Social Cognition 2005 - Abstracts

Social Cognition 2005
African Americans' implicit racial attitudes and the depletion of executive function after interracial interactions.Sociology and social workTrawalter, Sophie, Richeson, Jennifer A., Shelton, J. Nicole
Approach/avoidance-related motor actions and the processing of affective stimuli: Incongruency effects in automatic attention allocation.Sociology and social workStrack, Fritz, Gawronski, Bertram, Deutsch, Roland
A tale of three functions: The self-reported uses of autobiographical memory.(Thinking About Life Experiences questionnaire)Sociology and social workBluck, Susan, Alea, Nicole, Habermas, Tilmann, Rubin, David C.
Bonds of friendship: Comparative self-evaluations evoke the use of routine standards.Sociology and social workMussweiler, Thomas, Ruter, Katja
Correlated averages vs. averaged correlations: Demonstrating the warm glow heuristic beyond aggregation.Sociology and social workOppenheimer, Daniel M., Monin, Benoit
False memories about food can lead to food avoidance.Sociology and social workBernstein, Daniel M., Laney, Cara, Morris, Erin K., Loftus, Elizabeth F.
Gender picture priming: It works with denotative and connotative primes.Sociology and social workBanaji, Mahzarin R., Lemm, Kristi M., Dabady, Marilyn
Generalization of mere exposure to faces viewed from different horizontal angles.Sociology and social workKramer, Robin S.S., Parkinson, Brian
Impaired self-recognition from recent photographs in a case of late-stage Alzheimer's disease.Sociology and social workKlein, Stanley B., German, Tim P., Hehman, Jessica A.
In diversity there is strength: An autobiographical memory research sampler.Sociology and social workSkowronski, John J.
Is person categorization modulated by exemplar typicality?Sociology and social workLocke, Vance, Macrae, Neil C., Eaton, Jackson L.
Judging compound social categories: Compound familiarity and compatibility as determinants of processing mode.Sociology and social workSherman, Jeffrey W., Groom, Carla J., Conrey, Frederica R., Lu, Lisa, Keijzer, Boukje S.C.
Me and my group: Cultural status can disrupt cognitive consistency.Sociology and social workBanaji, Mahzarin R., Mitchell, Jason P., Lane, Kristin A.
Menstrual influences on person perception: Male sensitivity to fluctuating female fertility.Sociology and social workJohnston, Lucy, Macrae, C. Neil, Miles, Lynden, Carter, Clare
Multiple ambiguity and an impression formation focus make inapplicable primes useful.Sociology and social workStapel, Diederik A., Koomen, Willem
On the prevalence of event clusters in autobiographical memory.Sociology and social workBrown, Norman R.
Social and emotional functions of mother-child reminiscing about stressful events.Sociology and social workSales, Jessica McDermott, Fivush, Robyn
Social Stereotypes and automatic goal pursuit.Sociology and social workAarts, Henk, Custers, Ruud, Chartrand, Tanya, Danner, Unna, Dik, Giel, Jefferis, Valerie F., Cheng, Clara Michelle
The attractiveness of average faces is not a generalized mere exposure effect.Sociology and social workRhodes, Gillian, Halberstadt, Jamin, Jeffery, Linda, Palermo, Romina
The complexity of self-complexity: An associated systems theory approach.Sociology and social workMcConnell, Allen R., Schleicher, Deidra J.
The process of becoming suspicious of ulterior motives.Sociology and social workVonk, Roos, Marchand, Miquelle A.G.
There structure of gender type perception: Testing the elaboration, encapsulation, and evaluation framework.Sociology and social workGreen, Raymond J., Ashmore, Richard D., Manzi, Robert, Jr.
The role of affect on the search for global and specific target information.Sociology and social workHaar, Thomas, Isbell, Linda M., Burns, Kathleen C.
When do subgroup parts add up to the stereotypic whole? Mixed stereotype content for gay male subgroups explains overall ratings.Sociology and social workFiske, Susan T., Clausell, Eric
Why 'our' policies set the standard more than 'theirs' category norms and generalization between European Union countries.Sociology and social workHegarty, Peter, Chryssochoou, Xenia
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