Psychology and Aging 1997 - Abstracts

Psychology and Aging 1997
A comparison of the factor structure of processing speed for younger and older adults: testing the assumption of measurement equivalent across age groups.SeniorsRoesch, Scott C., Babcock, Renee L., Laguna, Kerrie D.
Adult age differences in controlled and automatic memory processing.SeniorsKnight, Robert G., Titov, Nickolai
Age differences in implicit learning of higher order dependencies in serial patterns.SeniorsHoward, Darlene V., Howard, James H., Jr.
Age differences in stages of attributional processing.SeniorsChen, Yiwei, Blanchard-Fields, Fredda
Age differences in visual search for feature, conjunction and tripple-conjunction targets.SeniorsKramer, Arthur F., Humphrey, Darryl G.
Age-related differences in absolute but not relative metamemory accuracy.SeniorsDunlosky, John, Hertzog, Christopher, Connor, Lisa Tabor
Age-related differences in an ecologically based study of route learning.SeniorsManning, Carol A., Wilkniss, Sandra M., Jones, Meribeth G., Korol, Donna L., Gold, Paul E.
Age-related equivalence of identity suppression in the Stroop color-word task.SeniorsHartley, Alan A., Kieley, James M.
Aging and counting speed: evidence for process-specific slowing.SeniorsSliwinski, Martin
Aging and prospective memory: the influence of increased task demands at encoding and retrieval.SeniorsEinstein, Gilles O., McDaniel, Mark A., Smith, Rebekah E., Shaw, Pat
Aging or disease: cardiovascular reactivity in Finnish men over the middle years.SeniorsJennings, J. Richard, Salonen, Jukka T., Karmack, Thomas, Manuck, Stephen, Everson, Susan A., Kaplan, George
An opposition procedure for detecting age-related deficits in recollection: telling effects of repetition.SeniorsJacoby, Larry L., Jennings, Janine M.
Are backward words special for older adults?SeniorsWeir, Catherine, Barber, Tracy, Bruun, Christine
A systemic-wholistic view of psychological functioning in very old age: introduction to a collection of articles from the Berlin Aging Study.SeniorsBaltes, Paul B., Smith, Jacqui
Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) as a screening instrument for depression among community-residing older adults.SeniorsSeeley, John R., Lewinsohn, Peter M., Roberts, Robert E., Allen, Nicholas B.
Cognitive correlates of mortality: evidence from a population-based sample of very old adults.SeniorsBackman, Lars, Small, Brent J.
Continued inhibitory capacity throughout adulthood: conceptual negative priming in younger and older adults.SeniorsSchooler, Carmi, Caplan, Leslie J., Neumann, Ewald, Roberts, Bruce R.
Coping strategies of people living in multigenerational households: effects on well-being.SeniorsPruchno, Rachel A., Burant, Christopher J., Peters, Norah D.
Differential age-related processing limitations in recall and recognition tasks.SeniorsSmith, Anderson D., Whiting, Wythe L.lV
Differential item functioning in the Mini-Mental State Examination in English- and Spanish-speaking older adults.SeniorsMungas, Dan, Marshall, Sarah C., Weldon, Minda, Reed, Bruce, Haan, Mary
Distinctive late-life challenges: implications for coping and well-being.(survey of caregivers and women undergoing residential relocation)SeniorsRyff, Carol D., Seltzer, Marsha Mailick, Kling, Kristen C.
Distribution of important and word-cued autobiographical memories in 20-, 35-, and 70-year-old adults.SeniorsRubin, David C., Schulkind, Matthew D.
Do performance strategies mediate age-related differences in associative learning?SeniorsRogers, Wendy A., Dilbert, D. Kristen
Effect of age on event-based and time-based prospective memory.SeniorsHertzog, Christopher, Park, Denise C., Kidder, Daniel P., Morrell, Roger W., Mayhorn, Christopher B.
Effects of familiarity of task and choice on the functional performance of younger and older adults.SeniorsDickerson, Anne E., Fisher, Anne G.
Effects of memory training on the subjective memory functioning and mental health of older adults: a meta-analysis.SeniorsScogin, Forrest, Floyd, Mark
Emergence of a powerful connection between sensory and cognitive functions across the adult life span: a new window to the study of cognitive aging?SeniorsLindenberger, Ulman, Baltes, Paul B.
Emotion and aging: experience, expression and control.SeniorsCarstensen, Laura L., Pasupathi, Monisha, Gross, James J., Skorpen, Carina Gotestam, Tsai, Jeanne, Hsu, Angie Y.C.
Everyday activity parameters and competence in older adults.SeniorsPushkar, Dolores, Arbuckle, Tannis, Maag, Urs, Chaikelson, June, Conway. Michael
Everyday activity patterns and sensory functioning in old age.SeniorsBaltes, Margret, Marsiske, Michael, Klumb, Petra
Everyday functioning and successful aging: the impact of resources.SeniorsBaltes, Margret M., Lang, Frieder R.
Everyday problem solving across the adult life span: influence of domain specificity and cognitive appraisal.SeniorsChen, Yiwei, Blanchard-Fields, Fredda, Norris, Lisa
Experienced and remembered emotional intensity in adults.SeniorsBluck, Susan, Levine, Linda J.
