierra Nevada block and some tectonic implications for the Basin and Range province, North American Cordillera.Earth sciencesTimothy H. Dixon, Meghan Miller, Frederic Farina, Hongzhi Wang, Daniel Johnson
Quaternary convergent margin tectonics of Costa Rica, segmentation of the Cocos Plate, and Central American volcanism.Earth sciencesC.R. Ranero, R. von Huene, W. Weinrebe, K. Hinz
Relations between hinterland and foreland shortening: Sevier orogeny, central North American Cordillera.Earth sciencesJohn W. Geissman, Wanda J. Taylor, John M. Bartley, Mark W. Martin, J. Douglas Walker, Philip A. Armstrong, Joan E. Fryxell
Reply.(response to article by Pierre Gautier in this issue, p. 406)Earth sciencesD. Avigad, Z. Garfunkel, L. Jolivet, J.M. Azanon
Response of intracontinental deformation in the central Andes to late Cenozoic reorganization of South American Plate motions.Earth sciencesRandall Marrett, Manfred R. Strecker
Rifted margin formation in the south Tyrrhenian Sea: a high-resolution seismic profile across the north Sicily passive continental margin.Earth sciencesFabrizio Pepe, Giovanni Bertotti, Federico Cella, Ennio Marsella
Seismic images and three-dimensional architecture of a Proterozoic shear zone in the Sudbury Structure (Superior Province, Canada).Earth sciencesD.E. Boerner, B. Milkereit, J. Wu, M. Salisbury
Slip partitioning and deformation cycles close to major faults in southern California: Evidence from small-scale faults.Earth sciencesFrancesca Ghisetti
Structural evolution of the Makkovik Province, Labrador, Canada: tectonic processes during 200 Myr at a Paleoproterozoic active margin.Earth sciencesNicholas Culshaw, John Ketchum, Sandra Barr
Structural setting of Western Monferrato.(Alps-Apennines junction zone, NW Italy)Earth sciencesFabrizio Piana
Structure and metamorphism of the granitic basement around Antananarivo: a key to the Pan-African history of central Madagascar and its Gondwana connections.Earth sciencesAnne Nedelec, Bruno Ralison, Jean-Luc Bouchez, Vincent Gregoire
Synchronous and velocity-partitioned thrusting and thrust polarity reversal in experimentally produced, doubly-vergent thrust wedges: implications for natural orogens.Earth sciencesFabrizio Storti, Francesco Salvini
Tectonic analysis of the Husavik-Flatey Fault (northern Iceland) and mechanisms of an oceanic transform zone, the Tjornes Fracture Zone.Earth sciencesFrancoise Bergerat, Jacques Angelier, Catherine Homberg
Tectonic entrapment and its role in the evolution of continental lithosphere: An example from the Precambrian of western Canada.Earth sciencesGerald M. Ross, David W. Eaton, David E. Boerner, Warner Miles
Tectonic evolution of a greenstone sequence in northern Zimbabwe: sequential early stacking and pluton diapirism.Earth sciencesHielke A. Jelsma, Paul H.G.M. Dirks
Tectonic implications of exposure of lower continental crust beneath the Iberia Abyssal Plain, northeast Atlantic Ocean: geophysical evidence.Earth sciencesR.B. Whitmarsh, S.M. Dean, T.A. Tinshull
Tectonics of SE China: new insights from the Lushan massif (Jiangxi Province).Earth sciencesMichel Faure, Wei Lin, Patrick Monie, Urs Scharer, Liangsheng Zhang, Yan Sun
Terrane accretion and upward extrusion of high-pressure granulites in the Neoproterozoic nappes of southeast Brazil: Petrologic and structural constraints.Earth sciencesMario da Costa Campos Neto, Renaud Caby
Terranes or Cambrian polar wander: New data from the Scott Glacier area, Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica.Earth sciencesAnne M. Grunow, John Encarnacion
The arc of the western Alps in the light of geophysical data on deep crustal structure.Earth sciencesS.M. Schmid, E. Kissling
The late exhumation history of the ultrahigh-pressure Maksyutov Complex, south Ural Mountains, from new apatite fission track data.Earth sciencesDaniel F. Stockli, Mary L. Leech
The Pamir-Hindu Kush seismic zone as a strain marker for flow in the upper mantle.Earth sciencesGary L. Pavlis, Shamita Das
The recent (upper Miocene to Quaternary) and present tectonic stress distributions in the Iberian Peninsula.Earth sciencesM. Herraiz, G. De Vicente, R. Lindo-Naupari, J. Giner, J.L. Simon, J.M. Gonzalez-Casado, O. Vadillo, M.A. Rodriguez-Pascua, J.I. Cicuendes, A. Casas, L. Cabanas, P. Rincon, A.L. Cortes, M. Ramirez, M. Lucini
Thermal evolution of Monte Blanco dome: low-angle normal faulting during Gulf of California rifting and late Eocene denudation of the eastern Peninsular Ranges.Earth sciencesGary J. Axen, Marty Grove, Daniel Stockli, Oscar M. Lovera, David A. Rothstein, John M. Fletcher, Kenneth Farley, Patrick L. Abbott
Thermochronologic constraints on the breakup of the Pacific Gondwana margin: The Paparoa metamorphic core complex, South Island, New Zealand.Earth sciencesTerry L. Spell, Ian McDougall, andy J. Tulloch
The structure of the Africa-Anatolia plate boundary in the eastern Mediterranean.Earth sciencesNeus Vidal, Joaquina Alvarez-Marron, Dirk Klaeschen
The Tatshenshini shear zone (new) in southwestern Yukon, Canada: Comparison with the Coast shear zone in British Columbia and southeastern Alaska and implications regarding the Shakwak suture.Earth sciencesGrant W. Lowey
The two main steps of the Atlas building and geodynamics of the western Mediterranean.Earth sciencesEric Mercier, Dominique Frizon de Lamotte, Bertrand Saint Bezar, Rabah Bracene
Upper plate contraction north of the migrating Mendocino triple junction, northern California: implications for partitioning of strain.Earth sciencesPatricia A. McCrory
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