Philosophy of the Social Sciences 2004 - Abstracts

Philosophy of the Social Sciences 2004
An evolutionary social science? A skeptic's brief, theoretical and substantive.Social sciencesBryant, Joseph M.
Can understanding undermine explanation? The confused experience of revolution.Social sciencesKurzman, Charles
Clarifying some misunderstandings about social systems and their mechanisms.Social sciencesBunge, Mario
Erotetic contextualism, data-generating procedures, and sociological explanations of social mobility.Social sciencesKhalifa, Kareem
Explanatory exclusion in history and social science.Social sciencesDay, Mark
How does it work?: The search for explanatory mechanisms.Social sciencesBunge, Mario
Individual beliefs and collective beliefs in sciences and philosophy: the plural subject and the polyphonic subject accounts.Social sciencesBouvier, Alban
Individualism and holism, reduction and pluralism: A comment on Keith Sawyer and Julie Zahle.Social sciencesBouwel, Jeroen Van
Intentionality, pluralism, and redescription.Social sciencesMcintyre, Lee
Mechanisms in the analysis of social macro-phenomena.Social sciencesMayntz, Renate
Naturalizing or Demythologizing Scientific Inquiry: Kitcher's Science, Truth and Democracy.Social sciencesRottschaefer, William A.
On Rawls's distinction between perfect and imperfect procedural justice.Social sciencesGustafsson, Martin
Practical rationality in social scientific explanation: the case of residential segregation.Social sciencesKelly, Terrence
Psychological hedonism, evolutionary biology, and the experience machine.Social sciencesLemos, John
Sexual harassment and the 'repetition requirement'.Social sciencesLandau, Iddo
Social boundary mechanisms.Social sciencesTilly, Charles
Social mechanisms and causal inference.Social sciencesSteel, Daniel
Systemism, social laws, and the limits of social theory: Themes out of Mario Bune's the sociology-philosophy connection.Social sciencesSadovnikov, Slava
Systemism, social mechanisms, and scientific progress: A case study of the international crisis behavior project.Social sciencesJames, Patrick
The mechanisms of emergence.Social sciencesSawyer, Keith R.
Theorizing the mechanisms of conceptual and semiotic space.Social sciencesWight, Colin
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