Psychology and Aging 2005 - Abstracts

Psychology and Aging 2005
Adult age differences in distinctive processing: The modality effect on false recall.SeniorsBayen, Ute J., Smith, Rebekah E., Lozito, Jeffrey P.
Adult age differences in the implicit and explicit components of top-down attentional guidance during visual speech.SeniorsMadden, David J., Whiting, Wythe L., Spaniol, Julia, Bucur, Barbara
A dynamic investigation of cognitive dedifferentiation with control for retest: Evidence from the Swiss interdisciplinary longitudinal study on the oldest old.SeniorsGhisletta, Paola, de Ribaupierre, Anik
Age, ability, and the role of prior knowledge on the acquisition of new domain knowledge: Promising results in a real-world learning environment.SeniorsAckerman, Phillip L., Beier, Margaret E.
Age and experience influences on the complexity of social inferences.SeniorsHess, Thomas M., Osowski, Nicole L., Leclerc, Christina M.
Age and regulatory focus determine preferences for health-related role models.SeniorsLockwood, Penelope, Chasteen, Alison L., Wong, Carol
Age differences in emotional reactivity: The sample case of sadness.SeniorsKunzmann, Ute, Gruhn, Daniel
Age differences in everyday problem-solving and decision-making effectiveness: A meta-analytic review.SeniorsThornton, Wendy J.L., Dumke, Heike A.
Age differences in exposure and reactions to interpersonal tensions: A daily dairy study.SeniorsFingerman, Karen L., Birditt, Kira S., Almeida, David M.
Age-related differences in the processing of redundant visual dimensions.SeniorsMadden, David J., Bucur, Barbara, Allen, Phillip A.
Aging and cardiovascular reactivity to stress: Longitudinal evidence for changes in stress reactivity.SeniorsUchino, Bert N., Holt-Lunstad, Julianne, Bloor, Lindsey E., Campo, Rebecca A.
Aging and conditional probability judgments: A global matching approach.SeniorsBayen, Ute J., Spaniol, Julia
Aging Holocaust survivors' well-being and adjustment: Associations with ambivalence over emotional expression.SeniorsBen-Zur, Hasida, Zimmerman, Meirav
Aging, inhibition, and social inappropriateness.SeniorsHippel, William von, Dunlop, Sally M.
Aging, source memory, and emotion.SeniorsMay, Cynthia P., Rahhal, Tamara, Berry, Evan M., Leighton, Elizabeth A.
Behavioral inhibition and amplification during emotional arousal: a comparison of two age groups.SeniorsKunzmann, Ute, Levenson, Robert W., Kupperbusch, Cenita S.
Cardiovascular intraindividual variability in later life: The influence of social connectedness and positive emotions.SeniorsAllaire, Jason C., Ong, Anthony D.
Changes in social support as mediators of the impact of a psychosocial intervention for spouse caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease.SeniorsRoth, David L., Haley, William E., Clay, Olivio J., Madan, Alok, Mittelman, Mary S.
Cognitive ability, expertise and age differences in following air-traffic control instructions.SeniorsYesavage, Jerome A., Taylor, Joy L., O'Hara, Ruth, Mumenthaler, Martin S., Rosen, Allyson C.
Cognitive performance inconsistency: Intraindividual change and variability.SeniorsNesselroade, John R., Ram, Nilam, Rabbitt, Patrick, Stollery, Brian
Context processing and context maintenance in healthy aging and early stage dementia of the Alzheimer's type.SeniorsBraver, Todd S., Satpute, Ajay B., Rush, Beth K., Raacine, Caroline A., Barch, Deanna M.
Cross-sectional age differences in personality among Medicare patients aged 65 to 100.SeniorsKaruza, Jurgis, Friedman, Bruce, Costa, Paul T., Jr., McCrae, Robert R., Duberstein, Paul R., Weiss, Alexander
Differential age effects on attention-based inhibition: Inhibitory tagging and inhibition of return.SeniorsLangley, Linda K., Vivas, Ana B., Fuentes, Luis J., Bagne, Angela G.
Divergent trajectories in the aging mind: Changes in working memory for affective versus visual information with age.SeniorsCarstensen, Laura L., Mikels, Joseph A., Reuter-Lorenz, Patricia A.
Effects of age on symptoms of anxiety and depression in a sample of retired police officers.SeniorsTuohy, Alan, Knussen, Christina, Wrennall, Michael J.
Environmental topography and postural control demands shape aging-associated decrements in spatial navigation performance.SeniorsLindenberger, Ulman, Lovden, Martin, Grossman-Hutter, Barbara, Kruger, Antonio, Schellenbach,Michael
Estimating age change in list recall in Asset and Health Dynamics of Oldest-Old: The effects of attrition bias and missing data treatment.SeniorsZelinski, Elizabeth M., Kennison, Robert F.
Exploring age differences in the stress-buffering function of social support.SeniorsKrause, Neal
Goal-directed memory: The role of cognitive control in older adults' emotional mercury.SeniorsMather, Mara, Knight, Marisa
Hierarchical linear modeling analyses of the NEO-PI-R scales in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging.SeniorsMcCrae, Robert R., Brant, Larry J., Terracciano, Atonio, Costa, Paul T., Jr
Intraindividual variability may not always indicate vulnerability in Elders' cognitive performance.SeniorsAllaire, Jason C., Marsiske, Michael
Introduction to the special section on emotion-cognition interactions and the aging mind.SeniorsBlanchard-Fields, Fredda
Is there anything special about the aging of source memory?SeniorsSalthouse, Timothy A., Siedlecki, Karen L., Berish, Diane E.
