SAIS Review 1999 - Abstracts

SAIS Review 1999
A letter from Pretoria.Political scienceJoseph, James A.
A world of new security dilemmas.Political scienceOdom, William E.
Back to the future: NSC-68 and the right course for America today.(Cold War document)Political scienceKagan, Frederick W.
Becoming normal the Austrian way.Political scienceRauchbauer, Martin
Central Europe has joined NATO: the continuing search for a more perfect Habsburg Empire.(Assesing a Decade: Eastern Europe and the FSU after the Fall of the Berlin Wall)Political scienceLukes, Igor
Challenges of trans-national history: historians and the Nanjing atrocity.(1937-1938 Rape of Nanking historical event in China that is also called the Nanjing Massacre)Political scienceYang, Daqing
Comments on footnotes to near history.Political scienceMcCall, James H.
Containing China? NSC-68 as myth and dogma.(Cold War document)Political scienceWestad, Odd Arne
Independence and integration in the Caspian Basin.Political scienceHale, Henry E.
Individual accountability for crimes against humanity: reckoning with the past, thinking of the future.Political scienceBianchi, Andrea
Letter from Paris: cities, Europe, and the global economy.Political scienceRohatyn, Felix G.
Making grand strategy: the early Cold War experience in retrospect.Political scienceTrachtenberg, Marc
Memory and mourning: China ten years after Tiananmen.(1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing, China)Political scienceThurston, Anne F.
Nations and states in Russia and the West.Political scienceParrott, Bruce
NATO enlargement: who, why, and how?Political scienceGati, Charles
NSC-68 redux?(government document)Political scienceGarfinkle, Adam
Nuremberg misremembered.(1946-1949 Nuremberg war crime trials, Germany)Political science 
Perspective on U.S. foreign policy today.Political scienceNitze, Paul H.
Search for a new social contract in Turkey: Fethullah Gulen, the virtue party and the Kurds.Political scienceYavuz, M. Hakan
Spain's transition to democracy.Political scienceBregolat, Eugenio
Taking the movies to war.(role of film in understanding war)Political scienceCohen, Eliot A.
That was then, this is now: toward a new NSC-68.(Cold War document)Political scienceCarpenter, Ted Galen
The Baltic republics, Russia, and energy: from dependency to interdependence?Political scienceClemens, Walter C., Jr.
The changing economic complexion of Eastern Europe and Russia: results and lessons of the 1990s.(Assesing a Decade: Eastern Europe and the FSU after the Fall of the Berlin Wall)Political scienceKramer, Mark
The debate on national identity and the Martin Walser speech: how does Germany reckon with its past?(German author)Political scienceKamenetzky, David A.
The end of civil conflict in Colombia: the military, paramilitaries, and a new role for the United States.Political scienceCrandall, Russell
The first decade after the collapse of communism: why some nations succeeded in their economic and political transformations while others failed.(Assesing a Decade: Eastern Europe and the FSU after the Fall of the Berlin Wall)Political sciencePrizel, Ilya
The new activism in Turkish foreign policy.Political scienceMakovsky, Alan
The worsening EU-Turkey relations.Political scienceYesilada, Birol A.
Third party mediation: an obstacle to peace in Nagorno Karabakh.(disputed region within Azerbaijan)Political scienceBetts, Wendy
Towards an intercultural conception of human rights.Political scienceTreeck, Dominik
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