Tectonics 1993 - Abstracts

Tectonics 1993
Basement seismicity beneath the Andean Precordillera thin-skinned thrust belt and implications for crustal and lithospheric behavior.Earth sciencesBryan L. Isacks, Jean-Luc Chatelain, Robert Smalley Jr., Jose Pujol, Marc Regnier, Jer-Ming Chiu, Mario Araujo, N. Puebla
Cenozoic crustal rotations in the Mojave Desert from paleomagnetic studies around Barstow, California.Earth sciencesMichael J. Valentine, Laurie L. Brown, Matthew P. Golombek
Contrasting styles of rifting: models and examples from the eastern Canadian margin.Earth sciencesGianna Bassi, Charlotte E. Keen, Patrick Potter
Crustal-scale thrusting and origin of the Montreal River monocline - a 35-km-thick cross section of the Midcontinent rift in northern Michigan and Wisconsin.Earth sciencesW.F. Cannon, Z.E. Peterman, P.K. Sims
Crustal shortening and Eocene extension in the southeastern Canadian Cordillera: some thermal and rheological considerations.Earth sciencesMian Liu, Kevin P. Furlong
Deep earthquakes beneath central Taiwan: mantle shearing in an arc-continent collision.Earth sciencesS.W. Roecker, C.H. Lin
Evolution of retreating subduction boundaries formed during continental collision.Earth sciencesLeigh H. Royden
Fission track thermochronology of the Wind River Range, Wyoming: evidence for timing and magnitude of laramide exhumation.Earth sciencesPhilip F. Cerveny, James R. Steidtmann
Granulites in the Tongbai area, Qinling belt, China: geochemistry, petrology, single zircon geochronology, and implications for the tectonic evolution of eastern Asia.Earth sciencesY. Sun, A. Kroner, G.W. Zhang
Identification of multiple generations of crosscutting "domino-style" faults: insights from seismic modeling.Earth sciencesJohn C. Yarnold, Roy A. Johnson, Lowell S. Sorenson
Jurassic tectonic history of the Otago Schist, New Zealand.Earth sciencesNick Mortimer
Kinematic analyses of the Hsuehshan Range, Taiwan: a large-scale pop-up structure.Earth sciencesDonald M. Fisher, M. Brooks Clark, Chia-Yu Lu, Chao-Hsia Chen
Lower paleozoic relative motion of the Arequipa Block and Gondwana; paleomagnetic evidence from Sierra de Almeida of northern Chile.Earth sciencesRandall D. Forsythe, Constantino Mpodozis, John Davidson, Christopher Jesinkey
Mechanical role of backstops in the growth of forearcs.Earth sciencesDaniel E. Byrne, Wei-hau Wang, Dan M. Davis
Mid-Cretaceous extensional tectonics of the Yukon-Tanana terrane, trans-Alaska crustal transect (TACT), east-central Alaska.Earth sciencesGeorge Plafker, Terry L. Pavlis, Virginia B. Sisson, Helen L. Foster, Warren J. Nokleberg
Mid-Paleozoic olistoliths in eastern Hayfork terrane melange, Klamath Mountains: implications for late Paleozoic-early Mesozoic Cordilleran forearc development.Earth sciencesPaul R. Renne, John W. Goodge
Paleomagnetic constraints on the initiation of uplift on the Santa Susana fault, western transverse ranges, California.Earth sciencesShaul Levi, Robert S. Yeats
Paleomagnetic evidence for post-late Miocene intra-arc rotation of south Kyushu, Japan.Earth sciencesKazuto Kodama, Ken-ichi Nakayama
Pleistocene strike-slip tectonics in the Lucanian Apennine (Southern Italy).Earth sciencesStefano Catalano, Carmelo Monaco, Luigi Tortorici, Carlo Tansi
Regional shortening fabrics in eastern North America: far-field stress transmission from the Appalachian-Ouachita orogenic belt.Earth sciencesBen A. van der Pluijm, John P. Craddock, Mike Jackson, Robert T. Versical
Segmentation, fragmentation and jostling of cratonic basement in and near Aspo, southeast Sweden.Earth sciencesR. Munier, C.J. Talbot
Sequencing reelfoot extension based on relations from southeast Missouri and interpretations of the interplay between offset preexisting zones of weakness.Earth sciencesC.W. Clendenin, G.R. Lowell, C.A. Niewendorp
Slow apparent polar wander for North America in the late Triassic and large Colorado plateau rotation.Earth sciencesDennis V. Kent, William K. Witte
Strike-slip faulting and block rotation along the contact fault system, eastern Prince William Sound, Alaska.Earth sciencesAlan J. Bol, Sarah M. Roeske
Strike-slip faults in the southernmost Andes and the development of the Patagonian orocline.Earth sciencesW. Dickson Cunningham
Structural variety and tectonic evolution of strike-slip basins related to the Philippine fault system, northern Luzon, Philippines.Earth sciencesJean Delteil, Jean Claude Ringenbach, Nicolas Pinet, Jean Francois Stephan
Subduction initiation at passive margins: the Scotian Basin, eastern Canada as a potential example.Earth sciencesS. Gregg Erickson, Jafar Arkani-Hamed
Superimposed tectonics of the Cyprus ophiolitic massifs.Earth sciencesJacques Angelier, Thierry Grand, Henriette Lapierre, Georges H. Mascle, Maryse Ohnenstetter
The Coast Belt Thrust System: evidence of late cretaceous shortening in southwest British Columbia.Earth sciencesJ.M. Journeay, R.M. Friedman
The interpretation of inverted metamorphic isograds using simple physical calculations.Earth sciencesPhilip England, Peter Molnar
The origin and evolution of the southern snake range decollement, east central Nevada.Earth sciencesAllen J. McGrew
The origin of reflections beneath the Blue Ridge-Piedmont Allochthon: a viewthrough the Grandfather Mountain window.Earth sciencesDaniel L. Szymanski, Nikolas I. Christensen
Thermochronologic constraints on the tectonic evolution of active metamorphic core complexes, D'Entrecasteaux Islands, Papua New Guinea.Earth sciencesIan McDougall, David A. Foster, Gordon S. Lister, Suzanne L. Baldwin, E. June Hill
Velocity fields in deforming Asia from the inversion of earthquake-released strains.Earth sciencesW.E. Holt, A.J. Haines
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