Project Management Journal 1996 - Abstracts

Project Management Journal 1996
A Brazilian project management case.Business, generalCamerato, Carlos Reynaldo
Application of the concept of accord and satisfaction in dealing with project invoice and payment operations.Business, generalMurphy, John D., Jr., O'Marra, Brendan R., Jensen, Donald A., Jr.
Best practices for controlling technology-based projects.Business, generalThamhain, Hans J.
Beware the year 2000: will the 'millennium bug' bite your company? (includes related articles)Business, general 
Capturing intellectual assests in a project management organization.Business, generalShane, Barry, Schemacher, Terry
Cash flow forecasting and updating for building projects.Business, generalNavon, Ronie
Comparative analysis of resource-allocation capabilities of project management software packages.Business, generalFarid, Foad, Manoharan, Surendran
Cultural project management: why the Japanese are first to market with high-tech products.Business, generalBreen, Tim
Documentation, documentation, documentation: the three most important requirements of good project management.Business, generalPetko, Michael G.
Earned value analysis: a case study.Business, generalBarr, Zeev
Empowerment and the management of an organizational transformation project.Business, generalPrybutok, Victor R., Kappelman, Leon A., Dran, Gisela M. von
Estimating the tradeoff between resource allocation and probability of on-time completion in project management.Business, generalMacLeod, Kenneth R., Petersen, Paul F.
Ethics in project management: issues, practice, and motive.Business, generalRobb, David J.
Expanding the role of the project director as the CIO in the Information Technology industry.Business, generalScott, Gary J.
Implementation of a continuous process improvement program using data from CPM schedules. (critical path method)Business, generalGiammalvo, Paul D., Firman, Djodi, Dwiyani, Evi
Learning to lead, to create quality, to influence change in projects. (includes related articles)Business, generalPeters, Lee A., Homer, John
Managing an FMS project: a case study. (flexible manufacturing system)Business, generalChen, Wen-Hsien
Multimedia data modeling and database design for project delay management.Business, generalAbudayyeh, Osama
Partnering in a unit price environment.Business, generalBack, W. Edward, Sanders, Steve R.
Principle errors in capital cost estimating work: appreciate the relevance of the objective cost risk analysis method, part 2.Business, generalSigurdsen, Arild
Principle errors in capital cost estimating work, part 1: appreciate the relevance of the quantity-dependent estimating norms.Business, generalSigurdsen, Arild
Project cost risk analysis using influence diagrams.Business, generalDiekmann, James, Featherman, David, Moody, Rhett, Molenaar, Keith, Rodriguez-Guy, Maria
Ranking of system implementation success factors.Business, generalJiang, James J., Klein, Gary, Balloun, Joseph
Scheduling resource-constrained projects when non-conformities exist.Business, generalTukel, Oya Icmeli
Success criteria and success factors for external technology transfer projects.Business, generalTan, Raykun R.
Teambuilding styles and their impact on project management results.Business, generalKliem, Ralph L., Anderson, Harris B.
Teamocracy and project management: a conundrum.Business, generalLevine, Harvey A.
The age of project mentoring. (creative approaches to project success)(includes list of project mentor competency checklist)(Column)Business, generalKnutson, Joan
The case for earned value.Business, generalHatfield, Michael A.
The effects of marginality and reward on matrix conflict.Business, generalKuehn, Ralph R., Khandekar, Rajendra P., Scott, C. Richard
The impact of illiquidity and uncertainty on the multiperiod project investment decision process.Business, generalFarrell, L.M.
The software selection project: tips from a pro: an interview with LGS's Max Feierstein, PMP.(Interview)Business, general 
Tom Peters is behind the times. (management expert)Business, generalDinsmore, Paul C.
Using combinations of heuristics to schedule activities of constrained multiple resource projects.Business, generalWhitehouse, Gary E., Morse, Lucy C., McIntosh, John O.
What if the CEOs find out?: The strategic positioning of project management.Business, generalDinsmore, Paul C.
What's the value of earned value?Business, generalSingletary, Nancy
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