Psychology and Aging 1996 - Abstracts

Psychology and Aging 1996
Acquisition of prototype-based information about social groups in adulthood.SeniorsHess, Thomas M., Pullen, Sharon M., McGee, Karen A.
Adaptation to community relocation: the interactive influence of psychological resources and contextual factors.SeniorsEssex, Marilyn J., Ryff, Carol D., Smider, Nancy A.
Adult age differences in recall of performed and nonperformed items.SeniorsEarles, Julie L.
Adult age differences in the use of distractor homogeneity during visual search.SeniorsAllen, Philip A., Pierce, Thomas W., Madden, David J.
Age and forgetfulness: confidence in ability and attribution for memory failures.SeniorsErber, Joan T., Prager, Irene G., Williams, Marie, Caiola, Marisa A.
Age and sex differences in strategies of coping and defense across the life span.SeniorsLabouvie-Vief, Gisela, Diehl, Manfred, Coyle, Nathan
Age and working memory: the role of perceptual speed, the central executive, and the phonological loop.SeniorsWarr, Peter, Fisk, John E.
Age differences in retrieval: further support for the resource-reduction hypothesis.SeniorsFastenau, Philip S., Denburg, Natalie L., Abeles, Norman
Age-related impairment in an event-based prospective-memory task.SeniorsMaylor, Elizabeth A.
Aging and individual differences in the development of skilled memory search performance.SeniorsHertzog, Christopher, Fisk, Arthur D., Cooper, Brian P.
Aging and inhibitory control in text comprehension.SeniorsDywan, Jane, Murphy, Wendy E.
Aging and the use of perceptual and temporal information in source memory tasks.SeniorsBayen, Ute J., Murnane, Kevin
Aging, cognitive resources, and declarative learning.SeniorsBinder, Katherine S., Kirasic, Kathleen C., Allen, Gary L., Dobson, Shannon H.
A longitudinal study of the effects of pessimism, trait anxiety, and life stress on depressive symptoms in middle-aged women.SeniorsMatthews, Karen A., Bromberger, Joyce T.
Antecedents and contexts of generativity motivation at midlife.SeniorsStewart, Abigail J., Peterson, Bill E.
Attitudes toward older adults reported by young adults: variation based on attitudinal task and attribute categories.SeniorsSlotterback, Carole S., Saarnio, David A.
Caregivers' appraisals of efficacy in coping with dementia.SeniorsGignac, Monique A.M., Gottlieb, Benjamin H.
Caregiving outcomes for older mothers of adults with mental retardation: a test of the two-factor model of psychological well-being.SeniorsSmith, Gregory C.
Characteristics of associative learning in younger and older adults: evidence from an episodic priming paradigm.SeniorsSpieler, Daniel H., Balota, David A.
Comparison of older people and patients with frontal lesions: evidence from word list learning.SeniorsCraik, Fergus I.M., Stuss, Donald T., Alexander, Michael P., Sayer, Lisa, Franchi, Dina
Curiosity and mortality in aging adults: a 5-year follow-up of the Western Collaborative Group Study.SeniorsCarmelli, Dorit, Swan, Gary E.
Depressive symptom experiences among older women: a comparison of alternative measurement approaches.SeniorsEssex, Marilyn J., Klein, Marjorie H., Newmann, Joy Perkins, Jensen, Julie E.
Depressive symptoms across older spouses: longitudinal influences.SeniorsTower, Roni Beth, Kasl, Stanislav V.
Does job-related performance decline with age?SeniorsMcDaniel, Michael A., Kubeck, Jean E., Delp, Norma D., Haslett, Tammy K.
Effects of age and gender on discrete and reciprocal aiming movements.SeniorsJolles, Jellemer, Adam, Jos J., Teeken, Joep C., Paas, Fred G.W.C., Boxtel, Martin P.J. van, Houx, Peter J.
Effects of age on state of awareness following implicit and explicit word-association tasks.SeniorsJava, Rosalind I.
Effects of aging and musical experience on the representation of tonal hierarchies.SeniorsBartlett, James C., Halpern, Andrea R., Dowling, W. Jay, Kwak, SeYeul
Effects of serum vitamin B12 and folate status on episodic memory performance in very old age: a population-based study.SeniorsWinblad, Bengt, Backman, Lars, Hill, Robert D., Wahlin, Ake
Episodic remembering in a population-based sample of nonagenarians: does major depression exacerbate the memory deficits seen in Alzheimer's disease?SeniorsViitanen, Matti, Forsell, Yvonne, Backman, Lars, Hassing, Linda
Factors influencing life-sustaining treatment decisions in a community sample of families.SeniorsGatz, Margaret, Karel, Michele J.
Fact retrieval in younger and older adults: the role of mental models.SeniorsHasher, Lynn, Radvansky, Gabriel A., Zacks, Rose T.
Long-term cued recall of tasks in senile dementia.SeniorsBird, Michael, Kinsella, Glynda
Mediators of long-term memory performance across the life span.SeniorsEarles, Julie L., Smith, Anderson D., Park, Denise C., Lautenschlager, Gary, Frieske, David, Zwahr, Melissa, Gaines, Christine L.
