Social Cognition 2004 - Abstracts

Social Cognition 2004
A tale of two primes: contextual limits on stereotype activation.Sociology and social workCastelli, Luigi, Arcuri, Luciano, Macrae, C. Neil, Zogmaister, Cristina
A theory of autobiographical memory: Necessary components and disorders resulting from their loss.Sociology and social workKlein, Stanley B., German, Tim P.
Being what you say: the effect of essentialist linguistic labels on preferences.Sociology and social workBanaji, Mahzarin R., Walton, Gregory M.
Capacity and comprehension: spontaneous stereotyping under cognitive load.Sociology and social workSherman, Jeffrey W., Wigboldus, Daniel H.J., Franzese, Heather L.
Categorization under uncertainty: resolving vagueness and ambiguity with eager versus vigilant strategies.Sociology and social workHiggins, E. Tory, Molden, Daniel C.
Cerebral hemispheric asymmetries in social perception: perceiving and responding to the individual and the group.Sociology and social workSanders, James D., McClure, Kimberley A., Zarate, Micheal A.
Defensive social comparisons and the constraints of reality.Sociology and social workStapel, Diederik A., Schwinghammer, Saskia A.
Ego threat different social comparison processes among high and low self-esteem people: implications for interpersonal perceptions .Sociology and social workHeatherton, Todd F., Vohs, Kathleen D.
Emotion and memory research: A grumpy overview.Sociology and social workPizarro, David A., Levine, Linda J.
Encoding flexibility revisited: evidence for enhanced encoding of stereotype-inconsistent information under cognitive load.Sociology and social workSherman, Jeffrey W., Groom, Carla J., Conrey, Frederica R.
"Fortunately, I'm no Einstein": Comparison relevance as a determinant of behavioral assimilation and contrast.Sociology and social workEstes, Zachary, LeBoeuf, Robyn A.
Giving sight and voice to the blind mutes: An overview of theoretical ideas in autobiographical memory.Sociology and social workSkowronski, John J.
How describing autobiographical events can affect autobiographical memories.Sociology and social workSkowronski, John S., Walker, W. Richard
How threat from stereotype disconfirmation triggers self-defense.Sociology and social workHiggins, E. Tory, Forster, Jens, Werth, Lioba
Implicit dependency regulation: self-esteem, relationship closeness, and implicit evaluations of close others .Sociology and social workDeHart, Tracy, Pelham, Brett, Murray, Sandra
Integrative social perception: individuals low in working memory benefit more from external representations.Sociology and social workvon Hecker, Ulrich, Dutke, Stephan
Is beautiful always good? implicit benefits of facial attractiveness.Sociology and social workMacrae, C. Neil, Van Leeuwen, Matthijs L.
Not all self-affirmations were created equal: the cognitive and social benefits of affirming the intrinsic (vs. extrinsic) self. .Sociology and social workSchimel, Jeff, Cook, Alison, Arndt, Jamine, Banko, Katherine M.
On the acquisition of knowledge about personality traits: does learning about the self engage different mechanisms than learning about the others?.Sociology and social workKlein, Stanley B., Cosmides, Leda, Tooby, John, Murray, Emily R.
Power and impression formation: the effects of power on the desire for morality and competence information.Sociology and social workYbarra, Oscar, Chen, Serena, Kiefer, Amy K.
Stereotype-biased search and processing of information about group members.Sociology and social workTrope, Yaacov, Cameron, Jessica A.
The effects of personal relevance and repetition on persuasive processing.Sociology and social workClaypool, Heather M., Garcia-Marques, Teresa, Mackie, Diane M.
The implicit association test's D measure can minimize a cognitive skill confound: Comment on McFarland and Crouch (2002).(Implicit Association Test)Sociology and social workGreenwald, Anthony G., Huajian Cai, Sriram, N., McFarland, Sam G.
The self and autobiographical memory: Correspondence and coherence.Sociology and social workConway, Martin A., Singer, Jefferson A., Tagini, Angela
Time in autobiographical memory.Sociology and social workFriedman, William J.
To do or not to do: using positive and negative role models to harness motivation.Sociology and social workLockwood, Penelope, Sadler, Pamela, Fyman, Keren, Tuck, Sarah
Volitional shielding of the self: effects of action orientation and external demands on implicit self-evaluation. .Sociology and social workKoole, Sander L.
What I don't recall can't hurt me: information negativity versus information inconsistency as determinants of memorial self-defense. .Sociology and social workSedikides, Constantine, Green, Jeffrey D.
Who wants to be...erudite? Everyone! Evidence for automatic adaptation of trait definitions.Sociology and social workGreve, Werner, Wentura, Drik
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