Memory and goal setting: The response of older and younger adults to positive and objective feedback.SeniorsWest, Robin L., Bagwell, Dana K., Dark-Freudeman, Alissa
Memory for contextual details: Effects of emotion and aging.SeniorsKensinger, Elizabeth A., Piguet, Olivier, Krendl, Anne C.
Memory for grocery prices in younger and older adults: The role of schematic support.SeniorsCastel, Alan D.
Multivariate modeling of age and reset in longitudinal studies of cognitive abilities.SeniorsMcArdle, John J., Stewart, Walter F., Schwartz, Brian S., Ferrer, Emilio, Salthhouse, Timothy A.
No aging bias favoring memory for positive material: Evidence from a heterogeneity-homogeneity list paradigm using emotionally toned words.SeniorsBaltes, Paul B., Smith, Jacqui, Gruhn, Daniel
Older adults as adaptive decision makers: Evidence from the Iowa gambling task.SeniorsWood, Stacey, Busemeyer, Jerome, Koling, Andreas, Cox, Cathy R., Davis, Hasker
Perceptions of and satisfaction with retirement: A comparison of six European Union countries.SeniorsFernandez, Anne, Fouquereau, Evelyne, Paul, Maria Conatanca, Fonesca, Antonio Manuel, Uotinen, Virpi
Physical activity and psychological well-being in advanced age: A meta-analysis of intervention studies.SeniorsBecker, Betsy Jane, Tenenbaum, Gershon, Netz, Yael, Meng-Jia Wu
Physical activity-related well-being in older adults: Social cognitive influences.SeniorsMcAuley, Edward, Elavsky, Steriani, Jerome, Gerald J., Konopack, James F., Marquez, David X.
Possible selves of individuals with Alzheimer's disease.SeniorsCotrell, Victoria, Hooker, Karen
Psychophysiological mediators of caregiver stress and differential cognitive decline.SeniorsVitaliano, Peter P., Echeverria, Diana, Yi, Joyce, Phillips, Paul E.M., Young, Heather, Seigler, Ilene C.
Regret and quality of life across the adult life span: The influence of disengagement and available future goals.SeniorsWrosch, Carsten, Scheier, Michael F., Bauer, Isabelle
Search, enumeration, and aging: Eye movement requirements cause age-equivalent performance in enumeration but not in search tasks.SeniorsMaylor, Elizabeth A., Watson, Derrick G., Bruce, Lucy A.M.
Social participation attenuates decline in perceptual speed in old and very old age.SeniorsLindenberger, Ulman, Lovden, Martin, Ghisletta, Paolo
Speech comprehension difficulties in older adults: Cognitive slowing or age-related changes in hearing?SeniorsDaneman, Meredyth, Murphy, Dana R., Schneider, Bruce A.
Stability, growth, and decline in adult life span development of declarative memory: Cross-sectional and longitutional data from a population-based study.SeniorsBackman, Lars, Nyberg, Lars, Ronnland, Michael, Nilson, Lars-Goran
Studying individual aging in an inter-individual context: Typical paths of age-related, dementia-related and mortality-related cognitive development in old age.SeniorsLindenberger, Ulman, Nilsson, Lars-Goran, Lovden, Martin, Bergman, Lars, Adoldsson, Rolf
Symptoms of depression in older home-care patients: Patient and informant reports.SeniorsBruce, Martha L., Brown, Ellen L., Raue, Patrick J., McAvary, Gail J.
Task complexity and older adults' decision-making competence.SeniorsSlovic, Paul, Finucane, Melissa L., Mertz, C.K., Schmidt, Elizabeth Scholze
The differential effects of mood on age differences in corresponding bias.SeniorsBlanchard-Fields, Fredda, Mienaltowski, Andrew
The effect of old age on learning of supraspan sequences.SeniorsTurcotte, Josee, Gagnon, Sylvain, Poirier, Marie
The implications of cortical recruitment and brain morphology for individual differences in inhibitory function in aging humans.SeniorsKramer, Arthur F., Colcombe, Stan J., Scalf, Paige, Erickson, Kirk I.
The longitudinal effects of early behavior problems in the dementia caregiving career.SeniorsKane, Robert L., Newcomer, Robert, Gaugler, Joseph E., Kane, Rosalie A.
The relation between source memory and episodic memory: comment on Siedlecki et al. (2005).SeniorsJohnson, Maria K.
The role of visual attention in predicting driving impairment in older adults.SeniorsAtchley, Paul, McDowd, Joan M., Hoffman, Lesa, Dubinsky, Richard
Training effects on dual-task performance: Are there age-related differences in plasticity of attention control?SeniorsBherer, Louis, Peterson, Matthew S., Kramer, Andrew F., Colcombe, Stanley, Erickson, Kirk, Becic, Ensar
Transitions in caregivers' use of paid home help: Associations with stress appraisals and well-being.SeniorsTownsend, Aloen L., Twisk, Jos W.R., Zarit, Steven H., Pot, Anne Margriet
Treatment of depression in low-income older adults.SeniorsArean, Patricia A., McCulloch, Charles E., Thompson, Larry, Gallagher-Thompson, Dolores, Bostrom, Alan, Gum, Amber
Viewing injustice: Greater emotion heterogeneity with age.SeniorsCharles, Susan Turk
Vulnerability of older adults to deception in prison and nonprison contexts.SeniorsBond, Gary D., Thompson, Laura A., Malloy, Daniel M.
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