SAIS Review 2003 - Abstracts

SAIS Review 2003
A dialogue: trade liberalization in agriculture.Political scienceGardner, Bruce, Swinbank, Alan, Diaz-Bonilla, Eugenio, Brandao, Antonio Alazar P., Sharma, Devinder
American Hegemony: the view from Australia.Political scienceBeeson, Mark
A new threat of terror in the Western hemisphere.Political scienceWeinstein, Jeremy M.
A single microbial sea: food safety as a global concern.Political sciencelavin, Margaret O'K.
A U.S.-Japan comprehensive economic partnership agreement: cementing a geostrategic economic relationship.Political scienceFauver, Robert C., Stewart, Devin T.
Back to the future: the globalization of agriculture in historical context.Political scienceCoclanis, Peter A.
Coffee production in a time of crisis: social and environmental connections.Political scienceRice, Robert
Democide and disarmament.Political scienceKates, Don B.
Deploying the full arsenal: fighting hunger with biotechnology.Political scienceLacy, Peter G.
European and American reactions to Kosovo: the policy divides revisited in the Iraq war.Political scienceSkrpec, Dagmar
France and Senegal: the end of the affair?Political scienceChafer, Tony
Handling North Korea: strategy and issues.Political scienceYong Shik Choo
Impregnable citadel or Leaning Tower? Europe's Common Agricultural Policy at forty.Political scienceRoederer-Rynning, Christilla
Improving African food security.Political scienceBreman, Henk, Debrah, Siegfried Kofi
International interventions and imperialism: lessons from the 1990s.Political scienceOttaway, Marina, Lacina, Bethany
Koizumi's top-down leadership in the anti-terrorism legislation: the impact of political institutional changes.Political scienceShinoda, Tomohito
Lessons of empire: Britain and India.Political scienceMisra, Maria
Modern Jihad: the Islamist Crusade.Political scienceNapoleoni, Loretta
Resistance and resilience: reflections on Iran.Political scienceVakil, Sanam
The changing economy of rural Paraguay: a photo essay on the economic opportunities and threats facing General Artigas.Political scienceDouglas, Marc
The globalization of nothing.Political scienceRitzer, George
The impact of trade liberalization on China's agriculture and rural economy.Political scienceRozelle, Scott, Huang, Jikun
The outcomes of Johannesburg: assessing the World Summit on Sustainable Development.Political scienceVina, Antonio G. M. La, Hoff, Gretchen, DeRose, Anne Marie
The Russian oil sector and the global oil economy: a prospectus.Political scienceQuayat, David
The UN small arms conference.Political scienceKopel, David B.
The world is not a peaceful place.Political sciencePerlstein, Gary R.
U.S. cultural imperialism today: only a chimera?Political scienceElteren, Mel van
"We Survive": hope in a South African shantytown.Political scienceSherwood, Anne
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