Planner 1993 - Abstracts

Planner 1993
Abolition of two northern county councils proposed. (Local Government Commission proposes county changes)Business, international 
Affordable housing in rural areas. (UK)Business, internationalCherrett, Trevor
A first year report on planning policy guidance note 1.Business, internationalCrump, Les
A new rural strategy. (the UK's rural economy)Business, internationalFyson, Anthony
A proper plan in prospect. (the East Thames Corridor)Business, internationalFyson, Anthony
Aspects of equality. (planning policies and the needs of disabled people and women)Business, internationalDavies, Linda
Cincinnati jaw-jaw part 2. (Cincinnati Symposium on Design Review and its relevance to Britain's planners)Business, internationalDelafons, John
Cincinnatti jaw-jaw. (First International Symposium on Design Review)Business, internationalDelafons, John
Conservation commandments; ten things planners should do for conservation on their patch.Business, internationalStrang, Charles
Contradictions still to resolve; environmental factors in planning.Business, internationalFyson, Anthony
Deconstructing the City; the experience of London Docklands.Business, internationalEdwards, Brian
Developing farmland; a case study of Angus district. (Scotland)Business, internationalMoir, John
Development impacts and obligations. (research into planning gain)Business, internationalHealey, Patsy, Purdue, Michael, Ennis, Frank
Development plan inquiries.Business, internationalCrockett, Douglas
Development plan slippage. (reasons for lack of preparation of plans)Business, internationalMcClenaghan, Joe
Enhancement in conservation areas.Business, internationalBooth, Eddie
Enterprise zones - making them work.Business, internationalKeddie, David
Environmental management: meeting the demand.Business, internationalBegg, Hugh
Evaluation for transport policies and programmes - in integrated land-use/transport planning.Business, internationalLichfield, Nathaniel, Choudhury, Ashis
Expectations and resources. (funding availibility for building conservation)Business, internationalMorton, Dave
Fragile regional planning. (planning in the south-east of England)Business, internationalBreheny, Michael
Gains and losses. (the agreements made between UK town planners and developers)Business, internationalFyson, Anthony
Glasgow: a city of change. (survey)Business, international 
How integrated is rural planning?Business, internationalTurner, Phil
Humberside-districts respond. (reply to an article in February's 'Planner' about the future of Humberside County Council)Business, internationalTaylor, Robin
Humberside; the strategic and environmental case for the county.Business, internationalBidick, Ian
Important bird areas.Business, internationalEverett, Mike
Information technology and initial planning education.Business, internationalGreen, Adrian, Lamb, Bob
Institute sees limited success for PPG13.Business, international 
In tune with housing and planning. (Ann Holmes director of the National Housing and Town Planning Council)Business, internationalStansfield, Kathy
Keeping people's interest.Business, internationalGomm, Alan
Letchworth heritage. (protection of Letchworth Garden City)Business, internationalThomas, Wyndham
Local government on stage. (UK political views on town planning)Business, internationalFyson, Anthony
Local government review. (the Royal Town Planning Institute's views on UK local government structure)Business, international 
Lots in difficulty. (the uk government's 'Living Over The Shop' initiative)Business, internationalAldous, Tony
Micheldever Station Market Town. (proposed new town in Micheldever, Hampshire)Business, internationalBromwihc, Bill
Nature conservation and environmental impact; strategic issues in minerals planning.Business, internationalClough, Brenda
Negotiating for sport and recreation using planning obligations.Business, internationalElson, Maartin J
No time for planning. (interview with Lord Walker, head of the Urban Regeneration Agency)Business, internationalAldous, Tony
Not yet on track. (draft document calls for urban planning to take precedence over transport technology) (Editorial)Business, internationalFyson, Anthony
Place in the sun. (interview with land economy professor and honorary member of Royal Town Planning Institute, Malcolm Grant) (Interview)Business, internationalFyson, Anthony
Planning aid as CPD.Business, internationalCowan, Robert
Planning and the reduction of transport emissions.Business, internationalJones, Glynn
Planning for the countryside.Business, internationalTurner, Phil
Planning post-Rio. (the Earth Summit held in Rio in 1992)Business, internationalSelman, Paul
Planning, the market and private housebuilding.Business, internationalBramley, glen
Potsdam-a recent impression; how planning is developing in a city until recently in East Germany.Business, internationalChesman, G.R.
Promoting local initiatives; the work of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. (ICLEI)Business, internationalBell, Graeme
Public art in Harrow.Business, internationalJones, Graham
Publicity for planning applications.Business, internationalBlackhall, J.Cameron
Race equality and planning.Business, internationalThomas, Huw, Krishnarayan, Vijay
Real trickle-down. (National River Authority's policy document)Business, internationalFyson, Anthony
Regenerating Barcelona. (Barcelona's revamp for 1992 Olympic Games)Business, internationalWilson, Gregory
Review and accounts 1992.Business, international 
Shopping - when the recession recedes.Business, internationalBecket, MD
The Cairngorms-management in partnership. (Scotland)Business, internationalBachell, Andrew
The interpretation of refusal and appeal rates. (planning controls)Business, internationalBrotherton, Ian
Town centre achievement. (criteria for Town Centre Achievement Award)Business, internationalStungo, Adrian
Town planning education-as it was then.Business, internationalBatey, Peter
'Triple-whammied'City. (town planning in the City of London)Business, internationalAldous, Tony
Why do we seek to conserve? (UK buildings and places)Business, internationalDean, John
Wild in the city. (the work of the London Ecology Unit)Business, internationalStansfield, Kathy
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