SAIS Review 1997 - Abstracts

SAIS Review 1997
Africa on the move: attracting private capital to a changing continent.Political scienceMadavo, Callisto, Sarbib, Jean-Louis
Africa: Toward a rapid-reaction force.Political scienceO'Hanlon, Michael, Adebajo, Adekey
Aleksandr Lebed and Russian foreign policy.Political scienceDunlop, John B.
Central Asian stability: under threat?Political scienceKatz, Mark N.
China's environment and security: simple myths and complex realities.Political scienceSmil, Vaclav
Environment and security: core ideas and US government initiatives.Political scienceDabelko, Geoffrey D., Simmons, P.J.
Foreign direct investment in Africa: Rhetoric and reality.Political scienceBennell, Paul
From hegemony to pluralism: the changing politics of the Black Sea.Political scienceSezer, Duygu Bazoglu
Immigration policy in a global economy.Political scienceSassen, Saskia
Latin America: Expanding trade opportunities.Political scienceMendoza, Miguel Rodriguez, Kotschwar, Barbara
Letter from Jakarta.Political scienceStapleton Roy, J.
Myths and realities of the Latin American state.Political sciencePalacios, Luisa, Lederman, Daniel
Prospects for European Union and implications for the United States.Political scienceGordon, Philip H.
Russia and Iran: A tactical alliance.Political scienceFreedman, Robert O.
Stock markets, foreign investment, and economic growth in Africa.Political scienceIsimbabi, Michael J.
The myth of military aid: The case of French military cooperation in Africa.Political scienceVasset, Philippe
The World Trade Organization and implications for developing countries.Political scienceSharma, Shalendra D.
United States-Egyptian relations: strengthening our partnership.Political scienceWalker, Edward S., Jr.
US foreign policy and nuclear weapons today.Political scienceMandelbaum, Michael
US foreign policy and the environment: engagement for the next century.Political scienceClaussen, Eileen B.
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