Social Cognition 2001 - Abstracts

Social Cognition 2001
Affective responses to social comparisons with extremely close others.Sociology and social workMcFarland, Cathy, Buehler, Roger, MacKay, Laura
Colors, smiles, and frowns: external affective cues can directly affect responses to persuasive communications in a mood-like manner without affecting mood.Sociology and social workSinclair, Robert C., Soldat, Alexander S.
Communication and shared reality: implications for the psychological foundations of culture.Sociology and social workChi-yue Chiu, Lau, Ivy Y-M., Sau-lai Lee
Considering the impossible: explaining the effects of implausible anchors.Sociology and social workMussweiler, Thomas, Strack, Fritz
Cultural identity and dynamic construction of the self: collective duties and individual rights in Chinese and American cultures.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workMorris, Michael W., Ying-yi Hong, Chi-yue Chiu, Ip, Grace, Menon, Tanya
Direction of comparison in typicality judgments.Sociology and social workHodges, Sara D., Hollenstein, Tom
Do you see what I see?: similarities and differences in victims and observers perceptions of discrimination.Sociology and social workInman, Mary L.
Effects of culture and processing goals on the activation and binding of trait concepts.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workZarate, Michael A., Uleman, James S., Voils, Corrine I.
Effects of trait dominance on powerholders' judgments of subordinates.Sociology and social workFiske, Susan T., Operario, Don
Generalization of mere exposure effects to averaged composite faces.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workRhodes, Gillian, Halberstadt, Jamin, Brajkovich, Gemma
How does culture influence conflict resolution?: a dynamic constructivist analysis.Sociology and social workMorris, Michael W., Ho-Ying Fu
I know what you know: assumptions about others' knowledge and their effects on message construction.Sociology and social workLau, Ivy Yee-Man, Chiu, Chi-yue
Implicit attitudes and racism: effects of word familiarity and frequency on the Implicit Association Test.Sociology and social workOttaway, Scott A., Hayden, Davis C., Oakes, Mark A.
Individual versus group interest violation: suprise as a determinant of argument scrutiny and persuasion.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workPetty, Richard E., Fleming, Monique A., Priester, Joseph R., Feinstein, Amy Harasty
Organization by person category: stability in the face of differences in attentional resources.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workPushkar, Dolores, Arbuckle, Tannis, Conway, Michael
Priming exceptions: a test of the scope hypothesis in naturalistic trait judgements.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workKlein, Stanley B., Cosmides, Leda, Tooby, John, Chance, Sarah
Taking a look underground: detecting, interpreting, and reacting to implicit racial biases.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workMonteith, Margo J., Voils, Corrine I., Ashburn-Nardo, Leslie
The complexity of thinking across cultures: interactions between culture and situational context.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workConway, Lucian Gideon, Schaller, Mark, Tweed, Roger G., Hallett, Darcy
The feeling of familiarity as a regulator of persuasive processing.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workGarcia-Marques, Teresa, Mackie, Diane M.
The Go/No-Go Association Task.Sociology and social workBanaji, Mahzarin R., Nosek, Brian A.
The impact of perceiver attitudes on outcome-biased dispositional inferences.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workAllison, Scott T., Mackie, Diane M., Ahn, Mi Na, Asuncion, Arlene G.
The reproduction of culture: communication processes tend to maintain cultural stereotypes.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workLyons, Anthony, Kashima, Yoshihisa
Toward a paradigm shift: from cross-cultural differences in social cognition to social-cognitive mediation of cultural differences.Sociology and social workYing-yi Hong, Chi-yue Chiu
Transitory determinants of values and decisions: the utility (or nonutility) of individualism and collectivism in understanding cultural differences.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workBriley, Donnel A., Wyer, Robert S., Jr.
What drives whom?: a cultural perspective on human agency.Sociology and social workHernandez, Miriam, Iyengar, Sheena S.
When first impressions don't last: the role of isolation and adaptation processes in the revision of evaluative impressions.Sociology and social workYbarra, Oscar
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