Practical Tax Strategies 2003 - Abstracts

Practical Tax Strategies 2003
Allocate investments wisely between 401(k) and taxable accounts.(Cover Story)LawPhilip R. Fink
Cafeteria plans need to harmonize with FMLA mandates.(Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993)LawDennis R. Lassila
Home-sale regulations illuminate eligibility for excluding gain.LawEdward K. Zollars
Insurance setup lets collectors pass asset appreciation tax free.LawRolf Auster
IRS 'tax tips' raise relevant issues - but are short on details.LawPhilip J. Harmelink, William M. VanDenburgh, Darla H. Thomas
IRS voluntary disclosure policy: the best deal ever offered.LawIan M. Comisky, Michael D. Shepard
Make the most of recently expanded IRS mediation opportunities.(Cover Story)LawRonald A. Stein
Offshore scheme participants can get onboard IRS program.LawVivian D. Hoard
Tax issues affecting summer camps are not fun and games.LawJay A. Soled
Valuation of closely held stock is often far from certain.LawCraig J. Langstraat, Jeffrey S. Glatstein
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