Psychology and Aging 2001 - Abstracts

Psychology and Aging 2001
Accounting for age differences on the Wisconsin Card sorting Test: decreased working memory, not inflexibility.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsHartman, Marilyn, Bolton, Elisa, Fehnel, Sheri E.
Age differences in coping and locus of control: a study of managerial stress in Hong Kong.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsSpector, Paul E., Cooper, Cary L., Oi-ling Siu, Donald, Ian
Age differences in dual-task interference are localized to response-generation processes.SeniorsHartley, Alan A.
Age differences in prefontal cortical activity in working memory.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsGabrieli, John D.E., Rypma, Bart, Prabhakaran, Vivek, Desmond, John E.
Age differences in social preferences among Taiwanese and Mainland China: the role of perceived time.SeniorsFung, Helene H., Lai, Phillina, Ng, Rita
Age differences in the selection of mental sets: the role of inhibition, stimulus ambiguity, and response-set overlap.SeniorsMayr, Ulrich
Age-related differences in object- and location-based inhibition of return of attention.SeniorsMcCrae, Christina S., Abrams, Richard A.
Age-specific problems in rhythmic timing.SeniorsKliegl, Reinhold, Krampe, Ralf Th., Engbert, Ralph
Age, working memory, and on-line syntactic processing in sentence comprehension.SeniorsCaplan, David, Waters, Gloria S.
Aging and interference in verbal working memory.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsHedden, Trey, Park, Denise
Aging and social expertise: the impact of trait-diagnostic information on impressions of others.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsHess, Thomas M., Auman, Corinne
Ain't misbehavin': the effects of age and intentionality on judgements about misconduct.SeniorsErber, Joan T., Szuchman, Lenore T., Prager, Irene G.
A longitudinal analysis of anxiety and depressive symptoms.SeniorsPedersen, Nancy L., Wetherell, Julie Loebach, Gatz, Nancy
A longitudinal study of gender differences in depressive symptoms from age 50 to 80.SeniorsBarefoot, John C., Mortensen, Erik Lykke, Helms, Michael J., Avlund, Kirsten, Schroll, Marianne
An event-related potential evaluation of involuntary attentional shifts in young and older adults.SeniorsFriedman, David, Gaeta, Helen, Ritter, Walter, Cheng, Jeff
Attempted decomposition of age-related influences on two tests of reasoning.SeniorsSalthouse, Timothy A.
Beyond a stereotyped view of older adults' traditional family values.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsHertzog, Christopher, Blanchard-Fields, Fredda, Stein, Renee, Pak, Richard
Binocular detection of masked patterns in young and old observers.SeniorsSperanza, Filippo, Schneider, Bruce A., Moraglia, Giampaolo
Cognitive skill acquisition and transfer in younger and older adults.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsHoyer, William J., Touron, Dayna R., Cerella, John
Correlates of subjective health in older adults: a meta-analysis.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsPinquart, Martin
Current-events knowledge in adults: an investigation of age, intelligence, and nonability determinants.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsAckerman, Phillip L., Beier, Margaret E.
Demographic, health, cognitive, and sensory variables as predictors of mortality in very old adults.SeniorsLuszcz, Mary A., Anstey, Kaarin J., Giles, Lynne C., Andrews, Gary R.
Developmental regulation and after a developmental deadline: the sample case of "biological clock" for childbearing.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsWrosch, Carsten, Heckhausen, Jutta, Fleeson, William
Effects of goal-setting and feedback on memory performance and beliefs among older and younger adults.SeniorsWest, Robin L., Welsch, Duana C., Thorn, Roxanne M.
Event-related brain potential evidence of spared knowledge in Alzheimer's disease.SeniorsFord, Judith M., Askari, Nusha, Gabrieli, John D.E., Mathalon, Daniel H., Tinklenberg, Jared R., Menon, Vinod, Yesavage, Jerome
Examining age differences in performance of a complex information search and retrieval task.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsCzaja, Sara J., Sharit, Joseph, Roth, David L., Ownby, Raymond, Nair, Sankaran
Expertise and age-related changes in components of intelligence.SeniorsMasunaga, Hiromi, Horn, John
How shared are age-related influences on cognitive and noncognitive variables?(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsAllen, Philip A., Hall, Rosalie E., Druley, Jennifer A., Smith, Albert F., Sanders, Raymong E., Murphy, Martin D.
Influence of stimulus repetition on negative priming.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsKramer, Arthur F., Strayer, David L.
