Review of Economics and Statistics 1998 - Abstracts

Review of Economics and Statistics 1998
Accounting for dropouts in evaluations of social programs.MathematicsTaber, Christopher, Heckman, James, Smith, Jeffrey
A comparison of job creation and job destruction in Canada and the United States.MathematicsBaldwin, John, Haltiwanger, John, Dunne, Timothy
Aging and Productivity among economists. (Aging process contributes to the decline in productivity of economists).MathematicsOster, Sharon M., Hamermesh, Daiel S.
A semiparametric factor model of interest rates and tests of the affine term structure.MathematicsGhysels, Eric, Ng, Serena
Assessing the effects of wives' earnings on family income inequality.MathematicsReed, Deborah, Cancian, Maria
Bank capitalization and cost: evidence of scale economies in risk management and signaling.MathematicsHughes, Joseph P., Mester, Loretta J.
Bootstrapping multivariate spectra.MathematicsDiebold, Francis X., Berkowitz, Jeremy
Branch banking and the geography of bank pricing.MathematicsNakamura, Leonard I., Calem, Paul S.
Business cycle turning points, a new coincident index, and tests of duration dependence based on a dynamic factor model with regime switching.MathematicsNelson, Charles R., Chang-Jin Kim
Characterizing Cross-Country Consumption Correlations. (Consumptions are correlated across nations).MathematicsPakko, Michael R.
Child care costs as a barrier to employment for single and married mothers.MathematicsKimmel, Jean
Comparing Theories of Endogenous Protection: Bayesian Comparison of Tobit Models Using Gibbs Sampling Output. (Gibbs sampling method can be used to precisely perform Bayesian inference and model comparison).MathematicsGawande, Kishore
Consistent covariance matrix estimation with spatially dependent panel data.MathematicsDriscoll, John C., Kraay, Aart C.
Cost functions and nonlinear prices: estimating a technology with quality-differentiated inputs.MathematicsKolstad, Charles D., Turnovsky, Michelle H.L.
Cross-national differences in the rise in earnings inequality: market and institutional factors.MathematicsGottschalk, Peter, Joyce, Mary
Discrimination, competition, and loan performance in FHA mortgage lending.Mathematics 
Do economics departments with lower tenure probabilities pay higher faculty salaries?MathematicsEhrenberg, Ronald G., Pieper, Paul J., Willis, Rachel A.
Earnings expectations, revisions, and realizations.MathematicsDominitz, Jeff
Economic dynamics and government stability in postwar Italy.MathematicsMerlo, Antonio
Employment spells and unemployment insurance eligibility requirements.MathematicsBaker, Michael, Rea, Samuel A., Jr.
Estimation of revealed probabilities and utility function for product safety decisions.MathematicsEvans, William N., Viscusi, W. Kip
Financing constraints and inventory investment: a comparative study with high-frequency panel data.MathematicsFazzari, Steven M., Petersen, Bruce C., Carpenter, Robert E.
Forecasting Asymmetric Unemployment Rates. (Linear forecasting of unemployment may be obtained via the use of time-series models).MathematicsRothman, Philip
Formula bias and within-stratum substitution bias in the U.S. CPI.(consumer price index)MathematicsReinsdorf, Marshall B.
Fundamental q, cash flow, and investment: evidence from farm panel data.MathematicsFeatherstone, Allen M., Bierlen, Ralph
How important is precautionary saving?MathematicsCarroll, Christopher D., Samwick, Andrew A.
Indicator properties of the paper-bill spread: lessons from recent experience.MathematicsKuttner, Kenneth N., Friedman, Benjamin M.
Investment and capital market imperfections: a switching regression approach using U.S. firm panel data.MathematicsSchiantarelli, Fabio, Hu, Xiaoqiang
Investment in energy efficiency: do the characteristics of firms matter?MathematicsDeCanio, Stephen J., Watkins, William E.
Job change patterns and the wages of young men.MathematicsMcGarry, Kathleen, Light, Audrey
Job vacancies in the United States: 1923 to 1994.MathematicsZagorsky, Jay L.
