Proceedings of the IEEE 1990 - Abstracts

Proceedings of the IEEE 1990
30 years of adaptive neural networks: Perceptron, Madeline, and backpropagation. (technical)ElectronicsBernard Widrow, Michael A. Lehr
Achievements in rotary head magnetic recording. (technical)ElectronicsJohn c. Mallinson
Advanced communications technology satellite (ACTS) and potential system applications. (technical)ElectronicsDavid L. Wright, Joseph R. Balombin, Philip Y. Sohn
Advances in bipolar VLSI. (very large scale integration) (technical)ElectronicsGeorge R. Wilson
Advances in multibeam communications satellite antennas. (technical)ElectronicsAmir I. Zaghloul, Yeongming Hwang, Robert M. Sorbello, Francois T. Assal
A heat engine model of a reversible computation. (technical)ElectronicsDaniel G. Jablonski
A performance comparison of trained multilayer perceptrons and trained classification trees. (technical)ElectronicsLes Atlas, Ronald Cole, Yeshwant Muthusamy, Alan Lippman, Jerome Connor, Dong Park, Mohamed El-Sharkawi, Robert J. Marks II
Architectural trends in military satellite communications systems. (technical)ElectronicsPravin C. Jain
Architecture-driven synthesis techniques for VLSI implementation of DSP algorithms. (very-large-scale integration, digital signal processing) (technical)ElectronicsHugo De Man, Francky Catthoor, Gert Goossens, Jan Vanhoof, Jef Van Meerbergen, Stefaan Note, Jos Huisken
A review of magnetic sensors. (technical)ElectronicsJames E. Lenz
A statistical approach to learning and generalization in layered neural networks. (technical)ElectronicsSara A. Solla, Esther Levin, Naftali Tishby
A technical assessment of advanced television. (technical)ElectronicsTheodore S. Rzeszewski
Backpropagation through time: what it does and how to do it. (technical)ElectronicsPaul J. Werbos
Bi-impulse response design of isotropic quadratic filters. (technical)ElectronicsGiovanni Ramponi
Challenges to manufacturing submicron, ultra-large scale integrated circuits. (technical)ElectronicsRichard B. Fair
CMAC: an associative neural network alternative to backpropagation. (Cerebellar Model Arithmetic Computer) (technical)ElectronicsW. Thomas Miller III, Filson H. Glanz, L. Gordon Kraft III
Communication protocol standards for space data systems. (technical)ElectronicsAdrian Hooke, Richard desJardins
Complex temporal sequence learning based on short-term memory. (technical)ElectronicsDeLiang Wang, Michael A. Arbib
Computer-aided design for VLSI circuit manufacturability. (very-large-scale integration) (technical)ElectronicsWojciech Maly
Constructive approximations for neural networks by sigmoidal functions. (technical)ElectronicsLee K. Jones
Convergence properties and stationary points of a Perceptron learning algorithm. (technical)ElectronicsJohn J. Shynk, Sumit Roy
Design and performance analysis of adaptive optical telescopes using laser guide stars. (technical)ElectronicsChester S. Gardner, Byron M. Welsh, Laird A. Thompson
Design of integrated circuits: directions and challenges. (technical)ElectronicsRalph K. Cavin III, Jeffrey L. Hilbert
Diffraction tomography for geophysical monitoring of hydrocarbon reservoirs. (technical)ElectronicsJ.H. Justice, A.A. Vassiliou
Diluted magnetic semiconductors. (technical)ElectronicsNitin Samarth, Jacek K. Furdyna
Discretization and solution of elliptic PDEs-a digital signal processing approach. (technical)ElectronicsBernard C. Levy, C.-C. Jay Kuo
Domestic and regional satellite systems. (technical)ElectronicsJohn E. Keigler, Charles E. Profera
Electronic CAD frameworks. (computer-aided design) (technical)ElectronicsDavid S. Harrison, A. Richard Newton, Rick L. Spickelmier, Timothy J. Barnes
Entropy nets: from decision trees to neural networks. (technical)ElectronicsIshwar K. Sethi
Exact deconvolution for multiple convolution operators -- an overview, plus performance characterizations for imaging sensors. (technical)ElectronicsCarlos A. Berenstein, E. Vincent Patrick
Fast 2-D signal processing. (technical)ElectronicsWilliam A. Porter, Jorge L. Aravena
Fast packet switch architectures for broadband integrated services digital networks. (technical)ElectronicsFouad A. Tobagi
Fixed satellite service frequency allocations and orbit assignment procedures for commercial satellite systems. (technical)ElectronicsThomas S. Tycz
