Proceedings of the US Naval Institute 2001 - Abstracts

Proceedings of the US Naval Institute 2001
Answering the challenges.(Submarines)BusinessLacroix, Frank W.
Antiship missiles create new challenges.BusinessNordeen, Lon O.
A problem with precision?BusinessFriedman, Norman
Beyond the Sea and Jointness.(global naval force )(Government Activity)(International Pages)BusinessTangredi, Sam J.
Blue-Water Power.(U.S. Navy requires new class of littoral combatants)(Government Activity)BusinessAudrand, Stephen C.
Branding the Coast Guard.(Competing for federal dollars)BusinessGoward, D.A.
Changing Signals on the Kursk Lift.(Russia's nuclear submarine Kursk )(Government Activity)(International Pages)BusinessPolmar, Norman
Combat by Trial.(International Criminal Tribunal )(Government Activity)(International Pages)BusinessWheaton, Kristan J.
Commanding NATO operations from the sea.(Commander, Striking Fleet Atlantic)BusinessMullen, Mike
Danger beyond the pier.BusinessWeeks, David
DD-21: another Seawolf?(Navy's DD-21 destroyer program)(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)BusinessLewis, David
Deepwater or deep trouble.(Coast Guard's Bear class cutter)BusinessHoback, Thomas S.
EC-121 down!(North Korea shoots down United States aircraft in 1969)BusinessMobley, Richard A.
From conscription to subscription.BusinessPolatty, David P.
In-Q-Tel: Bringing Next-Generation Technologies to the CIA.(next-generation information technologies )(Government Activity)Business 
It's time to think as one Navy.BusinessHagerott, Mark
'Let's Get the Yale Gang'.(First aerial coast patrol)(Government Activity)BusinessCallo, Joseph F.
Loss of numbers was a punishment.(elimination of Naval court-martial sentence)BusinessFidell, Eugene, Fidell, Jay
Lost Patrol: the attack on the Cole.BusinessGehman, Harold W., Jr.
Loyal Opposition Isn't Disloyal.(U.S. Navy cover-ups)(Government Activity)BusinessFleming, Bruce
Making peacetime engagement work.(Providing assistance enhances US' ability to prepare for war)BusinessGrange, David L.
Making Room for Risk.(Unmanned aerial vehicles)(Government Activity)BusinessStavridis, James
MCM Upgrades Help Solve Riddle of Access Denial.(amphibious mine countermeasures )(Government Activity)BusinessYunker, Chris
Military Contact Is Lynchpin in Sino-U.S. Relations.(Military-to-military contacts )(Government Activity)(International Pages)BusinessGaldorisi, George, Capen, George
Missile defense is for the real world.BusinessLescher, William K.
Monitor's Driving Force Emerges.(Civil War-era USS Monitor)BusinessLyons, Justin
Naval close air support should be a priority.(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)BusinessMacKenzie, Tim J.
Naval power is vital.BusinessKeating, Timothy J.
Network-Centric Warfare Isn't New.(information management techniques )(Government Activity)BusinessNagy, Paul
Never give up in the war for people.(retaining Navy personnel)BusinessEvangelista, Anthony A.
New waterjet propulsors are efficient and quiet.Business 
PC gaming and simulation supports training.BusinessColeman, David S.
Real-time targeting: myth or reality?(use in Naval operations)BusinessWells, Anthony R.
Reorganizing the Navy Helo Force.(Helicopter Master Plan )(Government Activity)(International Pages)Business 
Russia Plays Both Sides.(friendship treaty )(Government Activity)(International Pages)(Brief Article)BusinessFriedman, Norman
Shipboard Training Officers Make a Difference.(interdeployment training cycle )(Government Activity)BusinessMorrison, Amy
Smaller bombs offer stealthy aircraft greater firepower.BusinessFriedman, Norman
Still warrior friendly.(LPD-17)BusinessPicotte, Len, King, Kendall
Thanks, R.G.(Robert Grant Smith, aircraft engineer and illustrator)BusinessGreeley, Brendan
The Navy Has Its Own Corporate University.(U.S. Navy's Naval Postgraduate School)(Government Activity)BusinessEllison, David R.
The Next Disaster: Ready to Respond.(U. S. Coast Guard disaster response capabilities)(Government Activity)BusinessWebster, Russell W.
The Royal Australian Navy: on course for the 21st century.BusinessPearce, Henry
Tomorrow's fleet.BusinessTruver, Scott C.
UAVs Hold Promise for No-Fly Zone Enforcement.(Unmanned aerial vehicles)BusinessMiller, Kevin P.
Unmanned aerial vehicles in search and rescue.BusinessBish, Lieutenant Christopher
Up, up and away.(naval vertical/short take-off and landing fighters)BusinessBrown, Charles H.
Up, Up and Away.(new short-take-off/vertical landing fighter aircraft)(Government Activity)Business 
Use spot 7 on carriers.(helicopter operations on aircraft carriers)BusinessVanaria, Anthony
We Need Functional Doctrine.(Joint-service interoperability )(Government Activity)BusinessRichie, Christopher S.
World naval developments.(Unmanned vehicles)BusinessFriedman, Norman
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