Social Cognition 2008 - Abstracts

Social Cognition 2008
A decision bound categorization approach to the study of subtyping of atypical group members.(Report)Sociology and social workQueller, Sarah, Mason, Winter
Colorblindedness and diversity: conflicting goals in decisions influenced by race.(Report)Sociology and social workDarley, John M., Norton, Michael I., Vandello, Joseph A., Biga, Andrew
Nonconscious effects of power on basic approach and avoidance tendencies.(Report)Sociology and social workBargh, John A., Smith, Pamela K.
The effects of causal uncertainty, causal importance, and initial attitude on attention to causal persuasive arguments.(Report)Sociology and social workWeary, Gifford, Tobin, Stephanie J.
The WReSt heuristic: the role of recall as well as feature-importance in and beyond the Cancellation and Focus model.(Report)Sociology and social workBrunner, Thomas A., Opwis, Klaus
When social context matters: the influence of long-term contact and short-term exposure to admired outgroup members on implicit attitudes and behavioral intentions.(Report)Sociology and social workDasgupta, Nilanjana, Rivera, Luis M.
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