Public Finance and Accountancy 1984 - Abstracts

Public Finance and Accountancy 1984
An Award That Now Reflects the Whole Public Sector.BusinessB. Donoughue
Annual Audit Conference.BusinessR. Buttery, K. Wade
Australian Accountability.BusinessM. Duce
Computer View.Business 
Creating Public Interest and Emphasising Achievement.BusinessJ. Barton
Financial Reporting.BusinessB. Tanner
Government Financial Reporting.BusinessP. Vass
Griffiths: How Big a Change for the NHS?BusinessP. Davies
Joint Conference.BusinessL. Fordham
Local Accountability and DHAs.BusinessR. Gray
Local Government after the 1983 Election.BusinessA. Simkins
Modelling Salaries and Wages Budgets.BusinessW. Matthews, G. Harrison
Recognition for Management Accounting.BusinessB. Tanner
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