Science Fiction Studies 2004 - Abstracts

Science Fiction Studies 2004
A-Life and the uncanny in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.Literature/writingMonnet, Livia
Back in the 1960s: Notes by a man who wasn't there.Literature/writingArbitman, Roman
Fables of desire.(Arkady Strugatsky)(Boris Strugatsky)Literature/writingKluger, Daniel
From decadence to racial antagonism: M.P.Shiel at the turn of the century.Literature/writingSvitavsky, William L.
Future politics: an interview with Kim Stanley Robinson.(Interview)Literature/writingSzeman, Imre, Whiteman, Maria
Gods like men: Soviet science fiction and the utopian self.Literature/writingGomel, Elana
'Mona Lisa Overdrive' and the prosthetic.(Critical Essay)Literature/writingPalmer, Christopher
Raumpatrouille: the cold war, the "citizen in uniform," and West German television.Literature/writingHantke, Steffen
Science fiction and myth creation in our age.Literature/writingChernyshova, Tatiana
Scientifically valid and artistically true: Chad Oliver, anthropology, and anthropological SF.(Critical Essay)Literature/writingCollins, Samuel Gerald
The game of the rat: A.E. Van Vogt's 800-word rule and P.K. Dick's 'The Game-Players of Titan'.(Critical Essay)Literature/writingRossi, Umberto
The genesis of Star Maker.Literature/writingMcCarthy, Patrick A.
The greatest good for humanity: Isaac Asimov's future history and utilitarian calculation problems.(Critical Essay)Literature/writingMiller, J. Joseph
The psychologist who empathized with rats: James Tiptree, Jr. as Alice B. Sheldon, PhD.Literature/writingElms, Alan C.
The Strugatskys in political context.(Arkady Strugatsky)(Boris Strugatsky)Literature/writingSimon, Erik
Twelve eighty-seven: John Taine's satisfactory solution.Literature/writingWestfahl, Gary
Working for Tarkovsky.(Andrei Tarkovsky)Literature/writingStrugatsky, Boris Natanovich
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