Formal methods for generating protocol conformance test sequences. (technical)ElectronicsAnton T. Dahbura, Krishan K. Sabnani, M. Umit Uyar
Formulation and analysis of a rule-based short-term load forecasting algorithm. (technical)ElectronicsSaifur Rahman
Ground states of partially connected binary neural networks. (technical)ElectronicsYoram Baram
High speed integrated electronics for communication systems. (technical)ElectronicsJoseph E. Berthold
Holographic implementation of a fully connected neural network. (technical)ElectronicsKen-Yuh Hsu, Hsin-Yu Li, Demetri Psaltis
INTELSAT VII: a flexible spacecraft for the 1990s and beyond. (technical)ElectronicsDharmendra K. Sachdev, Prakash Nadkarni, Neyret Pierre, Leonard R. Dest, Khodadad Betaharon, William J. English
Iterative methods for image deblurring. (technical)ElectronicsJan Biemond, Reginal I. Lagendijk, Russell M. Mersereau
Land mobile satellite systems. (technical)ElectronicsJohn D. Kiesling
Linear controller design: limits of performance via convex optimization. (technical)ElectronicsStephen Boyd, Craig Barratt, Stephen Norman
Management and control of CCSDS cross-support services. (Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems) (technical)ElectronicsMichael A. Allen
Mathematical foundations of neurocomputing. (technical)ElectronicsShun-Ichi Amari
Maximum a posteriori decision and evaluation of class probabilities by Boltzmann Perceptron Classifiers. (technical)ElectronicsEyal Yair, Allen Gersho
Media access control for high-speed local area and metropolitan area communications networks. (technical)ElectronicsIzhak Rubin, Joseph E. Baker
Modeling of magnetizing processes. (technical)ElectronicsEdward Della Torre
Modern permanent magnets for applications in electro-technology. (technical)ElectronicsKarl J. Strnat
Modulation and coding for satellite and space communications. (technical)ElectronicsJoseph H. Yuen, M.K. Simon, W. Miller, F. Pollara, C.R. Ryan, D. Divsalar, J. Morakis
Morphological systems for multidimensional signal processing. (technical)ElectronicsPetros Maragos, Ronald W. Schafer
Multidimensional digital signal processing: problems, progress, and future scopes. (technical)ElectronicsNirmal K. Bose
Multilevel logic synthesis. (technical)ElectronicsR.K. Brayton, G.D. Hachtel, A.L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
Multirate digital filters, filter banks, polyphase networks, and applications: a tutorial. (technical)ElectronicsP.P. Vaidyanathan
NASA's advanced Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System for the years 2000 and beyond. (technical)ElectronicsDaniel L. Brandle, william A. Watson, Aaron Weinberg
Nearest neighbor pattern classification Perceptrons. (technical)ElectronicsOwen J. Murphy
Networks for approximation and learning. (neural networks) (technical)ElectronicsTomaso Poggio, Federico Girosi
Neural computation of arithmetic functions. (technical)ElectronicsJehoshua Bruck, Kai-Yeung Siu
Neural network model for control of muscle force based on the size principle of motor unit. (technical)ElectronicsKenzo Akazawa, Kazunori Kato
Neural network models of sensory integration for improved vowel recognition. (technical)ElectronicsBen P. Yuhas, Moise H. Goldstein Jr., Terrence J. Sejnowski, Robert E. Jenkins
Neuromorphic electronic systems. (technical)ElectronicsCarver Mead
Nonlinear effects in coherent multichannel transmission through optical fibers. (technical)ElectronicsRobert G. Waarts, A.A. Friesem, Eyal Lichtman, Henry Howard Yaffe, Ralf-Peter Braun
Non-separable extensions of quadrature mirror filters to multiple dimensions. (technical)ElectronicsEero P. Simoncelli, Edward H. Adelson
On-board switching and processing. (technical)ElectronicsJoseph L. Harrold, James M. Budinger, Grady H. Stevens
On boundary implications of stability and positivity properties of multidimensional systems. (technical)ElectronicsSankar Basu
On the convergence properties of the Hopfield model. (technical)ElectronicsJehoshua Bruck
On the decision regions of multilayer Perceptrons. (technical)ElectronicsGavin J. Gibson, Colin F.N. Cowan
