Tectonics 1999 - Abstracts

Tectonics 1999
Accretion in the wake of terrane collision: The Neogene accretionary wedge off Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.Earth sciencesJuergen Fruehn, Roland von Heune
Accretion of a rifted passive margin: The late Paleozoic Rhenohercynian fold and thrust belt.(Middle European Variscides)Earth sciencesO. Oncken, C. von Winterfeld, U. Dittmar
Active slivering of oceanic crust along the Molucca ridge (Indonesia-Philippine): Implication for ophiolite incorporation in a subduction wedge?Earth sciencesManuel Pubellier, Claude Rangin, Anne Gaele Bader, Christine Deplus, Remy Louat
An active, deep marine strike-slip along the North Anatolian fault in Turkey.Earth sciencesAral I. Okay, Emin Demirbag, Hulya Kurt, Nilgun Okay, Ismail Kuscu
A possible middle Paleozoic suture in the Altyn Tagh, NW China.Earth sciencesNicolas Arnaud, Edward R. Sobel
Arc-continent collision in Papua Guinea: Constraints from fission track thermochronology.Earth sciencesKevin C. Hill, Asaf Raza
Archean continental assembly in the southeastern Superior Province of Canada.Earth sciencesJ.N. Ludden, A.J. Calvert
Architecture and tectonic evolution of nonvolcanic margins: Present-day Galicia and ancient Adria.Earth sciencesDaniel Bernoulli, Ginareto Manatschal
Balancing cross sections with kinematic constraints: The Dolomites.(northern Italy)Earth sciencesGregor Schonborn
Basement reactivation in a sub-Andean foreland flexural bulge: The Pantanal wetland, SW Brazil.Earth sciencesNaomi Ussami, Shozo Shiraiwa, Jose Maria Landium Dominguez
Chronology of deformation within the turbidite-dominated, Lachlan orogen: Implications for the tectonic evolution of eastern Australia and Gondwana.Earth sciencesDavid A. Foster, David R. Gray, Martin Bucher
Continental collision and lateral escape deformation in the lower and upper crust: An example from Caledonide Svalbard.Earth sciencesNikos Lyberis, Geoff Manby
Crustal thermal regime prior to, during, and after rifting: A geochronolgical and modeling study of the Mesozoic South Alpine rifted margin.Earth sciencesG. Bertotti, A.J. Hurford, D. Seward, J. Wijbrans, M. ter Voorde
Did the Variscides collapse or were they torn apart?: A quantitative evaluation of the driving forces for postconvergent extension in central Europe.Earth sciencesAndreas Henk
Distribution of displacement on and evolution of a young transform fault system: The northern San Andreas fault system, California.Earth sciencesJohn Wakabayashi
Erosional control on the geometry and kinematics of thrust belt development in the central Andes.Earth sciencesBrian K. Horton
Evolution of Kap Cannon Thrust Zone.(north Greenland)Earth sciencesW. von Gosen, K. Piepjohn
Evolution of the late Paleozoic accretionary complex and overlying forearc-magmatic arc, south central Chile (38 degrees-41 degrees S): Constraints for the tectonic setting along the southwestern margin of Gondwana.Earth sciencesMark W. Martin, Michael McDonough, Carolina Rodriguez, Terence Kato T., Estanislao Godoy, Paul Duhart, Alberto Campos
Evolution of the transport direction of the Carpathian belt during its collision with the east European Platform.Earth sciencesJ.C. Hippolyte, D. Badescu, P. Constantin
Extensional deformation across an active margin, relations with subsidence, uplift, and rotations: The Hikurangi subduction, New Zealand.Earth sciencesJacques Angelier, Frank Chanier, Jacky Ferrier
Extension in the southern Ryukyu arc (Japan): Link with oblique subduction and back arc rifting.Earth sciencesMarc Fournier, Olivier Fabbri
Field examples of strike-slip fault terminations in Mongolia and their tectonic significance.Earth sciencesJames Jackson, Amgalan Bayasgalan, Jean-Francois Ritz, Sebastien Carretier
Flexural expression of European continental lithosphere under the western outer Carpathians.Earth sciencesSierd Cloetingh, Reini Zoetemeijer, Cestmir Tomek
Flexural rift flank uplift at the Rio Grande rift, New Mexico.Earth sciencesRoger J. Phillips, C. David Brown
Formation of an Archean tectonic melange in the Schreiber-Hemlo greenstone belt, Superior Province, Canada: Implications for Archean subduction-accretion process.Earth sciencesRobert Kerrich, Ali Polat
Frontal part of the northern Apennines fold and thrust belt in the Romagna-Marche area (Italy): Shallow and deep structural styles.Earth sciencesStefano Mazzoli, Mike P. Coward, Mauro De Donatis, Werter Paltrinieri, Forese-Carlo Wezel
