SAIS Review 2001 - Abstracts

SAIS Review 2001
A comparative approach to Islam and democracy.Political scienceGulen, Fethullah
Africa's informal economies: thirty years on.Political scienceKing, Kenneth
A new approach to sovereignty in Africa.Political scienceHerbst, Jeffrey
Approaching humanitarian intervention strategically: the case of Somalia.(1992 U.S. intervention in Somalia)Political scienceFox, John
A realist's minimal U.S. policy toward Africa.Political scienceChege, Michael
Creating devastation and calling it Islam: the war for the Nuba, Sudan.Political scienceWaal, Alex de
Dead capital and the poor.Political scienceSoto, Hernando de
Democratic dictators: authoritarian politics in Peru from Leguia to Fujimori.(Augusto B. Leguia; Alberto Fujimori)Political science 
Demographic Islamization: non-Muslims in Muslim countries.Political scienceFargues, Philippe
Drug Wars blues.Political scienceSmythe, Frank
Evaluating the formalization of work thesis: evidence from France.Political scienceWindebank, Jan, WIlliams, Colin
Foreign policy debate: propaganda, the satans, and other misunderstandings.(debate among three scholars: Robert Satloff, John L. Esposito, Shibley, Telhami)Political scienceSatloff, Robert, Esposito, John L., Telhami, Shibley
'Here to work': undocumented immigration in the United States and Europe.Political scienceSamers, Michael
Indonesia, Islam, and the prospect for democracy.Political scienceWoodward, Mark R.
Indonesia's mild secularism.Political scienceWahid, K.H. Abdurrahman
Informality knows no borders? Perspectives from El Paso-Juarez.(Texas-Mexico border)Political scienceStaudt, Kathleen
Integrating the informal sector in the modernization process.Political scienceTokman, Victor
Islamic identity: myth, menace, or mobilizer?Political scienceSchwedler, Jillian
Muslims in U.S. politics: recognized and integrated, or seduced and abandoned?Political scienceHaddad, Yvonne Yazbeck
Myanmar and North Korea: informality in Asia's pariah states.Political scienceBabson, Brad
'Qibla' and the government house: the Islamist networks.Political scienceRoy, Olivier
Religion, politics, and security in Central Asia.Political scienceHunter, Shireen T.
Return and reconstruction in Bosnia-Herzegovina: missing link, or mistaken priority?Political scienceBlack, Richard
Struggles behind words: shariah, Sunnism, and jihad.Political scienceMasmoudi, Radwan A.
Supporting sovereignty in Africa.Political scienceCrocker, Chester A.
The missing parts of microfinance: services for consumption and insurance.Political scienceNourse, Timothy H.
The new lobbying: interest groups, governments, and the WTO in Seattle.(World Trade Organization)Political scienceMarschner, Andreas
The United States and Africa: beyond the Clinton administration.(Bill Clinton)Political scienceKhadiagala, Gilbert M.
The universal Iranian.(filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami)Political scienceFrodon, Jean Michel
The U.S. foreign policy trajectory on Africa.Political scienceRothchild, Donald
U.S.-Africa policy as conflict management.Political scienceCohen, Herman J.
U.S.-Africa policy as human rights.Political scienceFleischman, Janet
What is informal economy, anyway?Political scienceHarris, Frank
When home-based workers raise their voices: an Indian perspective.(globalization in India)Political scienceSudarshan, Ratna, Unni, Jeemol
Women in the informality: a global picture, the global movement.Political scienceChen, Martha
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