Psychology and Aging 1995 - Abstracts

Psychology and Aging 1995
A comparison of coping strategies of aging mothers of adults with mental illness or mental retardation.SeniorsSeltzer, Marsha Mailick, Greenberg, Jan S., Krauss, Marty Wyngaarden
Activity restriction mediates the association between pain and depressed affect: a study of younger and older adult cancer patients.SeniorsSchulz, Richard, Williamson, Gail M.
Adult age differences in the inhibition of return of visual attention.SeniorsHartley, Alan A., Kieley, James M.
Adult life span changes in immediate visual memory and verbal intelligence.SeniorsKawas, Claudia, Giambra, Leonard M., Zonderman, Alan B., Costa, Paul T., Jr., Arenberg, David
Age and health bias in practicing clinical psychologists.SeniorsHaley, William E., James, Joseph W.
Age differences and similarities in patterns of cerebral hemispheric asymmetry.SeniorsMcDowd, Joan M., Cherry, Barbara J., Hellige, Joseph B.
Age differences in conversational source monitoring.SeniorsBrown, Alan S., Jones, Elizabeth M., Davis, Trina L.
Age differences in problem-solving style: the role of emotional salience.SeniorsBlanchard-Fields, Fredda, Jahnke, Heather Casper, Camp, Cameron
Age effects in cued recall: sources from implicit and explicit memory.SeniorsMcEvoy, Cathy L., Holley, Patricia E., Nelson, Douglas L.
Age-related differences in the detection of three-dimensional surfaces from optic flow.SeniorsAtchley, Paul, Andersen, George J.
Aging and experience in the recognition of musical transpositions.SeniorsBartlett, James C., Halpern, Andrea R., Dowling, W. Jay
Aging and interference: evidence from indirect memory tests.SeniorsHartman, Marilyn
Aging and negative priming in a location suppression task: the long and the short of it.SeniorsMcDowd, Joan M., Filion, Diane L.
Aging and single versus multiple cues in source monitoring.SeniorsJohnson, Marcia K., Ferguson, Susan A., De Leonardis, Doreen M., Hashtroudi, Shahin
Aging, distraction, and the benefits of predictable location.SeniorsHasher, Lynn, Zacks, Rose T., Carlson, Michelle C., Connelly, S. Lisa
Aging mothers' and their adult daughters' perceptions of conflict behaviors.SeniorsFingerman, Karen L.
Aging, source, and decision criteria: when false fame errors do and do not occur.SeniorsMulthaup, Kristi S.
Assessing stress-buffering effects: a cautionary note.SeniorsKrause, Neal
Attentional flexibility and aging: you don't need to be 20 years of age to split the beam.SeniorsKramer, Arthur F., Hahn, Sowon
Binding ties: closeness and conflict in adult children's caregiving relationships.SeniorsTownsend, Aloen L., Franks, Melissa M.
Classical conditioning in patients with Alzheimer's disease: a multiday study.SeniorsSolomon, Paul R., Brett, Marisa, Groccia-Ellison, Mary Ellen, Oyler, Catherine, Tomasi, Marie, Pendlebury, William W.
Cognition and depression in a cohort of aging men: results from the western collaborative group study.SeniorsCarmelli, Dorit, Swan, Gary E., Rue, Asenath La
Cognitive mediation of adult age differences in language performance.SeniorsRyan, Ellen Bouchard, See, Sheree T. Kwong
Contextual constraint facilitates semantic decisions about object pictures by Alzheimer patients.SeniorsNebes, Robert D., Halligan, Edythe M.
Depressive symptoms across older spouses and the moderating effect of marital closeness.SeniorsTower, Roni Beth, Kasl, Stanislav V.
Differential effects of aging on memory for content and context: a meta-analysis.SeniorsSpencer, Wesley D., Raz, Naftali
Dimensionality of everyday problem solving in older adults.SeniorsWillis, Sherry L., Marsiske, Michael
Discourse comprehension and problem solving: decisions about the treatment of breast cancer by women across the life span.SeniorsMeyer, Bonnie J.F., Russo, Connie, Talbot, Andrew
Do comparative self-appraisals during young adulthood predict adult personality?SeniorsSiegler, Ilene C., Lipkus, Isaac M.
Emotional behavior in long-term marriage.SeniorsGottman, John M., Levenson, Robert W., Carstensen, Laura L.
Encoding and memory for visible speech and gestures: a comparison between young and older adults.SeniorsThompson, Laura A.
Everyday problem solving in older adults: observational assessment and cognitive correlates.SeniorsDiehl, Manfred, Schaie, K. Warner, Willis, Sherry L.
Forgetting in the workplace: attributions and recommendations for young and older employees.SeniorsErber, Joan T., Danker, Debra C.
Generalized slowing in sinusoidal tracking by older adults.SeniorsJagacinski, Richard J., Liao, Min-Ju, Fayyad, Elias A.