False recollection induced by photographs: a comparison of older and younger adults.SeniorsJohnson, Marcia K., Schacter, Daniel L., Koustaal, Wilma, Gross, Mara S., Angell, Kathryn E.
Intellectual functioning in old and very old age: cross-sectional results from the Berlin Aging study.SeniorsLindenberger, Ulman, Baltes, Paul B.
Interrelations of age, self-reported health, speed and memory.SeniorsSmith, Anderson D., Park, Denise C., Connor, Lisa Tabor, Earles, Julie L.K.
Intraindividual variability in perceived control in an older sample: the MacArthur successful aging studies.SeniorsRowe, John W., Nesselroade, John R., Featherman, David L., Eizenman, Dara R.
Learning and retention in preclinical and early Alzheimer's disease.SeniorsKawas, Claudia, Grober, Ellen
Loneliness and nursing home admission among rural older adults.SeniorsWallace, Robert B., Cutrona, Carolyn E., Mora, Arlene de la, Russel, Daniel W.
Mental illness in late life: socioeconomic conditions, psychiatric symptoms, and adjustment of long-term sufferers.SeniorsMeeks, Suzanne, Murrell, Stanley A.
More or less "me" in past, present, and future: perceived lifetime personality during adulthood.SeniorsHeckhausen, Jutta, Fleeson, William
Overcoming feelings of powerlessness in "aging" researchers: a primer on statistical power in analysis of variance designs.SeniorsLevin, Joel R.
Patterns of coping preferences for male and female caregivers of frail older adults.SeniorsDeVries, Helen M., Hamilton, David W., Lovett, Steven, Gallagher-Thomson, Dolores
Perceived continuity of self in very old age.SeniorsTroll, Lillian E., Skaff, Marilyn McKean
Perceived problems for self and others: self-protection by social downgrading throughout adulthood.SeniorsHeckhausen, Jutta, Brim, Orville Gilbert
Predicting episodic memory performance of very old men and women: contributions from age, depression, activity, cognitive ability, and speed.SeniorsBryan, Janet, Luszcz, Mary A., Kent, Patricia
Profiles of psychologcal functioning in the old and oldest old.SeniorsBaltes, Paul B., Smith, Jacqui
Psychosocial development and life experiences in adulthood: a 22-year sequential study.SeniorsManen, Karen-Jo Van, Whitbourne, Susan Krauss
Relationship of psychosocial and background variables to older adults' end-of-life decisions.SeniorsCicirelli, Victor G.
Sentence comprehension in Alzheimer's disease: effects of grammatical complexity, speech rate, and repetition.SeniorsKemper, Susan, Lyons, Kelly, Small, Jeff A.
Sequential and coordinative complexity in time-accuracy functions for mental arithmetic.SeniorsMayr, Ulrich, Kliegl, Reinhold, Verhaeghen, Paul
Sixteen-year longitudinal and time lag changes in memory and cognition in older adults.SeniorsZelinski, Elizabeth M., Burnight, Kerry P.
Social relations and depressive symptomatology in a sample of community-dwelling French older adults.SeniorsDartigues, Jean-Francois, Antonucci, Toni C., Fuhrer, Rebecca
Social self-efficacy and short-term variability in social relationship[s: the MacArthur successful aging studies.SeniorsNesselroade, John R., Featherman, David L., Lang, Frieder R.
Sources of priming in text re-reading: intact implicit memory for new associations in older adults and in patients with Alzheimer's disease.SeniorsWilson, Robert S., Beckett, Laurel A., Gabrieli, John D.E., Reminger, Sheryl L., Monti, Laura A., Grinnell, Eliza, Lange, Kelly L.
State-dependent learning in older and younger adults.SeniorsSchramke, Carol J., Bauer, Russell M.
Stereotyping of older adults: the role of target facial cues and perceiver characteristics.SeniorsGarstka, Teri A., Hummert, Mary Lee, Shaner, Jaye L.
Strength in the lower limbs, visual contrast sensitivity, and simple reaction time predict cognition in older women.SeniorsAnstey, Kaarin J., Lord, Stephen R., Williams, Philippa
Stress of parent care: positive and negative effects of women's other roles.(impact on caregivers of multiple caregiving and employment roles)SeniorsTownsend, Aloen L., Stephens, Mary Ann Parris
Structure and variation of mood in individuals with Parkinson's disease: a dynamic factor analysis.SeniorsNesselroade, John R., Hooker, Karen, Shifren, Kim, Wood, Phillip
Verbal knowledge and speed of information processing as mediators of age differences in verbal fluency performance among older adults.SeniorsBryan, Janet, Luszcz, Mary A., Crawford, J.R.
What do older good and poor sleepers do during periods of nocturnal wakefulness? The Sleep Behaviors Scale: 60+.SeniorsAmsel, Rhonda, Libman, Eva, Creti, Laura, Brender, William, Fichten, Catherine S.
Where two roles intersect: spillover between parent care and employment.SeniorsStephens, Mary Ann Parris, Franks, Melissa M., Atienza, Audie A.
Younger and older adults' on-line processing of syntactically ambiguous sentences.SeniorsKemper, Susan, Kemtes, Karen A.
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