Project Management Journal 1998 - Abstracts

Project Management Journal 1998
A journey through never-never land: from business planning to project implementation.Business, generalDinsmore, Paul C.
A leadership profile of American project managers.Business, generalZimmerer, Thomas W., Yasin, Mahmoud, M.
An efficient approximation for project composite learning curves.Business, generalTeplitz, Charles J., Amore, Jean-Pierre
An Olympian project. (interview with hockey referee Marina Zenk)(Interview)Business, generalDunne, Louise
Are you a benevolent dictator? You should be!Business, generalWhitten, Neal
Aussie project management. (Sydney 2000 Olympic Games)Business, generalEager, David
A Web-based project management framework.(includes related article on Young America Cup Challenge)Business, generalHecht, Alan
Converting remote distribution centers to a frame relay based wide area network.Business, generalLevins, Jess W.
Cost benefit discussion for knowledge-based estimation tools.(includes related article on cost benefit example)Business, generalDouglis, Charles
CPM scheduling and its use in today's construction industry.(critical path method)Business, generalBaki, M.A.
Development of consultant performance measures for design projects.Business, generalIbbs, C. William, Chang, Andrew S.
Does a rubber baseline guarantee cost overruns on defense acquisition contracts?Business, generalChristensen, David S., Gordon, James A.
Effective sizing and content definition of work packages.Business, generalGloberson, Shlomo, Raz, Tzvi
Evaluating project management software.Business, generalWilliams, Linda
Fast-tracking's impact on project change.Business, generalIbbs, C. William, Lee, Stephanie A., Li, Michael I.
From the editor.(research on project management)(Editorial)Business, generalWells, William G.
From the editor.(the need for research on project management failure)(Editorial)Business, generalWells, William G., Jr.
How to structure a Y2K project.(Column)Business, generalParth, Frank
IBM's commitment to project management.Business, generalGuthrie, Sue
Implementing earned value easily and effectively.Business, generalBrandon, Daniel M., Jr.
Important behavioral skills for IS project managers: the judgements of experienced IS professionals.(information systems)Business, generalJiang, James J., Klein, Gary, Margulis, Steve
Integrated cost and schedule control: Hong Kong perspective.Business, generalDeng, Michael Z.M., Hung, Y.F.
Is your team asleep?(project management teams)Business, generalMartin, Paula K., Tate, Karen
"Making the world safe for democracy:" project management software means power to the people.Business, generalCabanis, Jeannette
Managing change.(Column)Business, generalHuntoon, Carolyn L.
Managing for benefits in information technology projects.Business, generalHallows, Jolyon E.
Meet minimum requirements: anything more is too much.(Column)Business, generalWhitten, Neal
Organizational engineering principles in project management.Business, generalSlabey, William, Austrom, Douglas
Passion beats planning, limiting scope is stupid, women rule....(Interview)Business, generalCabanis, Jeannette
Project management for Year 2000 projects.(Column)Business, generalParth, Frank R.
Project management software: usage patterns and suggested research directions for future developments.(includes form used in survey)Business, generalLiberatore, Matthew J., Pollack-Johnson, Bruce
Project management source code.Business, generalHatfield, Michael
Project managers and functional managers: a case study of job satisfaction in a matrix organization.Business, generalTurner, Susan G., Utley, Dawn R., Westbrook, Jerry D.
Ride the project management wave into Long Beach.Business, generalChalfin, Natalie
"Show me the money."Business, generalCabanis, Jeannette
Teaching project management through an information technology-based method.Business, generalSankar, Chetan S., Hingorani, Kamal, Kramer, Scott W.
The changing nature of project management.(Editorial)Business, generalWells, William G., Jr.
The Internet as enabler of the Bell Atlantic project.Business, generalScanlin, John
The keys to the airport: how to jumpstart a capital improvements project.Business, generalGoetz, James
The project manager/functional manager partnership.Business, generalPitagorsky, George
The project office: an evolutionary implementation plan.(Column)Business, generalKnutson, Joan
Tools of the trade: a survey of project management tools.Business, generalFox, Terry L., Spence, J. Wayne
Updating 'A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge.'.(Project Management Institute's standards document)Business, generalDuncan, William R., Berg, Cynthia A.
Using decision support systems for delay analysis: the project management perception program.Business, generalYates, Janet K., Audi, John H.
Vancouver International Airport expansion.Business, generalWakabayashi, Henry, Cowan, Bob
Virtual project management: tools and the trade.Business, generalGuss, Connie L.
Want better project estimates? Let's get to work!Business, generalDeYoung-Currey, Jane
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