SIECUS Report 2001 - Abstracts

SIECUS Report 2001
Advice to Latino parents of GLBT children.(gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered)Social sciencesMarrone, Nila
American and Ecuadorian youth connect.Social sciencesRussell, Rachel
Becoming sexually able: education to help youth with disabilities.(includes related article)(President's Page)Social sciencesTepper, Mitchell S.
Chlamydia infection in women: bad news, good news, and next steps.(reprinted from Journal of the American Medical Women's Association, vol. 56, no. 3)Social sciencesTeran, Silvia, Walsh, Cathleen, Irwin, Kathleen L.
Comprehensive sexuality education has come a long way in past decades.Social sciencesedwards, Mac
Educating men in South Africa on gender issues.Social sciencesLevack, Andrew
Fewer debates about sexuality education as abstinence-only programs take foothold.(includes related articles)(sex education in America)Social sciencesKempner, Martha
Gender, sexuality, and HIV/AIDS: The what, the why, and the how.Social sciencesRao Gupta, Geeta
In America: It hasn't gone away.Social sciencesHerbert, Bob
Integrating issues of sexuality into family planning counseling in Egypt.Social sciencesAbdel-Tawab, Nahla
Issues and answers: fact sheet on sexuality education.Social sciences 
Kansas works to meet the need of special education students.Social sciencesLang, Darrel, Erikson, Jan, Jones, Kristy
Legislating sexual orientation in the states.Social sciencesWeibley, Stacy
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, amd transgender sexuality and related issues: a SIECUS annotated bibliography.(Bibliography)Social sciences 
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered youth issues.Social sciences 
LGBTQ youth are at risk in U.S. school environment.(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning)Social sciencesRussell, Stephen T.
Making women central in world strategy to fight HIV/AIDS.Social sciences 
Microbicides: expanding the options for STD prevention.(sexually transmitted disease)Social sciencesGottemoeller, Megan G.
New vaccines may give sexuality education advocates the shot they need.Social sciencesWeibley, Stacy
Parents as sexuality educators for their children with developmental disabilities.Social sciencesBallan, Michelle
Risk of HIV infection and unwanted pregnancy among Portuguese young adults.Social sciencesNodin,Nuno
Sexuality and disability.(annotated bibliography)Social sciencesLevine, Amy, Torres, Darlene
Sexuality and people with psychiatric disabilities.(includes related article)Social sciencesCook, Judith A.
Sexuality and underserved youth in communities of color.Social sciences 
Sexuality education for the disabled is priority at home and school.(President's Page)Social sciencesKreinin, Tamara
Sexuality educators talk about their career paths.Social sciencesSteinhart, Judith, Sorace, Danene
Sexuality issues for the disabled: development of a unified school policy.Social sciencesLittner, Melvyn, Littner, Lorna, Shah, Mary Ann
Sexually transmitted diseases in the United States.(fact sheet)Social sciences 
Sexual rights are human rights.Social sciencesKhaxas, Elizabeth
Social and developmental challenges for lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth.Social sciencesRyan, Caitlin, Futterman, Donna
Some notes on my transgenderness.Social sciencesArrowsmith, John
Statement on homosexuality and adolescence.(American Academy of Pediatrics)Social sciences 
Strategies for improving media reporting of HIV/AIDS and reproducitive health in Nigeria.Social sciencesJimoh, Akin
Taking action on sexual health.(sex education in the United States)Social sciencesMayden, Bronwyn
Teaching about issues, values and decisions: The newspaper as sexuality education text.(interview with sexuality educationalist Deborah Roffman)Social sciencesBrick, Peggy
The HPV/condom controversy provides opportunities for education.(Human Papilloma Virus)Social sciencesRothenberger, James H.
The landscape of sexuality education: discouraging, yet exciting.Social sciencesKreinin, Tamara
The Lost Children of Rockdale County: teenage syphilis outbreak revisited.Social sciencesLoftus, Mary
The National Plan to Eliminate Syphilis: cooperation, collaboration, and commitment.Social sciencesValentine, Jo
We need to conquer student silence about sexual orientation.Social sciencesSchlesinger, Amanda
What abstinence-only-until-marriage education looks like in communities today.(sex education throughout the different American states)Social sciencesTrevor, Claudia
What if someone I know is lesbian or gay?(excerpt from 'What if Someone I Know is Gay? Answers to Questions about Gay and Lesbian People')Social sciencesRoberts, Eric
Where is US Health and Human Services Secretary Thompson on the issues?(sex education, disabled children)Social sciencesSmith, William
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