Project Management Journal 1992 - Abstracts

Project Management Journal 1992
A decision support system for predicting project success.Business, generalRiggs, Jeffrey L., Goodman, Maria, Finley, Rosemary, Miller, Tracy
Building commitment in project teams.Business, generalRossy, Gerard L., Archibald, Russell D.
ECON: an equipment replacement analysis system.Business, generalTavakoli, Amir
Establishing a Department of Defense program management body of knowledge.Business, generalKobylarz, Korina
Implementation of constructability concepts.Business, generalYates, Janet K., Vardhan, ChandrikaH.
Incentive programs in construction projects: the contingency approach.Business, generalLaufer, Alexander, Raviv, Eyal, Stukhart, George
Learning project management outside the classroom: the internship.Business, generalKumar, Prem, Bobrowski, Paul M.
Measuring project success. (formulas for the net present value method)Business, generalFreeman, Mark, Beale, Peter
Modelling construction change order management.Business, generalKrone, Stephen J.
Optimization in project coordination scheduling through application of Taguchi methods. (includes related articles)Business, generalSantell, Michael P., Jung, John R., Jr., Warner, Jay C.
Partnering: guidelines for win-win project management.Business, generalSlagle, Michelle, Moore, Carl, Mosley, Donald
Perceptions on partnering in the public sector.Business, generalSanders, Steve, Moore, Mary M.
Planning of portfolio of projects. (balancing method)Business, generalScheinberg, Mark V.
Project characteristics that influence the implementation of project management techniques: a survey.Business, generalBubshait, Khaled A., Selen, Willem J.
Project management: are employees trained to work in project teams?Business, generalSprague, David A., Greenwell, Randy
Project management descriptors. (for the indexing of project management literature)Business, generalAbdomerovic, Muhamed
Project management style and the Space Shuttle Program: a retrospective look. (part 2)Business, generalShenhar, Aaron
Project marketing: detailing the project manager's hidden responsibility.Business, generalCovin, Jeffrey G., Pinto, Jeffrey K.
Project partnering.Business, generalLarson, Erik, Cowan, Charles, Gray, Clifford
Resource constrained scheduling capabilities of commercial project management software.Business, generalJohnson, Roger V.
Risk assessment and options in public finance.Business, generalWoody, Wendy B., Pourian, Heydar
Risk behavior of contractors: a Canadian study.Business, generalMcKim, Robert A.
Setting objectives for international engineering and construction.Business, generalYates, Janet K., Rahbar, Fred
Task and human messages over the project life cycle: matching media to messages.Business, generalStork, Diana, Sapienza, Alice
Ten questions and answers on managing MIS projects.Business, generalFord, Robert C., McLaughlin, Frank S.
Verifying cost and schedule during design.Business, generalMallon, James C.
When the DIPP dips: a P & L index for project decisions. (Devaux's Index of Project Performance)(profit and loss)Business, generalDevaux, Stephen A.
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