Psychology and Aging 2003 - Abstracts

Psychology and Aging 2003
Accounting for changes in social support among married older adults: insights from the MacArthur studies of successful aging.SeniorsSeeman, Teresa E., Gurun, Regan A.R., Taylor, Shelley E.
A diffusion model analysis of the effects of aging on letter discrimination.SeniorsRatcliff, Roger, McKoon, Gail, Thapar, Anjali
Adult age differences in multiple cognitive functions: differentiations, dedifferentiation, or process-specific change?.SeniorsZelinski, Elizabeht M., Lewis, Kayan L.
Adult age differences in temporal and item memory.SeniorsHartman, Marilyn, Dumas, Julie A.
Age and emotional experience during mutual reminiscing.SeniorsPasupathi, Monisha, Cartensen, Laura L.
Age and motives for volunteering: testing Hypotheses derived from socioemotional selectivity theory.SeniorsOkun, Morris A., Schultz, Amy
Age-based structural dynamics between perceptual speed and knowledge in the Berlin aging study: direct evidence for ability dedifferentation in old age.SeniorsLindenberger, Ulman, Ghisletta, Paolo
Age differences in implicit memory: conceptual, perceptual, or methodological?.SeniorsMitchell, David B., Bruss, Peter J.
Age-Related changes in selective attention and perceptual load during visual search.SeniorsMadden, David J., Langley, Linda K.
Age-related patterns of variability in self-descriptions: implications for everyday affective experience.SeniorsPasupathi, Monisha, Charles, Susan Turk
Age, skill, and contexual cuing in target detection.SeniorsHoyer, William J., Ingolfsdottir, Dora
Aging and dual-task performance: a meta-analysis.SeniorsVerhaeghen, Paul, Cerella, John, Steitz, David W., Sliwinksi, Martin J.
Aging and functional spatial relations in comprehension and memory.SeniorsRadvansky, Gabriel A., Zwaan, Rolf A., Copeland, David E.
Aging and maintaining intentions over delays: do it or lose it.SeniorsEinstein, Gilles O., McDaniel, Mark A., Morgan, Zack, Stout, Amy C.
Aging and repetition effects: separate specific and nonspecific influences.SeniorsMilliken, Bruce, Marczinski, Cecil A., Nelson, Sarah
Aging and vocabulary scores: a meta-analysis.SeniorsVerhaeghen, Paul
Aging, memoryload, and resource allocation during reading.SeniorsSmiler, Andrew P., Gagne, Danielle D, A.L , Elizabeth
A latent growth curve analysis of late-life sensory and cognitive function over 8 years: evidence for specific and common factors underlying change.SeniorsLuszcz, Mary A., Anstey, Kaarin J., Hofer, Scott M.
A methodology for describing and decomposing complex psychosocial and behavioral interventions.SeniorsCzaja, Sara J., Schulz, Richard, Belle, Steven H., Lee, Chin Chin
Assessing psychological change in adulthood: an overview of methodological issues.SeniorsHertzog, Christopher, Nesselroade, John R.
Assessing the age-related effects of proactive inference on working memory tasks using the Rasch model.SeniorsSalthouse, Timothy A., Bowles, Ryan P.
Beyond keeping active: concomitants of being a volunteer in old-old age.SeniorsBlumstein, Tzvia, Modan, Baruch, Shmotkin, Dov
Breaking the waves: age differences in electrical brain activity when reading text with distractors.SeniorsPhillips, Natalie A., Lesperance, Dayle
Cerebral white matter abnormalities and lifetime cognitive change: a 67-year follow-up of the Scottish Mental Survey of 1932.SeniorsDeary, Ian J., Leaper, Steven A., Murray, Alison D., Staff, Roger T., Whalley, Lawrence J.
Changes in functional status among older adults in Japan: successful and usual aging .SeniorsShaw, Benjamin A., Liang, Jersey, Krause, Neal M., Bennett, Joan M., Sugisawa, Hidehiro, Kobayashi, Erika, Fukaya, Taro, Sugihara, Yoko
Conscious and unconscious lexical retrieval blocking in younger and older adults.SeniorsBalota, David A., Logan, Jessica M.
Coping with deficits and losses in later life: from compensatory action to accommodation.SeniorsRothermund, Klaus, Brandtstadter, Jochen
Correlated and coupled cognitive change in older adults with and without preclinical dementia.SeniorsHall, Charles, Hofer, Scott M., Sliwinski, Martin J.
