Regulation 1995 - Abstracts

Regulation 1995
Abolishing OSHA. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)LawKniesner, Thomas J., Leeth, John D.
Banking on free markets. (law on banking industry)LawEngland, Catherine
Breaking up the FDA's medical information monopoly.LawGoldberg, Robert M.
Building a better bureaucrat.LawStein, Joshua
Clearing the track: the remaining transportation regulations.LawMoore, Thomas G.
Coming home to Kafka. (US immigration regulations)LawFinkle, Peter
Creating a market for tort claims.LawChoharis, Peter Charles
Do not federalize tort law: a friendly response to Senator Abraham.LawNiskanen, William A.
First steps toward labor law reform.LawNiskanen, William A.
Fishing for markets: regulation and ocean fishing.LawMarkels, Michael, Jr.
Fundamental reform of tort law.LawRubin, Paul H.
Guidelines for employee participation committees.LawCook, A. Samuel
Handicapping freedom: the Americans with Disabilities Act.LawHudgins, Edward L.
Health and smog: no cause for alarm.LawChilton, Kenneth, Boerner, Christopher
How fair are the fair labor standards? (Fair Labor Standards Act)LawBovard, James
Loopholes in the secondary boycott ban.LawWilner, Frank N.
Mobile source pollution in Mexico City and market-based alternatives.LawLanda, Ramiro Tovar
More on the minimum wage.LawNiskanen, William A.
MSHA: undermining progress in occupational safety and health. (Mine Safety and Health Administration)LawDuffy, Michael
OSHA targets bridge painters. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)LawMcCarthy, Sarah J.
Policy and path dependence: from QWERTY to Windows 95.LawMargolis, Stephen E., Liebowitz, Stan
Rat day afternoon. (lawsuit steeming from the killing of a rat)LawReiland, Ralph R.
Regulatory rollback: twelve targets.LawHudgins, Edward L.
Sacred cows and Trojan horses: the Dunlop Commission report. (Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations)LawTroy, Leo
Salting the earth: the case for repealing Superfund.LawTaylor, Jerry
Secondhand smoke: facts and fantasy.LawViscusi, W. Kip
Sense and nonsense on the minimum wage.LawMurphy, Kevin M., Welch, Finis, Deere, Donald
State court restrictions on the employment-at-will doctrine.LawReynolds, Morgan O., Reynolds, Cameron D.
Subsidies are not property rights.LawFeingold, Russell D.
Sunrises without sunsets: can sunset laws reduce regulation?LawMcKinley, Vern
Telecompetition revisited: an agenda.LawGasman, Lawrence
The 1995 farm bill follies.LawBovard, James
The Dunlop report and the future of labor law reform. (Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations)LawEstreicher, Samuel
The failure of flow control.LawAdler, Jonathan H.
The great taxpayer rip-off of 1995.LawThierer, Adam D.
The rising impact of environmental mandates on local government.LawPompili, Michael J.
Watching paint dry. (Section 183e of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990)LawAdler, Jonathan H.
What works. (labor policy)LawHudgins, Edward L.
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