Genetic influences on memory performance in adulthood: comparison of Minnesota and Swedish twin data.SeniorsMcGue, Matt, Finkel, Deborah, Pedersen, Nancy
Genetic mediation in the relationship of education to cognitive function in older people.SeniorsCarmelli, Dorit, Swan, Gary E., Cardon, Lon R.
Implicit learning of a nonverbal sequence in younger and older adults.SeniorsStadler, Michael A., Cherry, Katie E.
Individual differences in stimulus intensity modulation and its relationship to two styles of depression in older adults.SeniorsAllard, Claudette, Mishara, Brian L.
Larger nondeclarative than declarative deficits in learning and memory in human aging.SeniorsWoodruff-Pak, Diana S., Finkbiner, Richard G.
Memory for context and its use in item memory: comparisons of younger and older persons.SeniorsCraik, Fergus I.M., Naveh-Benjamin, Moshe
People nominated as wise: a comparative study of wisdom-related knowledge.SeniorsBaltes, Paul B., Smith, Jacqui, Staudinger, Ursula M., Maercker, Andreas
Perceptions of life stress and chronic insomnia in older adults.SeniorsBliwise, Donald L., Friedman, Leah, Yesavage, Jerome A., Brooks, John O., III, Wicks, Deryl S.
Playing with pets and longevity among older people.SeniorsTucker, Joan S., Martin, Leslie R., Friedman, Howard S., Tsai, Catherine M.
Potential of cognitive plasticity as a diagnostic instrument: a cross-validation and extension.SeniorsBaltes, Margret M., Kuhl, Klaus-Peter, Gutzmann, Hans, Sowarka, Doris
Predictors of adherence to a structured exercise program for older women.SeniorsLord, Stephen R., Williams, Philippa
Predictors of cognitive change in older persons: MacArthur studies of successful aging.SeniorsRowe, John W., Seeman, Teresa, Savage, Cary R., Albert, Marilyn S., Blazer, Dan, Berkman, Lisa, Jones, Kenneth
Predictors of fear of falling in dizzy and nondizzy elderly.SeniorsWong, Henry, Sloane, Philip D., Mitchell, C. Madeline, Preisser, John, Burker, Eileen J., Mattingly, Dianne
Predictors of planned retirement age: an application of Beehr's model.SeniorsShore, Lynn McFarlane, Taylor, Mary Anne
Psychological impact of illness downturns: a comparison of new and chronic conditions.SeniorsZautra, Alex J., Erdal, Kristi J.
Psychological, social, and health impact of caregiving: a comparison of black and white dementia family caregivers and noncaregivers.SeniorsHarrell, Lindy E., Roth, David L., Haley, William E., Wadley, Virginia G., West, Constance A.C., Ford, Greg R., White, Faye A., Barrett, John J.
Realization of generativity in two samples of women at midlife.SeniorsPeterson, Bill E., Klohnen, Eva C.
Recurrent syndromal depression in caregivers.SeniorsKiecolt-Glaser, Janice K., MacCallum, Robert C., Redinbaugh, Ellen M.
Relationship of events and affect in the daily life of an elderly population.SeniorsLawton, M. Powell, Parmelee, Patricia, DeVoe, Marlene Ruth
Relationships between women and their parents: implications for midlife well-being.SeniorsStewart, Abigail J., Welsh, Wendy M.
Reorganization of prehension components following perturbation of object size.SeniorsCastiello, Umberto, Bennett, Keree M.B.
Representations of self across the life span.SeniorsLabouvie-Vief, Gisela, Diehl, Manfred, Chiodo, Lisa M., Goguen, Lori A., Orwoll, Lucinda
Role of family adaptability in the psychological adjustment of spouse caregivers to patients with dementia.SeniorsMajerovitz, S. Deborah
Sleep compression and sleep education for older insomniacs: self-help versus therapist guidance.SeniorsLichstein, Kenneth L., Riedel, Brant W., Dwyer, William O.
Slowness and age: speed-accuracy mechanisms.SeniorsBrewer, Neil, Smith, Glen A.
Stability and accuracy of metamemory in adulthood and aging: a longitudinal analysis.SeniorsHertzog, Christopher, Hultsch, David F., McDonald-Miszczak, Leslie
Structural equation model of intellectual change and continuity and predictors of intelligence in older men.SeniorsArbuckle, Tannis, Gold, Dolores Pushkar, Andres, David, Etezadi, Jamshid, Schwartzman, Alex, Chaikelson, June
Understanding performance and learning in consistent memory search: an age-related perspective.SeniorsHertzog, Christopher, Fisk, Arthur D., Cooper, Brian P., Anderson-Garlach, Marjo M., Lee, Mark D.
Unique and interactive effects of depression, age, socioeconomic advantage, and gender on cognitive performance of normal healthy older people.SeniorsWatson, Peter, Rabbitt, Patrick, Donlan, Christopher, McInnes, Lynn, Bent, Nuala
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