On the derivatives of the homomorphic transform operator and their application to some practical signal processing problems. (technical)ElectronicsDennis M. Goodman
Operation of higher layer data communication protocols over satellite links. (technical)ElectronicsDattakumar M. Chitre, Hsi-Ming Lee
Partial realization of 2-D discrete linear system and 2-D Pade approximation and reduction of 2-D rational transfer function. (technical)ElectronicsShojiro Sakata
Performance analysis of LMS adaptive prediction filters. (least-mean squares) (technical)ElectronicsJames R. Zeidler
Performance-directed synthesis of VLSI systems. (very-large-scale integration) (technical)ElectronicsJonathan Allen
Performance of coherent optical receivers. (technical)ElectronicsEdward A. Lee, John R. Barry
Propagation considerations in satellite communication systems. (technical)ElectronicsGert Brussaard, David v. Rogers
Radar signal categorization using a neural network. (technical)ElectronicsJames A. Anderson, Michael T. Gately, P. Andrew Penz, Dean R. Collins
Radio determination satellite service. (technical)ElectronicsRobert D. Briskman
Rationale, directions, and issues surrounding high speed networks. (technical)ElectronicsImrich Chlamtac, William R. Franta
Recent advances in VLSI layout. (very-large-scale integration) (technical)ElectronicsErnest S. Kuh, Tatsuo Ohtsuki
Reconstruction of two-dimensional signals from level crossings. (technical)ElectronicsAvideh Zakhor, Alan V. Oppenheim
Routing and flow control in high-speed wide-area networks. (technical)ElectronicsNicholas F. Maxemchuk, Magda El Zarki
Runlength-limited sequences. (technical)ElectronicsKees A. Schouhamer Immink
Satellite communications systems and technology, circa 2000. (technical)ElectronicsS. Joseph Campanella, John V. Evans, Takuro Muratani, Pierre Bartholome
Satellite direct broadcast. (technical)ElectronicsWilbur L. Pritchard, Mutsuo Ogata
Soft magnetic materials. (technical)ElectronicsGordon E. Fish
Solution and linear estimation of 2-D nearest-neighbor models. (technical)ElectronicsBernard C. Levy, Milton B. Adams, Alan S. Willsky
Source coding of speech and video signals. (technical)ElectronicsSharad Singhal, Didier Le Gall, Cheng-Tie Chen
Spectral self-coherence restoral: a new approach to blind adaptive signal extraction using antenna arrays. (technical)ElectronicsWilliam A. Gardner, Brian G. Agee, Stephan V. Schell
Spin-wave instabilities, auto-oscillations, and chaos in yttrium-iron-garnet. (technical)ElectronicsSergio M. Rezende, Flavio M. de Aguiar
Statistical control of VLSI fabrication processes. (very-large-scale integration) (technical)ElectronicsP.K. Mozumder, A.J. Strojwas
Synthetic neural modeling: the "Darwin" series of recognition automata. (technical)ElectronicsGeorge N. Reeke Jr., Olaf Sporns, Gerald Edelman
The European data relay system: present concept and future evolution. (technical)ElectronicsGiuliano Berretta, Agostino de Agostini, Antony Dickinson
The high-level synthesis of digital systems. (technical)ElectronicsAlice C. Parker, Michael C. McFarland, Raul Camposano
The role of technology in influencing future civil communications satellites. (technical)ElectronicsJames W. Bagwell, Christoph E. Mahle
The self-organizing map. (neural network architecture) (technical)ElectronicsTeuvo Kohonen
The unifying role of the coarray in aperture synthesis for coherent and incoherent imaging. (technical)ElectronicsRalph T. Hoctor, Saleem A. Kassam
Thin film magnetism. (technical)ElectronicsSamuel D. Bader
Tracking a few extreme singular values and vectors in signal processing. (technical)ElectronicsPierre Comon, Gene H. Golub
Two-dimensional spatial light modulars: a tutorial. (technical)ElectronicsJohn A. Neff, Ravindra A. Athale, Sing H. Lee
Two observations regarding first-quadrant causal bibo-stable digital filters. (technical)ElectronicsDante C. Youla
Vector median filters. (technical)ElectronicsJaakko Astola, Petri Haavisto, Yrjo Neuvo
VSAT data networks. (very small aperture data networks) (technical)ElectronicsNorman Abramson
VSAT technology, trends, and applications. (technical)ElectronicsA. Hamid Rana, J. McCoskey, W. Check
Wavelength Domain Optical Network Techniques. (technical)ElectronicsGodfrey R. Hill
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