Psychology and Aging 2007 - Abstracts

Psychology and Aging 2007
Activities, self-referent memory beliefs, and cognitive performance: evidence for direct and mediated relations.SeniorsHertzog, Christopher, Jopp, Daniela
Age changes in processing speed as a leading indicator of cognitive aging.SeniorsPedersen, Nancy L., McArdle, John J., Finkel, Deborah, Reynolds, Chandra A.
Age differences in dual-task performance after practice.(Clinical report)SeniorsKliegl, Reinhold, Oberauer, Klaus, Gothe, Katrin
Age differences in dynamical emotion-cognition linkages.SeniorsNesselroade, John R., Sy-Miin Chow, Hamagami, Fumiaki
Age differences in item manipulation span: The case of letter-number sequencing.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsMyerson, Joel, Hale, Sandra, Emery, Lisa
Age differences in recognition of emotions in lexical stimuli and facial expressions.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsLane, Richard D., Costa, Paul T., Isaacowitz, Derek M., Wright, Ron, Sechrest, Lee, Lockenhoff, Corinna E., Ridel, Robert
Age differences in recollection: Three patterns of enhanced encoding.SeniorsCraik, Fergus I.M., Lin Luo, Hendriks, Tonya
Age, marital satisfaction, and optimism as predictors of positive sentiment override in middle-aged and older married couples.SeniorsSmith, Timothy W., Berg, Cynthia A., Pearce, Gale, Henry, Nancy J.M., Story, T.Nathan, Beveridge, Ryan
Age-related differences in communication and audience design.SeniorsSpieler, Daniel H., Horton, William S.
Age-related differences in responses to thoughts of one's own death: Mortality salience and judgments of moral transgressions.SeniorsGreenberg, Jeff, Pyszczynski, Tom, Solomon, Sheldon, Cox, Cathy R., Maxfield, Molly, Kluck, Benjamin, Weise, David
Age-related differences in timing with breaks.SeniorsBherer, Louis, Desjardins, Samuel, Fortin, Claudette
Age-related differences in visual search in dynamic displays.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsKramer, Arthur F., Becic, Ensar, Boot, Walter R.
Aging and integrating spatial mental models.SeniorsRadvansky, Gabriel A., Copeland, David E.
Aging and symptoms of anxiety and depression: Structural invariance of the tripartite model.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsTeachman, Bethany A., Sidelecki, Karen L., Magee, Joshua C.
Aging and the depth of binocular rivalry suppression.SeniorsNorman, J. Farley, Norman, Hideko F., Pattison, Kristina, Taylor, M. Jett, Goforth, Katherine E.
Aging and variety seeking.SeniorsMather, Mara, Novak, Deanna L.
Aging can spare recollection-based retrieval monitoring: The importance of event distinctiveness.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsSchacter, Daniel L., Gallo, David A., Moore, Christopher D., Cotel, Sivan C.
Aging, metamemory, and high-confidence errors: A misrecollection account.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsBawa, Sameer, Dodson, Chad S., Krueger, Lacy E.
A multilevel model analysis of expertise in chess across the life span.SeniorsCharness, Neil, Roring, Roy W.
An item response theory of analysis of DSM-IV personality disorder criteria across younger and older age groups.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsOltmanns, Thomas F., Woods, Carol M., Balsis, Steve, Gleason, Marci E.J.
Application of the diffusion model to two-choice tasks for adults 75-90 years old.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsRatcliff, Roger, McKoon, Gail, Thapar, Anjali
Assessment of age-related changes in inhibition and binding using eye movement monitoring.SeniorsHasher, Lynn, Ryan, Jennifer D., Leung, Grace, Turk-Browne, Nicholas B.
Birds of a feather don't always fly farthest: similarity in Big Five personality predicts more negative marital satisfaction trajectories in long-term marriages.SeniorsLevenson, Robert W., Shiota, Michelle N.
Changes of life satisfaction in the transition to retirement: a latent-class approach.SeniorsPinquart, Martin, Schindler, Ines
Characteristics of adult day care participants who enter a nursing home.SeniorsCohen-Mansfield, Jiska, Wirtz, Philip W.
