Tectonics 1997 - Abstracts

Tectonics 1997
40Ar/39Ar evidence for middle proterozoic (1300-1500 Ma) slow cooling of the southern Black Hills, South Dakota, midcontinent, North America: implications for early proterozoic P-T evolution and posttectonic magmatism.Earth sciencesPeter S. Dahl, Daniel K. Holm
Alternating contractional and extensional events in the Alpujarride nappes of the Alboran Domain (Betics, Gibraltar Arc)Earth sciencesJuan C. Balanya, Victor Garcia-Duenas, Jose M. Azanon
A shortened intraplate rift system in the Proterozoic Mount Isa terrane, NW Queensland, Australia.Earth sciencesGordon S. Lister, Mark G. O'Dea, Peter G. Betts, Katherine S. Pound
Back arc extension and denudation of Mediterranean eclogites.Earth sciencesDov Avigad, Zvi Garfunkel, Laurent Jolivet, Jose M. Azanon
Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean: Evidence against a rotational origin.Earth sciencesLarry S. Lane
Comment on 'Mid-Cretaceous thrusting in the southern coast Belt, British Columbia and Washington, after strike-slip fault reconstruction' by Paul J. Umhoefer and Robert B. Miller.Earth sciencesMichael F. McGroder
Comment on 'Stress field fluctuations along the Dead Sea rift since the middle Miocene' by Yehuda Eyal.Earth sciencesDov Bahat
Comment on "Tectonic burial, thrust emplacement, and extensional exhumation of the Cabot nappe in the Appalachian hinterland of Cape Brenton Island, Canada" by Gregory Lynch. (response to article by Lynch, Tectonics, vol. 15, 1996 p. 94)Earth sciencesShoufa Lin, Cees R. Staal van
Comment on "The Butte Valley and Layton Well thrusts of eastern California: distribution and regional significance" by Chester T. Wrucke, Calvin H. Stevens, and Joseph L. Wooden.(response to article in Tectonics, vol. 14, p. 1165, 1995)Earth sciencesGregory A. Davis, B.C. Burchfiel
Comparison of clastic wedge provenance in the Appalachian foreland using U/Pb ages of detrital zircons.Earth sciencesPeter K. Zeitler, Mary Beth Gray
Contrasting styles of superposed deformation in the southernmost Andes.Earth sciencesKeith A. Klepeis, James A. Jr. Austin
Controls of erosional denudation in the orogen on foreland basin evolution: the Oligocene central Swiss Molasse Basin as an example.Earth sciencesTeresa E. Jordan, Fritz Schlunegger, Eva Maria Klaper
Controls on accretion of flysch and melange belts at convergent margins: Evidence from the Chugach Bay thrust and Iceworm melange, Chugach accretionary wedge, Alaska.Earth sciencesPeter J. Haeussler, Timothy M. Kusky, Dwight C. Bradley, Sue Karl
Convergent margin extension associated with arc-continent collision: the Finsch Deep, Papua New Guinea.Earth sciencesE.A. Silver, G.P. Whitmore, D.P. Johnson, K.A.W. Crook, J. Galewsky
Crustal structure of the central sector of the Betic Cordillera (SE Spain).Earth sciencesJ. Galindo-Zaldivar, A. Jabaloy, F. Gonzalez-Lodeiro, F. Aldaya
Dating deformation using Rb-Sr in white mica: greenschist facies deformation ages from the Entrelor shear zone, Italian Alps.Earth sciencesS. Inger, R.W.H. Butler, R.A. Cliff, S.R. Freeman
Episodic development of a convergent margin inferred from structures and processes along the southern Chile margin.Earth sciencesNathan L. Bangs, Steve C. Cande
Erosional processes as a control on the structural evolution of an actively deforming fold and thrust belt: an example from the Pamir-Tien Shan region, central Asia.Earth sciencesGary L. Pavlis, Terry L. Pavlis, Michael W. Hamburger
Extensional reactivation of the Chocolate Mountains subduction thrust in the Gavilan Hills of Southeastern California.Earth sciencesCarl E. Jacobson, Felix R. Oyarzabal
Extensional styles and gravity anomalies at rifted continental margins: some North Atlantic examples.Earth sciencesC.E. Keen, S.A. Dehler
Far-field effects of Late Miocene subduction in the Eastern Carpathians: E-W compression and inversion of structures in the Alpine-Carpathian-Pannonian region.Earth sciencesHerwig Peresson, Kurt Decker
