Review of Public Personnel Administration 2006 - Abstracts

Review of Public Personnel Administration 2006
A broader look at the "accountability" movement.(implications of civil service reforms on human resource management)Political scienceHays, Steven W., Sowa, Jessica E.
At-will employment in government.Political scienceCoggburn, Jerrell D.
Changing federal government employee attitudes since the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978.Political scienceLan, G. Zhiyong, Cayer, N. Joseph, Lee, Haksoo
Civil service reform.Political scienceBattaglio, R. Paul, Condrey, Stephen E.
Civil service reform today.Political scienceWest, Jonathan P., Bowman, James S.
Ending civil service protections in Florida government.Political scienceWest, Jonathan P., Bowman, James S.
Organization culture as an explanation for employee discipline practices.Political scienceFranklin, Aimee L., Pagan, Javier F.
The difficulty of protecting merit in a plural society: the case of Trinidad and Tobago.(merit principle in the public sector)Political scienceBissessar, Ann Marie
The impact of family-friendly compensation: an investigation of military personnel policy.Political scienceCadigan, John
The rise of at-will employment and racial inequality in the public sector.Political scienceWilson, George
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