Social Cognition 1992 - Abstracts

Social Cognition 1992
Asymmetric self-other similarity judgments depend on priming of self-knowledge.Sociology and social workKarylowski, Jerzy J., Skarzynska, Krystyna
Attributions for hyperactive and aggressive child behaviors.Sociology and social workJohnston, Charlotte, Patenaude, Renee L., Inman, Geoff A.
Factors controlling the advantage of self-reference over other-reference. (Self-Knowledge: Content, Structure, and Function)Sociology and social workKeenan, Janice M., Golding, Jonathan M., Brown, Polly
Intolerance of ambiguity and depression: a cognitive vulnerability factor linked to hopelessness.Sociology and social workAndersen, Susan M., Schwartz, Amy H.
Knowledge-based assumptions in causal attribution.Sociology and social workCheng, Patricia W., Novic, Laura R., Fratianne, Angela
Need for cognition and the correspondence bias.Sociology and social workD'Agostino, Paul R., Fincher-Kiefer, Rebecca
On winning friends and influencing people: action identification and self-presentation success.Sociology and social workVallacher, Robin R., Wegner, Daniel M., McMahan, Susan C., Cotter, Jacqueline, Larsen, Kathleen A.
Perceptions of self-affect: now and in the future.Sociology and social workStaats, Sara, Skowronski, John
Possible selves and performance: the power of self-relevant imagery. (Self-Knowledge: Content, Structure, and Function)Sociology and social workRuvolo, Ann Patrice, Markus, Hazel Rose
Reflections on reputation in the process of self-evaluation. (Self-Knowledge: Content, Structure, and Function)Sociology and social workDesforges, Donna M., Lord, Charles G., Chacon, Sandra, Pere, Genevieve, Clubb, Richard
Self and health: how "patterns" of self-beliefs predict types of emotional and physical problems. (Self-Knowledge: Content, Structure, and Function)Sociology and social workHiggins, E. Tory, Vookles, Jennifer, Tykocinski, Orit
Self as an epistemic authority: effects on experiential and instructional learning.Sociology and social workEllis, Shmuel, Kruglanski, Arie W.
Self effects in memory for person information. (Self-Knowledge: Content, Structure, and Function)Sociology and social workJohnson, Marcia K., Kahan, Tracey L.
Task effects on the spontaneous activation of trait concepts.Sociology and social workWhitney, Paul, Waring, Douglas A., Zingmark, Brian
The effect of expectations on satisfaction when feedback about performance is not provided.Sociology and social workSchul, Yaakov
The moment of tenure and the moment of truth: when it pays to be aware of recency effects in social judgements.Sociology and social workBetz, Andrew L., Gannon, Katherine M., Skowronski, John J.
The role of social cognition in children's social maladjustment.Sociology and social workDemorest, Amy P.
The self-reference effect and mental cueing. (Self-Knowledge: Content, Structure, and Function)Sociology and social workBellezza, Francis S., Hoyt, Sandra K.
Unforgettable experiences: the relation of life events to basic beliefs about self and world.Sociology and social workCatlin, George, Epstein, Seymour
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