Depression in later life: cross-sequential patterns and possible determinants.SeniorsRothermund, Klaus, Brandtstadter, Jochen
Difference between caregivers and noncaregivers in psychological health and physical health: a meta-analysis.SeniorsPinquart, Martin, Sorensen, Silvia
DSM-IV criteria for generalized anxiety disorder in older adults: distinguishing the worried from the well.SeniorsGatz, Margaret, Wetherell, Julie Loebach, Le Roux, Hillary
Effect of multicomponent interventions on caregiver burden and depression: the REACH multisite initiative at 6-month follow-up.SeniorsBurns, Robert, Czaja, Sara J., Belle, Steven H., Hauck, Walter W., Mahoney, Diane, Gitlin, Laura N., Burio, Louis D, Gallagher-Thompson, Dolores
Effects of pain on functioning and well-being in older adults with osteoarthritis of the knee.SeniorsBookwala, Jamila, Harralson, Tina L., Parmelee, Patricia
Emotional congruence in older couples coping with wives' osteoarthritis: exacerbating effects of pain behavior.SeniorsDruley, Jennifer A., Stephens, Mary Ann Parris, Wojno, William C., Ennis, Ncole
Enmeshed lives: adult children with developmental disabilities and their aging mothers.SeniorsPruchno, Rachel A.
Environmental support promotes expertise-based mitigation of age difference on pilot communication tasks.SeniorsMorrow, Daniel G., Menard, William E., Teller, Thomas, Bryant, David, Ridolfo,Heather E., Sanborn, Adam, Stine-Morrow, Elizabeth A.L, Magnor, Cliff, Herman, Larry
Evaluating the interdependence of aging-related changes in visual and auditory acuity, balance and cognitive functioning.SeniorsBerg, Stig, Hofer, Scott M., Era, Pertti
Examining the locus of age effects on complex span tasks.SeniorsHartman, Marilyn, McCabe, Jennifer
Interference effects from divided attention during retrieval in younger and older adults.SeniorsMoscovitch, Morris, Fernandes, Myra
Latent change models of adult cognition: are changes in processing speed and working memory associated with changes in episodic memory?.SeniorsHertzog, Christopher, Hultsch, David F., MacDonald, Stuart W.S., Dixon, Roger A.
Longitudinal hierarchical linear models of the memory functioning questionnaire.SeniorsZelinski, Elizabeth M., Lane, Christianne J.
Looking back and looking ahead: adult age differences in consistency of diachronous ratings of subjective well-being.SeniorsStaudinger, Ursula M., Bluck, Susan, Herzberg, P. Yorck
Memory performance and beliefs as a function of goal setting and aging.SeniorsWest, Robin L., Thorn, Roxanne M., Bagwell, Dana K.
Modeling memory decline in older adults: the importance of preclinical dementia, attrition, and chronological age.SeniorsLipton, Richard B., Buschke, Herman, Hall, Charles, Hofer, Scott M., Sliwinski, Martin J.
Neural correlates of age-related declines in the formation and realization of delayed intentions.SeniorsWest, Robert, Herndon, Ryan W., Covell, Ed
Neuroticism and depressive symptoms among spouse caregivers: do health behaviors mediate this relationship?.SeniorsGallant, Mary P., Connell, Cathleen M.
Perceived self-efficacy domains as predictors of fear of the unknown and fear of dying among older adults.SeniorsFry, P.S.
Perceived self-efficiency and everday problem solving among young and older adults.SeniorsArtistico, Daniele, Cervone, Daniel, Pezzuti, Lina
Perceptions and implications of received spousal care: evidence from the caregiver health effects study.SeniorsMartire, Lynn M., Schulz, Richard, Wrosch, Carsten, Newsom, Jason T.
Performance variability is related to change in cognition: evidence from the Victoria longitudinal study.SeniorsHultsch, David F., MacDonald, Stuart W.S.
Personality is associated with perceived health and functional status in older primary care patients.SeniorsConwell, Yeates, Lyness, Jeffrey M., Sorensen, Silvia, Duberstein, Paul R., King, Deborah A., Seidlitz, Larry and Cain
Plasticity of memory for new learning in very old age: a story of major loss? .SeniorsSinger, Tania, Lindeneberger, Ulman, Baltes, Paul
Predicting individual change in support over time among chronically impaired older adults.SeniorsReinhardt, Joann P., Boerner, Kathrin, Benn, Dolores, Gordon, Arlene R.