Frozen subduction in Canada's Northwest Territories: Lithoprobe deep lithospheric reflection profiling of the western Canadian Shield.Earth sciencesBrian J. Roberts, Frederick A. Cook, Arie J. van der Velden, Kevin W. Hall
Geometry and Quaternary kinematics of fold-and-thrust units of southwestern Taiwan.Earth sciencesJ. Angelier, O. Lacombe, F. Mouthereau, B. Deffontaines, H.T. Chu, C.T. Lee
Geometry of thin-skinned tectonic systems in relation to detachment layer thickness in sedimentary basins.Earth sciencesS.A. Stewart
History and tectonic implications of low-angle detachment faults and orogen parallel extension, Picentini Mountains, Southern Apennines fold and thrust belt, Italy.Earth sciencesLuigi Ferranti, John S. Oldow
Indenter growth in analogue models of Alpine-type deformation.Earth sciencesMarco Bonini, Dimitrios Sokoutis, Mario Boccaletti, Christopher J. Talbot, Alan G. Milnes
Inversion tectonics and the evolution of the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco, based on a geological-geophysical transect.Earth sciencesMuawia Barazangi, Ahmed Demnati, Weldon Beauchamp, Richard W. allmendinger, Mohamed El Alji, Mohammed Dahmai
Kinematics of basin development during the transition from terrane accretion to strike-slip tectonics, Late Cretaceous-early Tertiary Cantwell Formation, south central Alaska.Earth sciencesRonaldl B. Cole, Kenneth D. Ridgway, Paul W. Layer, Jeffery Drake
Large-scale transpressive shear zone patterns and displacements within magmatic arcs: The Coast Plutonic Complex, British Columbia.Earth sciencesDominique Chardon, Christopher L. Andronicos, Lincoln Hollister S.
Late Cenozoic tectonics of the Kepingtage thrust zone: Interactions of the Tien Shan and Tarim Basin, northwest China.Earth sciencesMark B. Allen, Stephen J. Vincent, Paul J. Wheeler
Lateral ramps as an aid to the unroofing of deep-crustal rocks: Seismic evidence from the Grenville province.Earth sciencesAndrew Hynes, David Eaton
Lithosphere folding: Primary response to compression?(from central Asia to Paris basin)Earth sciencesS. Cloetingh, E. Burov, A. Poliakov
Midcrustal reflector on INDEPTH wide-angle profiles: An ophiolitic slab beneath the India-Asia suture in southern Tibet?Earth sciencesDouglas Alsdorf, Simon L. Klemperer, Yizhaq Makovsky, Lothar Ratschbacher
Multistage accretion and exhumation of the continental crust.(Ivrea crustal section, Italy and Switzerland)Earth sciencesM.R. Handy, L. Franz, F. Heller, B. Janott, R. Zurbriggen
Numerical modeling of simultaneous extension and compression: The Valencia trough.(western Mediterranean)Earth sciencesM. Torne, C. Doglioni, A. Negredo, M. Fernandez
Opposing gradients of permanent strain in the aseismic zone and elastic strain across the seismogenic zone of the Kodiak shelf and slope, Alaska.Earth sciencesR. von Huene, D. Klaeschen
Paleomagnetic data from the Carborca terrane, Mexico: Implications for Cordilleran tectonics and the Mojave-Senora megashear hypothesis.Earth sciencesJohn W. Geissman, Roberto S. Molina Garza
Paleozoic rocks of northern Chukotka Peninsula, Russian Far East: Implications for the tectonics of the Arctic region.Earth sciencesJames E. Wright, Brois A. Natal'in, Jeffrey M. Amato, Jaime Toro
Palinspastic restoration of a post-Taconian successor basin deformed within a transpressive regime, northern Appalachians.Earth sciencesDonna Kirkwood
Partition between collision and subduction accretionary prisms along an inherited transcurrent fault zone: New insights on the Taiwan fold and thrust belt.Earth sciencesJean-Claude Sibuet, Hao-Tsu Chu, Stephane Brusset, Pierre Souquet, Joachim Deramond, Shu-Kun Hsu, Benoit Defontaines
Patterns of tectonic stress in Sicily from borehole breakout observation and finite element modeling.Earth sciencesMario Grasso, Steffen Ragg, Birgit Muller
Plate deformation at depth under northern California: Slab gap or stretched slab?Earth sciencesNobumichi Shimizu, Uri S. ten Brink, Philipp C. Molzer
Pleistocene changes in the central Apennine fault kinematics: A key to decipher active tectonics in central Italy.Earth sciencesFabrizio Galadini
Plio-Quaternary vertical motion of the Northern Apennines: Insights from dynamic modeling.Earth sciencesRoberto Sabadini, Eugenio Carminati, Andrea Argnani, Carlo Giunchi, Manel Fernandez
Proterozoic and Cenozoic subduction complexes: A comparison of geometric features.Earth sciencesFrederick A. Cook, Arie van der Velden