Commentary on evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsGatz, Margaret
Does age make a difference? Predicting physical activity of South Koreans.SeniorsSchwarzer, Ralf, Renner, Britta, Spivak, Youlia, Sunkyo Kwon
Does a time-monitoring deficit influence older adults' delayed retrieval shift during skill acquisition?SeniorsHertzog, Christopher, Touron, Dayna R., Hines, Jarrod C.
Does mood state change risk taking tendency in older adults?SeniorsKee-Lee Chou, Lee, Tatia M.C., Ho, Andy H.Y.
Effects of age on contextually mediated associations in paired associate learning.SeniorsSliwinski, Martin J., Howard, Marc W., Provyn, Jennifer P.
Effects of aging and encoding instructions on emotion-induced memory trade-offs.SeniorsSchacter, Daniel L., Kensinger, Elizabeth A., Gutchess, Angela H.
Endorsement of proactively aggressive caregiving strategies moderates the relation between caregiver mental health and potentially harmful caregiving behavior.SeniorsWilliamson, Gail M., Shaffer, David R., Dooley, W. Keith
Evidence-based psychological treatments for disruptive behaviors in individuals with dementia.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsTeri, Linda, McCurry, Susan M., Logsdon, Rebecca G.
Evidence-based psychological treatments for distress in family caregivers of older adults.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsCoon, David W., Gllagher-Thompson, Dolores
Evidence-based psychological treatments for insomnia in older adults.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsTeri, Linda, McCurry, Susan M., Vitiello, Michael V., Logsdon, Rebecca G.
Evidence-based psychological treatments for late-life anxiety.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsWetherell, Julie Loebach, Ayers, Catherine R., Sorrell, John T., Throp, Steven R.
Examining inhibition of return with multiple sequential cues in younger and older adults.SeniorsChasteen, Alison L., Pratt, Jay
Exploring the specificity of age-related differences in theory of mind tasks.(Clinical report)SeniorsPhillips, Louise H., Bull, Rebecca, Slessor, Gillian
Eye movements of young and older adults during reading.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsKemper, Susan, Chiung-Ju Liu
Genetic and environmental effects on daily life stressors: More evidence for greater variation in later life.SeniorsCharles, Susan Turk, Almeida, David M.
Improving quality of life in diverse rural older adults: a randomized trial of a psychological treatment.SeniorsScogin, Forrest, Morthland, Martin, Kaufman, Allan, Burgio, Louis, Chaplin, William, Kong, Grace
Intergenerational potential: effects of social interaction between older adults and adolescents.SeniorsStaudinger, Ursula M., Kessler, Eva-Marie
Introduction to the special section on evidence-based psychological treatment for older adults.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsScogin, Forrest
Investigating the structure and age variance of episodic memory across the adult lifespan.SeniorsSiedlecki, Karen L.
Latent variable analyses of age trends of cognition in the Health and Retirement Study, 1992-2004.SeniorsMcArdle, John J., Fisher, Gwenith G., Kadlec, Kelly M.
Longitudinal study of social support and meaning in life.SeniorsKrause, Neal
Memories of social interactions: Age differences in emotional intensity.SeniorsCharles, Susan Turk, Piazza, Jennifer R.
Midlife women's generativity and authoritarianism: marriage, motherhood, and 10 years of aging.SeniorsPeterson, Bill E., Duncan, Lauren E.
Mild memory deficits differentially affect 6-year changes in compensatory strategy use.(Clinical report)SeniorsDixon, Roger A., de Frias, Cindy M.
Modeling age-related memory deficits: A two-parameter solution.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsReder, Lynne M., Buchler, Nobou E. G.
Model stability of the 15-item Geriatric Depression Scale across cognitive impairment and severe depression.SeniorsStorandt, Martha, Woods, Carol M., Brown, Patrick J.
Neuropsychological mediators of the links among age, chronic illness, and everyday problem solving.SeniorsThornton, Wendy Loken, Deria, Sirad, Gelb, Shannon, Shapiro, R. Jean, Hill, Amanda
New age-linked asymmetries: Aging and the processing of familiar versus novel language on the input versus output side.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsMacKay, Donald G., James, Lori E.
Not your parents' test scores: cohort reduces psychometric aging effects.SeniorsZelinski, Elizabeth M., Kennison, Robert F.
Overriding age differences in attentional capture with top-down processing.SeniorsMadden, David J., Whiting, Wythe L., Babcock, Katherine J.