Flank uplift and topography at the central Baikal rift (SE Siberia): a test of kinematic models for continental extension.Earth sciencesPeter Van Der Beek
Flexural rigidity of Fennoscandia inferred from the postglacial uplift.Earth sciencesWilly Fjeldskaar
Flexural uplift of rift flanks in central Greece.Earth sciencesGeorge Poulimenos, Theodor Doutsos
Geodynamics of the Tarim Basin and the Tian Shan in central Asia.Earth sciencesEmily A. Neil, Gregory A. Houseman
Geometric and kinematic evolution of the foreland thrust and fold belt in the southern Urals.Earth sciencesD. Brown, A. Perez-Estaun, V. Puchkov, Y. Gorozhanina, J. Alverez-Marron, V. Baryshev
Gondwanian age dextral transpression and spatial kinematic partitioning within the Heritage Range, Ellsworth Mountains, West Antarctica.Earth sciencesMichael L. Curtis
Growth of the South Pyrenean orogenic wedge.Earth sciencesDouglas W. Burbank, Andrew J. Meigs
INterfering paths of deformation and development of acs in the fold-and-thrust belt of the central Apennines.(Italy)Earth sciencesFrancesca Ghisetti, Livio Vezzani
Koolen metamorphic complex, NE Russia: implications for the tectonic evolution of the Bering Strait region.Earth sciences 
Large-magnitude Oligo-Miocene extension in southern Sonora: Implications for the tectonic evolution of northwest Mexico.Earth sciencesP.B. Gans
Latest Neoproterozoic basin inversion of the Beardmore Group, central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica.Earth sciencesJohn W. Goodge
Lithospheric strength and intraplate seismicity in the New Madrid seismic zone.Earth sciencesMark D. Zoback, Lanbo Liu
Metamorphic and structural evidence for significant vertical displacement along the Ross Lake fault zone, a major orogen-parallel shear zone in the Cordillera of western North America.Earth sciencesDonna L. Whitney, Julia A. Baldwin, Hugh A. Hurlow
Mode of extensional tectonics in the southeastern Betics (SE Spain): implications for the tectonic evolution of the peri-Alboran orogenic system.Earth sciencesJ.M. Azanon, J.M. Martinez-Martinez
Neogene Patagonian plateau lavas: continental magmas associated with ridge collision at the Chile Triple Junction.Earth sciencesPeter K. Zeitler, Matthew L. Gorring, Suzanne M. Kay, Victor A. Ramos, Daniel Rubiolo, Marisa I. Fernandez, Jose L. Panza
New reflections on the structure and evolution of the Makkovikian - Ketilidian Orogen in Labrador and southern Greenland.Earth sciencesAndrew Kerr, Jeremy Hall, Richard J. Wardle, Charles F. Gower, Bruce. Ryan
Numerical modeling of trishear fault propagation folding.Earth sciencesMary Ford, Oscar Schisgall
Off-scraping accretionary process under the subduction of young oceanic crust: the Shimanto Belt of Okinawa Island, Ryukyu Arc.Earth sciencesKohtaro Ujiie
Origin of the Betic-Rif mountain belt.Earth sciencesNicky White, Lidia Lonergan
Origin of the high plateau in the Central Andes, Bolivia, South America.Earth sciencesSimon Lamb, Leonore Hoke
Paleomagnetic evidence for rapid vertical-axis rotations during thrusting in an active collision zone, northeastern Papua New Guinea.Earth sciencesRobert S. Coe, Peter D. Weiler
Present-day dynamics of the Aegean region: A model analysis of the horizontal pattern of stress and deformation.Earth sciencesM.J.R. Wortel, P. Th Meijer
Relationship between northwestern Tasmania and East Gondwanaland in the Late Cambrian/Early Ordovician: paleomagnetic evidence.Earth sciencesC.M. Powell, Z.X. Li, P.W. Baillie
Reply. (Response to article by Dov Bahat in this issue p.1006)Earth sciencesYehuda Eyal, Zeev Reches
Reply. (Response to article by Michael F. McGroder in this issue p.1001)Earth sciencesPaul J. Umhoefer, Robert B. Miller
Reply. (response to article by Shoufa Lin and Cees R. van Staal in this issue, p. 702)Earth sciencesGregory Lynch
Reply.(response to Gregory A. Davis and B.C. Burchfiel in this issue, p. 182)Earth sciencesJoseph L. Wooden, Calvin H. Stevens, Chester T. Wrucke