Quaternary transfer faulting and belt front deformation at Kakuashan.(western Taiwan)Earth sciencesJ. Angelier, O. Lacombe, F. Mouthereau, B. Deffontaines, H.T. Chu, C.T. Lee
Recent and present-day stresses in the Granada Basin (Betic Cordilleras): Example of a late Miocene-present-day extensional basin in a convergent plate boundary.Earth sciencesJ. Morales, J. Galindo-Zaldivar, A. Jabaloy, I. Serrano, Gonzalez-Lodeiro F., F. Torcal
Recent deformation in the Turan and South Kazakh platforms, western central Asia, and its relation to Arabia-Asia and India-Asia collisions.Earth sciencesJean-Robert Grasso, Joseph Martinod, Jean-Charles Thomas, Remy Bossu, Bakhtiar Nurtaev
Recent tectonic evolution and present stress in the Northern Appenines.(Italy)Earth sciencesMaria Teresa Mariucci, Alessandro Amato, Paola Montone
Rheology predictions across the western Carpathians, Bohemian massif, and the Pannonian basin: Implications for tectonic scenarios.Earth sciencesSierd Cloetingh, Anco Lankreijer, Miroslav Bielik, Dusan Majcin
Structural styles and regional tectonic setting of the 'Gela Nappe' and frontal part of the Maghrebian thrust belt in Sicily.Earth sciencesW. Henry Lickorish, Mario Grasso, Robert W.H. Butler, Andrea Argnani, Rosanna Maniscalco
Structure and early kinematic history of the Great Glen Fault Zone, Scotland.Earth sciencesR.A. Strachan, R.E. Holdsworth, M. Stewart
Structure of the Castillo granite, Southwest Spain: Variscan deformation of a late Cadomian pluton.Earth sciencesL. Eguiluz, A. Apraiz, B. Abalos
Structure of the Saxonian Granulites: Geological and geophysical constraints on the exhumation of high-pressure/high-temperature rocks in the mid-European Varsican belt.Earth sciences 
Subsidence history, gravity anomalies, and flexure of the northeast Australian margin in Papua New Guinea.Earth sciencesA.B. Watts, D. Haddad
Tectonic evolution of the Priest River complex, northern Idaho and Washington: A reappraisal of the Newport fault with new insights on metamorphic core complex formation.Earth sciencesRaymond A. Price, P. Ted Doughty
Tectonic evolution of the Superior Boundary Zone from coincident seismic reflection and magnetotelluric profiles.Earth sciencesS.B. Lucas, A.G. Jones, D.J. White
Tectonics of the Jurassic- Early Cretaceous magmatic arc of the north Chilean Coastal Cordillear (22 degrees-26 degrees S): A story of crustal deformation along a convergent plate boundary.Earth sciencesEkkehard Scheuber, Gabrial Gonzalez
The Auriga Nunataks shear zone: Mesozoic transfer faulting and arc deformation in northwest Palmer Land, Antarctica.Earth sciencesIan L. Millar, Alan P.M. Vaughan, Laurence Thistlewood
Thermochronologic constraints on deformation and cooling history of high- and ultrahigh-pressure rocks in the Qinling-Dabie orogen, eastern China.Earth sciencesBradley R. Hacker, Laura E. Webb, Lothar Ratschbacher, Michael O. McWilliams, Shuwen Dong
Thermomechanical consequences of Cretaceous continent-continent collision in the eastern Alps (Austria): Insights from two-dimensional modeling.Earth sciencesF. Neubauer, S.A.P.L. Cloetingh, Ernst Willingshofer, J.d. van Wees
The tectonic evolution of the Kohistan-Karakoram collision belt along the Karakoram Highway transect, north Pakistan.Earth sciencesM.P. Searle, M. Asif Khan, J.E. Fraser, S.J. Gough, M. Qasim Jan
Timing and magnitude of rotations in the frontal thrust systems of southwestern Sicily.Earth sciencesR.W.H. Butler, F. Speranza, R. Maniscalco, M. Mattei, A. Di Stefano, R. Funiciello
Trench-parallel stretching and folding of forearc basins and lateral migration of the accretionary wedge in the southern Ryukyus: A case of strain partition caused by oblique convergence.Earth sciencesJacques Malavieille, Serge Lallemand, Char-Shine Liu, Stephane Dominguez, Philippe Schnurle, ACT Scientific Crew
Underplating process from melange formation to duplexing: Example from the Cretaceous Shimanto Belt, Kii Peninsula, southwest Japan.Earth sciencesG. Kimura, Y. Hashimoto
Uplift and convergence along the Himalayan Frontal Thrust of India.Earth sciencesSteven G. Wesnousky, Senthil Kumar, R. Mohindra, V.C. Thakur
West-northwest directed obduction of the Baitain Group on the eastern Oman continental margin at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary.Earth sciencesGuido Schreurs, Adrian Immenhauser
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