Methodological control of semantic priming in Alzheimer's disease.SeniorsShenaut, Gregory K., Ober, Beth A.
Moral and social reasoning and perspective taking in later life: a longitudinal study.SeniorsPratt, Michael W., Pancer, S. Mark, Hunsberger, Bruce, Pratt, Adelle, Diessner, Rhett
Negotiating the middle years: ego-resiliency and successful midlife adjustment in women.SeniorsYoung, Amy, Vandewater, Elizabeth A., Klohnen, Eva C.
Neighborhood deterioration and self-rated health in later life.SeniorsKrause, Neal
Number of trials needed to assess human eyeblink classical conditioning.SeniorsWoodruff-Pak, Diana S., Papka, Michelle
One-trial associative priming of nonwords in young and older adults.SeniorsPrull, Matthew W., Light, Leah L., Kennison, Robert, La Voie, Donna, Zuellig, Andrea
On the mechanisms of plasticity in young and older adults after instruction in the method of loci: evidence for an amplification model.SeniorsVerhaeghen, Paul, Marcoen, Alfons
Patterns of personality change across the life span.SeniorsJones, Constance J., Meredith, William M.
Perceptions of baby talk, frequency of receiving baby talk, and self-esteem among community and nursing home residents.SeniorsO'Connor, Brian P., Rigby, Holly
Personality traits and states as predictors of subjective well-being in centenarians, octogenarians, and sexagenarians.SeniorsMartin, Peter, Adkins, Geneva, Poon, Leonard W.
Pessimism, age, and cancer mortality.SeniorsSchulz, Richard, Williamson, Gail M., Bookwala, Jamila, Knapp, Judith E., Scheier, Michael
Projections of aging: impact of generational differences and the aging process on perceptions of adults.SeniorsSlotterback, Carole S.
Relationship of physical disease and functional impairment to depression in older people.SeniorsRohde, Paul, Seeley, John R., Lewinsohn, Peter M., Zeiss, Antonette M.
Resource allocation in on-line reading by younger and older adults.SeniorsStine-Morrow, Elizabeth A.L., Loveless, Mary K., Soederberg, Lisa M.
Response biases as a confound to expressed burden among spousal caregivers of suspected dementia patients.SeniorsHayden, Sherri, Tuokko, Holly, Beattie, B. Lynn, O'Rourke, Norm, Haverkamp, Beth E., Rae, Sandra
Search for semantic inhibition failure during sentence comprehension by younger and older adults.SeniorsPaul, Stephen T.
Self-efficacy beliefs and change in cognitive performance: MacArthur studies of successful aging.SeniorsRodin, Judith, Seeman, Teresa, Albert, Marilyn, McAvay, Gail, Merrill, Susan
Social support as a mediator in the relation between functional status and quality of life in older adults.SeniorsSchulz, Richard, Newsom, Jason T.
Sources of tension in the aging mother and adult daughter relationship.SeniorsFingerman, Karen L.
Speed of information processing as a mediator between age and free-recall performance.SeniorsBryan, Janet, Luszcz, Mary A.
Spousal similarity in subjective well-being: the cardiovascular health study.SeniorsSchulz, Richard, Bookwala, Jamila
Subjective memory complaints, psychological distress, and longitudinal change in objective memory performance.SeniorsTangalos, Eric G., Petersen, Ronald C., Smith, Glenn E., Ivnik, Robert J., Malec, James F.
Temporal discounting in choice between delayed rewards: the role of age and income.SeniorsMyerson, Joel, Green, Leonard, Lichtman, David, Rosen, Suzanne, Fry, Astrid
The abridged Dutch Metamemory in Adulthood (MIA) questionnaire: structure and effects of age, sex, and education.SeniorsPonds, Rudolf W.H.M., Jolles, Jellemer
The ethic of care: stability over time, gender differences, and correlates in mid- to late adulthood.SeniorsPratt, Michael W., Skoe, Eva E., Matthews, Meredith, Curror, Susan E.
The moderating influence of physical fitness on age gradients in vigilance and serial choice responding tasks.SeniorsBunce, David J., Barrowclough, Ann, Morris, Ira
The state component in self-reported worldviews and religious beliefs of older adults: the MacArthur successful aging studies.SeniorsNesselroade, John R., Kim, Jungmeen E., Featherman, David L.
The structural organization of the mental lexicon and its contribution to age-related declines in spoken-word recognition.SeniorsSommers, Mitchell S.
Things that go bump in your life: explaining the reminiscence bump in autobiographical memory.SeniorsJansari, Ashok, Parkin, Alan J.
Transitions in the caregiving career: effects on sense of mastery.SeniorsPearlin, Leonard I., Mullan, Joseph T., Skaff, Marilyn McKean
Visual cues and the handwriting of older adults: a kinematic analysis.SeniorsBradshaw, John L., Phillips, James G., Slavin, Melissa J.
Weight changes in caregivers of Alzheimer's care recipients: psychobehavioral predictors.SeniorsVitaliano, Peter P., Scanlan, James M., Russo, Joan, Greeno, Catherine G.
When primary and secondary caregivers disagree: predictors and psychosocial consequences.SeniorsSchulz, Richard, Burgio, Louis D., Bourgeois, Michelle S., Beach, Scott
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