SAIS Review 2007 - Abstracts

SAIS Review 2007
A treacherous triangle? China and the transatlantic alliance.Political scienceGriffin, Christopher, Pantucci, Raffaello
Big oil and big talk: Resource populism in international politics.Political scienceTsafos, Nikos E.
Cleaning the Augean stables: Populism in Latin America and India.Political scienceAyyanagar, Srikrishna
Defense ownership or nationalist security: autonomy and reputation in South Korean and Japanese security policies.Political scienceEasley, Leif-Eric
Eliminating the outrage of hunger: the hope for municipal food distribution programs.Political scienceShein, Erica
Fears of foreign ownership: the old face of economic nationalism.Political scienceJoongi Kim
From vanguard of the proletariat to vox populi: Left-populism as a 'shadow' of contemporary socialism.Political scienceMarch, Luke
Industrial property in Russia: the return of the state and a focus on oil.Political scienceBarnes, Andrew
Interminable revolution: Populism and frustration in 20th century Bolivia.Political scienceBrienen, Marten
Investigating ownership values as a catalyst of financial scandal in Canada's public sector.Political scienceMingus, Matthew S.
Latin America's populist revival.Political scienceRoberts, Kenneth M.
Liberation from constitutional constraints: land reform in Zimbabwe.Political scienceKriger, Norma
Managing peace across the strait: The impact of United States and Chinese actions on contemporary Taiwanese nationalism, 1995-2005.Political scienceChang, Albert
OBITUARY: Philip Merill.(Obituary)Political scienceCohen, Eliot A., Osgood, Robert E.
Ownership is over-rated.Political scienceJoseph, Edward P.
Parties, populism, and anti-establishment politics in East Central Europe.Political scienceUcen, Peter
Photo essay: beggars, traders, and givers: ownership in Senegalese society.Political scienceMurray, Jennifer
Populism in Europe.Political scienceJones, Erik
Populism in India.Political scienceSubramanian, Narendra
Privatization: a summary assessment.Political scienceNellis, John
The importance of property rights to development.Political scienceRogers, Jean, Sullivan, John D., Bettcher, Kim Eric
The resurgence of Jihad and the specter of religious populism.Political scienceYates, Joshua J.
The significance of justiciability: legal rights, development, and the human right to water in the Philippines.Political scienceHale, Sarah
The virtues and vices of fixed territorial ownership.Political scienceAtzili, Boaz
This land is our land: Moro ancestral domain and its implications for peace and development in the southern Philippines.Political scienceTuminez, Astrid S.
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