Psychometric analysis of the Revised Memory and Behavior Problems Checklist: factor structure of occurrence and reaction ratings.SeniorsBurns, Robert, Belle, Steven H., Roth, David L., Burgio, Louis D., Gitlin, Laura N., Coon, David W., Thompson, Dolores Gallagher, Stevens, Alan B.
Religiousness, spirituality, and psychosocial functioning in late adulthood: findings from a longitudinal study.SeniorsWink, Paul, Dillon, Michele
Rising verbal intelligence scores: implications for research and clinical practice.SeniorsUttl, Bob, Van Alstine, Cory L.
Selective adult age differences in an age-invariant multifactor model of declarative memory.SeniorsBackman, Lars, Wahlin, Ake, Nyberg, Lars, Ronnlund, Michael, Dixon, Roger A, Maitland, Scott B., Nilsson, Lars-Goran
Sounds, Words, Sentences: age-related changes across levels of language processing.SeniorsFedermeier, Kara D., Petten, Cyma Van, Schwartz, Tanya J., Kutas, Marta
Subitizing speed, subitizing range, counting speed, the stroop effect, and aging: capacityu differences and speed equivalence.SeniorsVerhaeghen, Paul, Basak, Chandramallika
Termonal decline and cognitive performance in very old age: does cause of death matter?SeniorsFratiglioni, Laura, Backman, Lars, Small, Brent J., Strauss, Eva von
The costs of doing two things at once for young and older adults: talking while walking, finger tapping, and ignoring speech or noise.SeniorsKemper, Susan, Herman, Ruth E., Lian, Cindy H.T.
The effects of age and dementia of the Alzheimer's type on phonological false memories.SeniorsSommers, Mitchell S., Huff, Lisa M.
The effects of aging and divided attention on memory for item and associative information.SeniorsCastel, Alan D., Craik, Fergus I. M.
The fate of cognition in very old age: six-year longitudinal findings in the Berlin aging study (BASE).SeniorsVerhaeghen, Paul, Singer, Tania
The onset of dementia caregiving and its longitudinal implications.SeniorsGaugler, Joseph E., Pearlin, Leonard I., Zarit, Steven H.
The relative importance of three domains of positive and negative social exchanges: a longitudinal model with comparable measures.SeniorsMorgan, David L., Newsom, Jason T., Nishishiba, Masami, Rook, Karen S.
The Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregiver Health (REACH): project design and baseline characteristics.SeniorsBurns, Robert, Schulz, Richard, Ory, Marcia G., Burgio, Louis D., Wisniewski, Stephen R., Blee, Steven H., Coon, David W., Marcus, Susan M.
The Revised Memory and Behavior Problems Checklist - Nursing Home: instrument development and measurement of burden among certified nursing.SeniorsRoth, David L., Teri, Linda, Allen, Rebecca S., Burgio, Louis D., Gerstle, John, Bourgeois, Michelle S., Dijkstra, Katinka, Ragsdale, Rachael
The role of self-enhancing evaluations in a successful life transition.SeniorsEssex, Marilyn J., Ryff, Carol D., Kwan, Christine Man Lai, Love, Gayle Dienberg
The roles of fatalism, self-confidence, and intellectual resources in the disablement process in older adults.SeniorsSchooler, Carmi, Caplan, Leslie J.
Training monitoring skills improves older adults' self-paced associative learning.SeniorsDunlosky, John, Hertzog, Christopher, Kubat-Silman, Alycia k.
Understanding unfamiliar words in young, young-old, and old-old adults: inferential processing and the abstraction-deficit hypothesis.SeniorsMcGinnis, Debra, Zelinski, Elizabeth M.
Using a new taxonomy to combine the uncombinable: integrating results across diverse interventions.SeniorsCzaja, Sara J., Schulz, Richard, Belle, Steven H., Jones, Richard, Burgio, Louis D., Zhang, Song, Gitlin, Laura N.
WAIS-R factor structure in Alzheimer's disease patients: a comparison of alternative models and an assessment of their generalizability.SeniorsDoody, Rachelle S., Davis, Robert N., Massman, Paul J.
What needs to be explained to account for age-related effects on multiple congnitive variables?SeniorsSalthouse, Timothy A., Ferrer-Caja, Emilio
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