Project Management Journal 1997 - Abstracts

Project Management Journal 1997
A comparative analysis of two concept evaluation methods for new product development projects.Business, generalCarland, James W., Pascale, Steven, Carland, JoAnn C.
A customer-driven quality improvement and management project at Diamond Offshore Drilling.(a case study on quality management)Business, generalGupta, Vipul K., Graham, Denis J.
Advantages and disadvantages of E/C international standards.(engineering and construction)Business, generalYates, Janet K., Aniftos, Stylianos
An iterative screening methodology for selecting project alternatives.Business, generalRaz, Tzvi
Barriers to project partnering: report from the firing line.Business, generalLarson, Erik, Drexler, John A., Jr.
Better policies provide the key to implementing project management.(includes bibliography)Business, generalFusco, Joseph C.
Construction project management and safety: do labor unions have an effect?Business, generalBaker, Bud, Scherer, Robert F.
From the editor.(George Mason University's Organizational Learning Lab)(Editorial)Business, generalWells, William G., Jr.
Improving multiproject management by using a queuing theory approach.Business, generalGloberson, Shlomo, Levy, Nino
Integrated project development teams: another fad ... or a permanent change?Business, generalFleming, Quentin W., Koppleman, Joel M.
Law of Tender applied to Request For Proposal process.(problem-solving process)Business, generalJergeas, George F., Cooke, Vernon G.
Management of research and development projects in small technical services companies.Business, generalCasler, James G.
Matrix management effectiveness: an update for research and engineering organizations.Business, generalLiberatore, Matthew J., El-Najdawi, Mohammad K.
NASA Project Management: modern strategies for maximizing project performance.Business, generalHoffman, Edward J.
Project management in globalizing economies.Business, generalHong, Sung-Woong
Project management Training of Trainers program for China.Business, generalMyers, Clayman, Wu, Zhiming
Project-specific intranets for construction teams.Business, generalMead, Stephen P.
"S" curves for monitoring project progress.(accumulation progress curves having normal distributions)Business, generalMurmis, Gustavo Marcelo
The seven legal elements necessary for a successful claim for a constructive acceleration.Business, generalCraig, James, Murphy, John D., Jr., Jensen, Don, Jr.
Using a simulated annealing algorithm to schedule activities of resource-constrained projects.Business, generalGemmill, Douglas D., Tsai, Ying-Wei
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