Positive affect and suicide ideation in older adult primary care patients.SeniorsLyness, Jeffrey M., Duberstein, Paul R., Hirsch, Jameson K., Chapman, Benjamin
Positive and negative characteristics of marital interaction and their association with marital satisfaction in middle-aged and older couples.SeniorsSmith, Timothy W., Florsheim, Paul, Henry, Nancy J.M., Berg, Cynthia A.
Positive aspects of caregiving as a moderator of treatment outcome over 12 months.SeniorsAllen, Rebecca S., Burgio, Louis D., DeCoster, Jamie, Hilgeman, Michelle M.
Preferences and life evaluations of older adults with and without dementia: reliability, stability, and proxy knowledge.(Clinical report)SeniorsCarpenter, Brian D., Kissel, Emily C., Lee, Monica M.
Procedures for identifying evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsScogin, Forrest, Yon, Adriana
Profiles of successful aging in middle-aged and older adult married couples.SeniorsSmith, Timothy W., Uchino, Bert N., Berg, Cynthia A., Ko, Kelly J., Butner, Jonathan
Psychosocial outcomes in later life: a multivariate model.SeniorsJaccard, James, Frazier, Leslie D., Newman, Frederick L.
Reduced negativity effect in older adults' memory for emotional pictures: the heterogeneity-homogeneity list paradigm.SeniorsBaltes, Paul B., Scheibe, Susanne, Gruhn, Daniel
Regret intensity, diurnal cortisol secretion, and physical health in older individuals: Evidence for directional effects and protective factors.SeniorsWrosch, Carsten, Miller, Gregory E., Bauer, Isabelle, Lupien, Sonia
Six-year change in affect optimization and affect complexity across the adult life span: a further examination.SeniorsLabouvie-Vief, Gisela, Diehl, Manfred, Fang Zhang, Jain, Elizabeth
Social exchanges and subjective well-being among older Chinese: Does age make a difference?SeniorsLiang, Jersey, Li, Lydia W.
Success and failure at dual-task coordination by younger and older adults.SeniorsHartley, Alan A., Maquestiaux, Francois
Task control and cognitive abilities of self and spouse in collaboration in middle-aged and older couples.SeniorsSmith, Timothy W., Uchino, Bert N., Florsheim, Paul, Berg, Cynthia A., Pearce, Gale, Ko, Kelly J., Henry, Nancy J.M., Skinner, Michelle A., Beveridge, Ryan M., Glazer, Kelly, Story, Nathan
Testing models of the structure and development of future time perspective: Maintaining a focus on opportunities in middle age.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsJohn, Oliver P., Cate, Rebecca A.
The aging decision maker: cognitive aging and the adaptive selection of decision strategies.SeniorsMata, Rui, Schooler, Lael J., Rieskamp, Jorg
The associative memory deficit of older adults: The role of strategy utilization.(evidence-based psychological treatments for older adults)SeniorsNaveh-Benjamin, Moshe, Brav, Tamar Keshet, Levy, Oded
The benefits and costs of repeated memory tests for young and older adults.SeniorsHenkel, Linda A.
The effects of emotional content on reality-monitoring performance in young and older adults.SeniorsSchacter, Daniel L., Kensinger, Elizabeth A., Garoff-Eaton, Rachel J., O'Brien, Jacqueline L., Swanberg, Kelley
The role of processing resources in age-related prospective and retrospective memory within old age.SeniorsHofer, Scott M., Zeintl, Melanie, Kliegel, Matthias
Utility of telephone assessments in an older adult population.SeniorsRhoades, Howard M., Novy, Diane M., Stanley, Melinda A., Kunik, Mark E., Senior, Ashley C., Wilson, Nancy L.
Visual function and cognitive aging: Differential role of contrast sensitivity in verbal versus spatial tasks.SeniorsGlass, Jennifer M.
Why a superman cannot help a tsunami: activation of grammatical class influences resolution of young and older adults' tip-of-the-tongue states.SeniorsAbrams, Lise, Trunk, Dunja L., Merrill, Lisa A.
Why older adults make more immediate treatment decisions about cancer than younger adults.SeniorsMeyer, Bonnie J.F., Talbot, Andrew P., Ranalli, Carlee
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