Social Cognition 1995 - Abstracts

Social Cognition 1995
A computer network model of human transactive memory.(Social Determinants of Cognition)Sociology and social workWegner, Daniel M.
Age-related changes in children's orientations toward strategic peer interaction: implications for social perception and behavior.Sociology and social workThompson, Erik P., Ruble, Diane N., Boggiano, Ann K., Costanzo, Philip, Matter, Jean-Anne
Discriminative facility in social competence: conditional versus dispositional encoding and monitoring-blunting of information.Sociology and social workShoda, Yuichi, Chiu, Chi-Yue, Hong, Ying-Yi, Mischel, Walter
Dispositional and behavioral inferences about inherently democratic and unanimous groups.Sociology and social workAllison, Scott T., Beggan, James K., Midgley, Elizabeth H., Wallace, Kimberly A.
Dissent as driving cognition, attitudes, and judgments. (majority versus minority disagreement)(Social Determinants of Cognition)Sociology and social workNemeth, Charlan Jeanne
Effects of distraction on interpersonal expectancy effects: a social interaction test of the cognitive busyness hypothesis.Sociology and social workHarris, Monica J., Perkins, Rebecca
Ethnic influences on exemplar retrieval and stereotyping.Sociology and social workZarate, Michael A., Bonilla, Sara, Luevano, Melissa
Impact of anticipated interaction on information acquisition.(Social Determinants of Cognition)Sociology and social workLevine, John M., Russo, Eileen
Implicit memory for age stereotypes.Sociology and social workPenner, Louis A., Nelson, Douglas L., Hense, Richard L.
Implicit personality theories and empirical data: biased assimilation, belief perseverance and change, and covariation detection sensitivity.Sociology and social workAnderson, Craig A.
Impression formation in informal conversations.(Social Determinants of Cognition)Sociology and social workGruenfeld, Deborah H., Wyer, Robert S., Jr., Swan, Suzanne
Judging situations: on the effortful process of taking dispositional information into account.Sociology and social workKrull, Douglas S., Erickson, Darin J.
Mental representations of trait categories and their influences on person perception.Sociology and social workFleeson, William, Zirkel, Sabrina, Smith, Edward E.
Motivation and cognition in social life: a social survival perspective.(Social Determinants of Cognition)Sociology and social workFiske, Susan T., Stevens, Laura E.
Social determinants of cognition.Sociology and social workLevine, John M., Higgins, E. Tory
The effect of attitude dissimulation on attitude accessibility.Sociology and social workMaio, Gregory R., Olson, James M.
The four A's of life transition effects: attention, accessibility, adaptation, and adjustment.(Social Determinants of Cognition)Sociology and social workHiggins, E. Tory, Ruble, Diane N., Loeb, Israela
The self-concept and reality judgments: memory, memory monitoring, and internal-external correspondence.Sociology and social workReardon, Richard, Doyle, Susann M.
Who's opinion is this anyway?: self-inferential effects of representing one's social group.Sociology and social workCioffi, Delia
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