Social Cognition 1996 - Abstracts

Social Cognition 1996
Anticipated interaction, individual differences in attentional resources, and elaboration of behavior.Sociology and social workPushkar, Dolores, Arbuckle, Tannis, Conway, Michael, Carroll, James M., Foisy, Pierre
A posteriori stereotype activation: the preservation of stereotypes through memory distortion.Sociology and social workDijksterhuis, Ap, Knippenberg, Ad Van
Behavioral experience and social inference: individual differences in aggressive experience and spontaneous versus deliberate trait inference.Sociology and social workZelli, Arnaldo, Cervone, Daniel, Huesmann, L. Rowell
Children's self-discrepancies and peer relationships.Sociology and social workCohen, Robert, Houston, David A., Rubin, Elizabeth C., Cockrel, Jill
Invoking naturalistic and religious attributions: a case of applying the availability heuristic? The representativeness heuristic?Sociology and social workLupfer, Michael B., Layman, Elizabeth
Message comprehensibility and persuasion: effects of complex language in counterattitudinal appeals to laypeople.Sociology and social workHafer, Corolyn L., Reynolds, Kelly L., Obertynski, Monika A.
On resisting the temptation for simplification: counterintentional effects of stereotype suppression on social memory.Sociology and social workBodenhausen, Galen V., Macrae, C. Neil, Milne, Alan B., Wheeler, Vicky
Self-serving bias in attitude judgements: the use of person versus issue implicated language.Sociology and social workSpears, Russell, Martijn, Carolien, Van der Pligt, Joop
Shared realities: social influence and stimulus memory.Sociology and social workBetz, Andrew L., Skowronski, John J., Ostrom, Thomas M.
The influence of chronic control concerns on counterfactual thought.Sociology and social workMarkman, Keith D., Weary, Gifford
The role of episodic and semantic memory in the development of trait self-knowledge.Sociology and social workSherman, Jeffrey W., Klein, Stanley B., Loftus, Judith
The role of the linguistic intergroup bias in expectancy maintenance.Sociology and social workKarpinski, Andrew, Von Hippel, William
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