Proceedings of the IEEE 1983 - Abstracts

Proceedings of the IEEE 1983
30-MJ Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System for Electric Utility Transmission Stabilization.ElectronicsJ.D. Rogers, R.I. Schermer, B.I. Miller, J.F. Hauer
Advanced Electrolysis Development for Hydrogen-Cycle Peak Shaving for Electric Utilities.ElectronicsR.A. Fernandes, L.J. Nuttall
Afterword: Evolving Toward OSI.ElectronicsR. desJardins
A Hierarchical Scheme for Multiobjective Adaptive Routing in Large Communication Networks.ElectronicsK.H. Muralidhar, M.K. Sundareshan
Air Storage System Energy Transfer (ASSET) Plants.ElectronicsZ.S. Stys
Algorithms, Calculators, and Computers for Celestial Navigation.ElectronicsP.K. Seidelmann, L.E. Doggett, P.M. Janiczek
An Algebraic Formula for the Output of a System with Large- Signal Multifrequency Excitation.ElectronicsM.B. Steer, P.J. Khan
A New Method of Synthesizing Acoustic Holograms.ElectronicsK. Nagai
An Improved Conference Circuit.ElectronicsM.V. Pitke, T. Chandrasekaren
An Integrated Robot System Architecture.ElectronicsR.H. Taylor, D.D. Grossman
A Tomographic Formulation of Spotlight-Mode Synthetic Aperture Radar.ElectronicsD.C.Jr. Munson, J.D. O'Brien, W.K. Jenkins
A Tutorial on Computer-Aided Analysis of Switched-Capacitor Circuits.ElectronicsM.L. Liou, Y.L. Kuo, C.F. Lee
Business Data Usage of OSI.ElectronicsJ.S. Foley
Civil GPS from a Future Perspective.ElectronicsT.A.Jr. Stansell
Computers and Navigation.ElectronicsM. Rogoff
Computers for Navigation.ElectronicsK.E. Newcomer
Connections and Connectionless Data Transmission.ElectronicsA.L. Chapin
Current Developments in Loran-C.ElectronicsR.L. Frank
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Scattering in Rain and Other Hydrometeors.ElectronicsO. Tomohiro
Facing the Headaches of Early Failures: A State-of-the Art Review of Burn-In Decisions.ElectronicsW. Kuo, Y. Kuo
Flexible A-D Conversion Using a ROM in Place of a SAR.ElectronicsC.K. Yuen
Formal Description Techniques.ElectronicsC.A Vissers, R.L. Tenney, G.V. Bochmann
Fundamentals of the Layer Service Definitions and Protocol Specifications.ElectronicsP.F. Linington
Geometrical Aspects of Interpreting Images as a Three- Dimensional Scene.ElectronicsT. Kanade
Inertial Navigation.ElectronicsM.M. Kuritsky, M.S. Goldstein
Internetwork Protocol.ElectronicsR. Callon
Message-Handling Systems and Protocols.ElectronicsI. Cunningham
Microprocessor-Based Algorithm for Symmetrical-Components Calculation.ElectronicsL. Jenkins, D.B. Fakruddin, K. Parthasarathy, K.S. Ramanjaneyula
Microprocessors - The First Twelve Years.ElectronicsA. Gupta, H.D. Toong
Modern Navigation Systems and their Relation to Timekeeping.ElectronicsW.J. Klepczynski
Navigation-An Overview.ElectronicsS.H. Dodington
Navigation Systems Performance Versus Civil Aviation Requirements.ElectronicsJ.W. Bradley, L. Hogle, K. Markin
NAVSTAR: Global Positioning System - Ten Years Later.ElectronicsB.W. Parkinson, S.W. Gilbert
Omega.ElectronicsE.R. Swanson
On Determining a Computable Ordering of a Digital Network.ElectronicsM. Comeau, K. Thulasiraman
On the Measurement of Voltage Transfer Functions.ElectronicsJ.H.Jr. Mulligan
On the Relation Between Triangular Matrix Decomposition and Linear Prediction.ElectronicsC.W. Therrien
OSI Management and Job Transfer Services.ElectronicsA. Lagnsford, K. Naemura, R. Speth
OSI Model Layering of a Military Local Network.ElectronicsJ.A. Davidson
OSI Presentation Layer Activities.ElectronicsL.L. Hollis
OSI Session Layer: Services and Protocols.ElectronicsW.W. Emmons, A.S. Chandler
OSI Virtual Terminal Service.ElectronicsH. Lowe
Parallel Operation of Power Transistors in Switching Amplifiers.ElectronicsM. Kazimierczuk
Principles of Operation and Analysis of Switched-Capacitor Circuits.ElectronicsY. Tsividis
Properties of the Qn-Matrix in Bilinear Transformation.ElectronicsN.K. Bose
Radionavigation System Integrity and Reliability.ElectronicsR. Braff, C.A. Shively, M.J. Zeltser
Relationship Between Volterra Series and Generalized Power Series.ElectronicsP.J. Khan, M. Steer, R.S. Tucker
Robot Programming.ElectronicsT. Lozano-Perez
Sensor-Based Robotic Assembly Systems: Research and Applications in Electronic Manufacturing.ElectronicsA.C. Sanderson, G. Perry
Services and Protocols of the Data Link Layer.ElectronicsJ.W. Conard
Services and Protocols of the Physical Layer.ElectronicsF.M. McClelland
Status of CCITT Description Techniques and Application to Protocol Specification.ElectronicsG.J Dickson, P.E. de Chazal
Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage.ElectronicsW.V. Hassenzahl
Switched-Capacitor Circuit Design.ElectronicsR. Gregorian, K.W. Martin, G.C. Temes
Task-Oriented Architectures.ElectronicsR. Reddy, R. Bisiani, H. Mauersberg
Technological Design Considerations for Monolithic MOS Switched-Capacitor Filtering Systems.ElectronicsD.J. Allstot, W.C.Jr. Black
Testing OSI Protocols at the National Bureau of Standards.ElectronicsR.J. Linn, J.S. Nightingale
The Application Layer of the Reference Model of Open Systems Interconnection.ElectronicsP.D. Bartoli
The OSI File Service.ElectronicsD. Lewan, H.G. Long
The OSI Network Layer: Standards to Cope with the Real World.ElectronicsC. Ware
The OSI Reference Model.ElectronicsJ.D. Day, H. Zimmerman
The Special Issue on Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)- New International Standards Architecture and Protocols.ElectronicsH.C. Folts, R. DesJardins
The Special Section on Concepts of Energy Storage Systems.ElectronicsO.K. Mawardi
The Stanford Cart and the CMU Rover.ElectronicsH.P. Moravec
The Transport Layer Standardization.ElectronicsK.G. Knightson
The Very Large Array: Design and Performance of a Modern Synthesis Radio Telescope.ElectronicsP.J. Napier, A.R. Thompson, R.D. Ekers
Three Vision Algorithms for Acquiring Workpieces from Bins.ElectronicsR.B. Kelley, H.A.S. Martins, J.R. Birk, J.D. Dessimoz
Two-Dimensional Imaging with a Radio Camera.ElectronicsB.D. Steinberg, W. Whistler, D. Carlson
Wave Propagation Through Random Media: Contributions from Ocean Acoustics.ElectronicsS.M. Flatte
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