Roots of the Labradorian orogen in the Grenville Province in southeast Labrador: evidence from marine, deep-seismic reflection data.Earth sciencesJ. Hall, C.F. Gower, G.J. Kilfoil, G.M. Quinlan, R.J. Wardle
Rotation of horizontal stresses in the Australian North West Continental Shelf due to the collision of the Indo-Australian and Eurasian Plates.Earth sciencesRichard R. Hillis, Scott D. Mildren, Chris J. Pigram, Don R. Willoughby
Simultaneous development of noncylindrical folds, frontal ramps, and transfer faults in a compressional regime: experimental investigations of Himalayan examples.Earth sciencesAshok Kumar Dubey
Successive orthogonal and oblique extension episodes in a rift zone: laboratory experiments with application to the Ethiopian Rift.Earth sciencesMarco Bonini, Mario Boccaletti, Thierry Souriot, Jean Pierre Brun
Supracrustal intraplate thickening of Variscan basement due to Alpine foreland compression: results from the superdeep well KTB (Bohemian Massif, Germany).Earth sciencesG. Zulauf, J. Duyster
Svartfjella, Eidembukta, and Daudmannsodden lineament: Tertiary orogen-parallel motion in the crystalline hinterland of Spitsbergen's fold-thrust belt.Earth sciencesAlvar Braathen, Harmon D. Maher Jr., Steffen Bergh, Yoshihide Ohta
Systematic analyses of the large-scale topography and structure across the Dead Sea Rift.Earth sciencesShimon Wdowinski, Ezra Zilberman
Tectonic affinity of Nisutlin and Anvil assemblage strata from the Teslin tectonic zone, northern Canadian Cordillera: constraints from neodymium isotope and geochemical evidence.Earth sciencesPhilippe Erdmer, Robert A. Stevens, Robert A. Creaser, Steven L. Grant
Tectonic control of the subducting Juan Fernandez Ridge on the Andean margin near Valparaiso, Chile.Earth sciencesC.R. Ranero, W. Weinrebe, K. Hinz, R. von Huene, J. Corvalan, E.R. Fleuh, J. Korstgard
Tectonic inheritance, crustal architecture, and contrasting structural styles in the Venezuela Andes.Earth sciencesBernard Colletta, Francois Roure, Bruno de Toni, Daniel Loureiro, Herminio Passalacqua, Yves Gou
Tertiary tectonic evolution of the external south Carpathians and the adjacent Moesian platform (Romania)Earth sciencesS. Cloetingh, L. Metenco, G. Bertotti, C. Dinu
The Bilila-Mtakataka fault in Malawi: an active, 100-km long, normal fault segment in thick seismogenic crust.Earth sciencesJames Jackson, Tom Blenkinsop
The Carolina terrane in northwestern South Carolina, U.S.A.: Late Precambrian-Cambrian deformation amd metamorphism in a peri-gondwanan ocean arc.Earth sciencesJames E. Wright, Allen J. Dennis
The deep structure of the Carmel fault zone, northern Israel, from gravity field analysis.Earth sciencesMoshe Achmon, Zvi Ben-Avraham
Thermomechanical evolution of a ductile duplex.Earth sciencesW.J. Dunlap, G. Hirth, C. Teyssier
The role of extension in the Miocene denudation of the Nevado-Filabride Complex, Betic Cordillera (SE Spain).Earth sciencesChristopher Johnson, Neil Harbury, Anthony J. Hurford
Thrust kinematics and internal deformation in basement-involved fold and thrust belts: the eastern Orobic Alps case (Central Southern Alps, northern Italy)Earth sciencesEugenio Carminati, Gian Bartolomeo Siletto, Daniele Battaglia
Transect across the northwestern Grenville orogen, Georgian Bay, Ontario: Polystage convergence and extension in the lower orogenic crust.Earth sciencesN.G. Culshaw, R.A. Jamieson, J.W.F. Ketchum, N. Wodicka, D. Corrigan, P.H. Reynolds
Transpressional shearing and strike-slip partitioning in the Late Cretaceous Sierra Nevada magmatic arc, California.Earth sciencesBasil Tikoff, Michel de Saint Blanquat
Transpression, displacement partitioning, and exhumation in the eastern Caribbean/South American plate boundary.Earth sciencesHans G. Ave Lallemant
Triassic plutonism in southern California: Southward younging of arc initiation along a truncated continental margin.Earth sciencesJ.L. Wooden, A.P. Barth, R.M. Tosdal, K.A. Howard
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