Manufacturing growth and financial development: evidence from OECD countries.MathematicsNeusser, Klaus, Kugler, Maurice
Maximum-likelihood estimation of fractional cointegration with an application to U.S. and Canadian bond rates.MathematicsStartz, Richard, Dueker, Michael
Mixed logit with repeated choices: households' choices of appliance efficiency level.MathematicsTrain, Kenneth, Revelt, David
Modeling the demand for M3 in the unified Germany.MathematicsTerasvirta, Timo, Lutkepohl, Helmut, Wolters, Jurgen
On seasonal cycles, unit roots, and mean shifts.MathematicsVogelsang, Timothy J., Franses, Philip Hans
On the size and power of system tests for cointegration.MathematicsBewley, Ronald, Yang, Minxian
On using current information to value hard-rock mineral properties.MathematicsDavis, Graham A., Cairns, Robert D.
Predicting U.S. recessions: financial variables as leading indicators.MathematicsMishkin, Frederic S., Estrella, Arturo
Referendum design and contingent valuation: the NOAA panel's no-vote recommendation.(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)MathematicsPresser, Stanley, Kopp, Raymond J., Smith, V. Kerry, Hanemann, W. Michael, Krosnick, Jon A., Carson, Richard T., Mitchell, Robert Cameron, Ruud, Paul A., Conaway, Michael, Martin, Kerry
Referendum design and contingent valuation: the NOAA panel's no-vote recommendations.(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)MathematicsPresser, Stanley, Kopp, Raymond J., Smith, V. Kerry, Hanemann, W. Michael, Krosnick, Jon A., Carson, Richard T., Mitchell, Robert Cameron, Ruud, Paul A., Conaway, Michael, Martin, Kerry
Rents and the cost and optimal design of commodity taxes.MathematicsWhalley, John, Perroni, Carlo
Slowdowns and meltdowns: postwar growth evidence from 74 countries.MathematicsPapell, David H., Ben-David, Dan
Small-sample confidence intervals for impulse response functions.MathematicsKilian, Lutz
Statistical inference for computable general equilibrium models, with application to a model of the Moroccan economy.MathematicsDufour, Jean-Marie, Abdelkhalek, Touhami
Stockholding behavior of U.S. households: evidence from the 1983-1989 Survey of Consumer Finances.MathematicsBertaut, Carol C.
Strategic pricing of new pharmaceuticals.MathematicsComanor, William S., Lu, Z. John
Structural models of the liquidity effect.MathematicsPagan, A.R., Robertson, J.C.
Testing for liquidity constraints in Euler equations with complementary data sources.MathematicsSouleles, Nicholas S., Pischke, Jorn-Steffen, Jappelli, Tullio
The central tendency: a second factor in bond yields.MathematicsBalduzzi, Pierluigi, Foresi, Silverio, Das, Sanjiv Ranjan
The dependence of pay-performance sensitivity on the size of the firm.MathematicsSchaefer, Scott
The differential regional effects of monetary policy.MathematicsCarlino, Gerald, DeFina, Robert
The duration of Medicaid spells: an analysis using flow and stock samples.MathematicsBlack, Dan A., Berger, Mark C.
The dynamic effects of money: combining short-run and long-run identifying restrictions using Bayesian techniques.MathematicsLastrapes, William D.
The effect of taxes on investment and income shifting to Puerto Rico.MathematicsSlemrod, Joel, Grubert, Harry
The efficiency cost of market power in the banking industry: a test of the "quiet life" and related hypotheses.MathematicsBerger, Allen N., Hannan, Timothy H.
The Enforcement of Pollution Control Laws: Inspections, Violations, and Self-reporting. (Presentation of empirical evidences on the role of targeting in law compliance).MathematicsHelland, Eric
The growing reluctance to borrow at the discount window: an empirical investigation.MathematicsPeristiani, Stavros
The missing link: technology, investment, and productivity.MathematicsPower, Laura
The objective function of simulation estimators near the boundary of the unstable region of the parameter space.MathematicsTauchen, George
The Smoot-Hawley tariff: a quantitative assessment.MathematicsIrwin, Douglas A.
Unemployment equilibria and input prices: theory and evidence from the United States.MathematicsHooker, Mark A., Oswald, Andrew J., Carruth, Alan A.
Universities as a source of commercial technology: a detailed analysis of university patenting, 1965-1988.MathematicsJaffe, Adam B., Trajtenberg, Manuel, Henderson, Rebecca
U.S. production technology and the effects of imports on the demand for primary factors.MathematicsTombazos, Christis G.
What is the Income "Cost of a Child"? Exact Equivalence Scales for Canadian Two-Parent Families.MathematicsPhipps, Shelley A.
World carbon dioxide emissions: 1950-2050.MathematicsSchmalensee, Richard, Stoker, Thomas M., Judson, Ruth A.
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