Influences on the efficiency of prospective memory in younger and older adults.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsCraik, Fergus I.M., West, Robert
Instructional manipulations and age differences in memory: now you see them, now you don't.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsHasher, Lynn, Rahhal, Tamara A., Colcombe, Stanley J.
Language decline across the life span: findings from the nun study.SeniorsKemper, Susan, Greiner, Lydia H., Marquis, Janet G., Prenovost, Katherine, Mitzner, Tracy L.
Latent growth models of the longitudinal effects of dementia caregiving: a comparison of african american and white family caregivers.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsRoth, David L., Haley, William E., Owen, Jason E., Clay, Olivio J., Goode, Kathryn T.
Longitudinal change in language production: effects of aging and dementia on grammatical complexity and propositional content.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsKemper, Susan, Thompson, Marilyn, Marquis, Janet
Longitudinal findings from the normative aging study: personally, individual health trajectories, and mortality, III.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsAldwin, Carolyn M., Spiro, Avron III., Levenson, Michael R., Cupertino, Paula
Motivation and representational processes in adulthood: the effects of social accountability and information relevance.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsHess, Thomas M., Rosenberg, Daniel C., Waters, Sandra J.
Optimism, pessimism, and positive and negative affectivity in middle-aged adults: a test of a cognitive-affective model of psychological adjustment.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsChang, Edward C., Sanna, Lawrence J.
Patterns of resource allocation are reliable among younger and older readers.SeniorsStine-Morrow, Elizabeth A.L., Milinder, Le'Ann, Pullara, Olivier, Herman, Barbara
Perceptions of an old female eyewitness: is the older eyewitness believable?SeniorsSee, Sheree T. Kwong, Hoffman, Hunter G., Wood, Tammy L.
Planning for the future: a life management strategy for increasing control and life satisfaction in adulthood.SeniorsLachman, Margie E., Prenda, Kimberley M.
Primary versus secondary insomnia in older adults: subjective sleep and daytime functioning.SeniorsLichstein, Kenneth L., Durrence, H. Heith, Riedel, Brant W., Bayen, Ute J.
Relationship quality and potentially harmful behaviors by spousal caregivers: how we were then, how we are now.SeniorsWilliamson, Gail M., Shaffer, David R., The Family Relationships in Late Life Project
Self-concept differentiation across the adult life span.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsDiehl, Manfred, Hastings, Catherine T., Stanton, James M.
Situation models and aging.SeniorsRadvansky, Gabriel A., Zwaan, Rolf A., Curiel, Jacqueline M., Copeland, David E.
Social exchange and well-being: is giving better than receiving?(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsLiang, Jersey, Krause, Neal M., Bennett, Joan M.
Social perceptions of failures in memory monitoring.SeniorsRyan, Ellen Bouchard, Bieman-Copland, Sherrie
The "common cause hypothesis" of cognitive aging: evidence for not only a common factor but also specific associations of age with vision and grip strength in a cross-sectional analysis.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsChristensen, Helen, Mackinnon, Andrew J., Korten, Ailsa, Jorm, Anthony F.
The effects of aging on reaction time in a signal detection task.SeniorsRatcliff, Roger, McKoon, Gail, Thapar, Anjali
The heritability of cognitive functioning in very old adults: evidence from Danish twins aged 75 years and older.SeniorsMcGue, Matt, Christensen, Kaare
The influence of expertise and task factors on age differences in pilot communication.SeniorsMorrow, Daniel G., Menard, William E., Stine-Morrow, Elizabeth A.L., Teller, Thomas, Bryant, David
The reciprocal effects of leisure time activities and intellectual functioning in older people: a longitudinal analysis.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsSchooler, Carmi, Mulatu, Mesfin Samuel
The strong connection between sensory and cognitive performance in old age: not due to sensory acuity reductions operating during cognitive assessment.SeniorsLindenberger, Ulman, Baltes, Paul B., Scherer, Hans
The structure of verbal abilities in young and older adults.SeniorsKemper, Susan, Sumner, Aaron
Widowhood and illness: a comparison of social network characteristics in France, Germany, Japan, and the United States.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsDartigues, Jean-Francois, Smith, Jacqui, Lansford, Jennifer E., Antonucci, Toni C., Schaberg, Lynne, Baltes, Margret, Akiyama, Hiroko, Takahashi, Keiko, Fuhrer, Rebecca
Word-processing training and retraining: effects of adult age, experience, and interface.SeniorsCharness, Neil, Kelly, Catherine L., Bosman, Elizabeth A., Mottram, Melvin
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