Social Cognition 1997 - Abstracts

Social Cognition 1997
Affective determinants of counterfactual thinking.Sociology and social workRoese, Neal J., Hur, Taekyun
Beyond general arousal: effects of specific emotions on memory.Sociology and social workLevine, Linda J., Burgess, Stewart L.
Bringing partiality to light: question wording and choice as indicators of bias.Sociology and social workSemin, Gun R., Poot, Christianne J. de
Color as an environmental processing cue: external affective cues can directly affect processing strategy without affecting mood.Sociology and social workSinclair, Robert C., Mark, Melvin M., Soldat, Alexander S.
Conditional probability may be a flawed measure of associative strength.Sociology and social workSkowronski, John, Welbourne, Jennifer
Hidden emotions: preschooler's knowledge of appearance-reality and emotion display rules.Sociology and social workBanerjee, Mita
Individual differences in the spontaneous construal of behaviour: idiocentrism and the automatization of the trait inference process.Sociology and social workNewman, Leonard S., Duff, Kimberley J.
Motivation, attention, and judgment: a natural sample spaces account.Sociology and social workFazio, Russell H., Gavanski, Igor, McMullen, Matthew N.
Predicting the display of personality traits: actor/observer differences in the accessibility and utilization of evidence.Sociology and social workJohnson, Joel T., Boyd, Kenneth R.
Rationality vs. accuracy of social judgment.Sociology and social workWright, Jack C., Drinkwater, Matthew
Refining sex-role spillover theory: the role of gender subtypes and harasser attributions.Sociology and social workBorgida, Eugene, Burgess, Diana
Stereotype suppression and recognition memory for stereotypical and nonstereotypical information.Sociology and social workSherman, Jeffrey W., Stroessner, Steven J., Loftus, Shay T., Deguzman, Glenn
The fantasy, ideal, and ought selves: content, relationships to mental health, and functions.Sociology and social workZigler, Edward, Bybee, Jane, Luthar, Suniya, Merisca, Rolande
The functional independence of trait and behavioural self-knowledge: methodological considerations and new empirical findings.Sociology and social workSherman, Jeffrey W., Klein, Stanley B., Babey, Susan H.
The implications of success for hierarchically and partially restrictive ability dimensions.Sociology and social workTrafimow, David
When strong evidence has less impact than weak evidence: bias, adjustment, and instructions to ignore.Sociology and social workSchul, Yaacov, Goren, Harel
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