Social Cognition 1999 - Abstracts

Social Cognition 1999
Beliefs influence information processing strategies: declarative and experiential information in risk assessment.Sociology and social workSchwarz, Norbert, Grayson, Carla E.
Certainty-related beliefs and depressive symptomatology: concurrent and longitudinal relationships.Sociology and social workJacobson, Jill A., Weary, Gifford, Edwards, John A.
Cognitive discrepancy models: actual, ideal, potential, and future self-perspectives of body image.Sociology and social workMarsh, Herbert W.
Contexts of cyrptomnesia: may the source be with you.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workBodenhausen, Galen V., Macrae, C. Neil, Calvini, Guglielmo
Contextual and procedural determinants of partner selection: of asymmetric dominance and prominence.(Special Issue: Social Cognition and Relationships)Sociology and social workSedikides, Constantine, Ariely, Dan, Olsen, Nils
Does rejection elicit hostility in rejection sensitive women?(Special Issue: Social Cognition and Relationships)Sociology and social workShoda, Yuichi, Ayduk, Ozlem, Downey, Geraldine, Testa, Alessandra, Yen, Ying
Face categorization, graded priming, and the mediating influences of similarity.Sociology and social workZarate, Michael A., Sanders, James D.
How to make a politician more likeable and effective: framing political judgements through the numeric values of a rating scale.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workHaddock, Geoffrey, Carrick, Rachel
Impression formation and impression management: motives, traits, and likeability inferred from self-promoting and self-deprecating behavior.Sociology and social workVonk, Roos
Independence of episodic and semantic self-knowleged: the case from autism.Sociology and social workKlein, Stanley B., Loftus, Judith, Chan, Renee L.
Individual differences in attentional resources and self-complexity.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workConway, Michael, White-Dysart, Lisa
Internal representations of others in self-regulation: a new look at a classic issue.(Special Issue: Social Cognition and Relationships)Sociology and social workHiggins, E. Tory, Moretti, Marlene M.
Interpersonal roles in transference: transient mood effects under the condition of significant-other resemblance.(Special Issue: Social Cognition and Relationships)Sociology and social workAndersen, Susan M., Baum, Alana
Measuring the automatic components of prejudice: flexibility and generality of the implicit association test.Sociology and social workGreenwald, Anthony G., Rudman, Laurie A., Mellott, Deborah S., Schwartz, Jordan L.K.
Relationship closeness as including other in the self: cognitive underpinnings and measures.(Special Issue: Social Cognition and Relationships)Sociology and social workAron, Arthur, Fraley, Barbara
The automatic evaluation of pictures.Sociology and social workBargh, John A., Giner-Sorolla, Roger, Garcia, Magda T.
The contribution of attachment style and relationship conflict to the complexity of relationship knowledge.(Special Issue: Social Cognition and Relationships)Sociology and social workBarrett, Lisa Feldman, Fishtein, Julie, Pietromonaco, Paula R.
The cued activation of attachment relational schemas.(Special Issue: Social Cognition and Relationships)Sociology and social workBaldwin, Mark W., Meunier, Jennifer
Triggering transference: examining the role of applicability in the activation and use of significant-other representations in social perception.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workChen, Serena, Anderson, Susan M., Hinkley, Katrina
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