Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics 2003 - Abstracts

Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics 2003
A flexible tool for model building: the Relevant Transformation of the Inputs Network Approach (RETINA).EconomicsWhite, Halbert, Perez-Amaral, Teodosio, Gallo, Giampiero M.
A natural experiment on the 'race to the bottom' hypothesis: Testing for stochastic dominance in temporal pollution trends.EconomicsList, John A., Millimet, Daniel L.
An introduction to best empirical models when the parameter space is infinite dimensional.EconomicsPhillips, Peter C.B., Ploberger, Werner
Are returns to schooling concentrated among the most able? A semiparametric analysis of the ability-earning relationships.EconomicsTobias, Justin L.
Bayesian model selection with an uninformative prior.EconomicsStrachan, Rodney W., Dijk, Herman K. van
Choosing the best volatility models: the model confidence set approach.EconomicsHansen, Peter Reinhard, Lunde, Asger, Nason, James M.
Cointegration vector estimation by panel DOLS and long-run money demand.(dynamic ordinary least square )EconomicsMark, Nelson C., Sul, Donggyu
Consistent model selection by an automatic GETS approach.(general-to-specific)EconomicsHendry, David F., Krolzig, Hans-Martin, Campos, Julia
Convexity and sheepskin effects in the human capital earnings function: recent evidence for Filipino men.EconomicsSchady, Norbert R.
Disaggregate wealth and aggregate consumption: an investigation of empirical relationships for the G7.EconomicsDavis, E. Philip, Byrne, Joseph P.
Dose tax evasion affect occupational choice? *.EconomicsParker, Simon C.
Economic integration and regional business cycles: evidence from the Iberian regions.EconomicsBarrios, Salvador, Jose de Lucio, Juan
Empirical modelling of money demand in periods of structural change: the case of Greece.EconomicsBrissimis, Sophocles N., Hondroyiannis, George, Swamy, P. A. V. B., Tavlas, George S.
Exact skewness-kurtosis tests for multivariate normality and goodness-of-fit in multivariate regressions with application to asset pricing models.EconomicsDufour, Jean-Marie, Khalaf, Lynda, Beaulieu, Marie-Claude
Exogeneity in vector error correction models with purely exogenous long-run paths.EconomicsRault, Christophe, Pradel, Jacqueline
Explaining firms' export behaviour: R&D, spillovers and the distination market.EconomicsGorg, Holger, Barrios, Salvador, Strobe, Eric
Fractional integration and the dynamics of UK unemployment.EconomicsGil-Alana, Luis A., Henry, S. G. Brian
Further evidence on PPP adjustment speeds: the case of effective real exchange rates and the EMS.(purchasing power parity)(European Monetary System)EconomicsPeel, David A., Paya, Ivan, Venetis, Ioannis A.
General-to-specific model selection procedures for structural vector autoregressions.EconomicsKrolzig, Hans-Martin
Hard times or great expectations? Dividend omissions and dividend cuts by UK firms.(United Kingdom)EconomicsBenito, Andrew, Young, Garry
Human capital spillovers within the workplace: evidence for Great Britain.EconomicsSloane, Peter J., Belfield, Clive R., Battu, Harminder
Implications of the changes in the system of national accounts for measured growth and the business cycle.EconomicsVanhoudt, Patrick
Inflow composition, duration dependence and their impact on the unemployment outflow rate.EconomicsTuron, Helene
Investigating excess returns from nominal bonds.Economics 
Non-linear predictability of UK stock market returns.(United Kingdom)EconomicsMcMillan, David G.
Okun's law revisited.EconomicsCrespo Cuaresma, Jesus
Profit margins, adjustment costs and the business cycle: an application to Spanish manufacturing firms.EconomicsFarinas, Jose, Huergo, Elena
Regional foreign direct investment and wage spillovers: Plant level evidence from the UK electronics industry.EconomicsGirma, Sourafel, Driffield, Nigel
Resources at marriage and intrahousehold allocation: evidence from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and South Africa.EconomicsQuisumbing, Agnes R., Maluccio, John A.
Schooling resources, educational institutions and student performance: the international evidence.EconomicsWobmann, Ludger
Searching for the causal structure of a vector autoregression.EconomicsHoover, Kevin D., Demiralp, Selva
Selecting a nonlinear time series model using weighted tests of equal forecast accuracy.EconomicsDijk, Dick van, Franses, Philip
Specification testing of Markov switching models.EconomicsPagan, Adrian, Breunig, Robert, Najarian, Serinah
Tax discounting in a high-debt economy.EconomicsPozzi, Lorenzo
Testing of fractional cointegration in macroeconomic time series.EconomicsGil-Alana, Luis A.
Test procedures for unit roots in time series with level shifts at unknown time.EconomicsLanne, Markku, Lutkepohl, Helmut, Saikkonen, Pentti
The demand for health care services in rural Tanzania.EconomicsSahn, David E., Younger, Stephen D., Genicot, Garance
The effects of consumption variability on saving: evidence from a panel of Muscovite households**.EconomicsGuariglia, Alessandra, Kim, Byung-Yeon
The value of secondary school quality.EconomicsRosenthal, Leslie
Time series concepts for conditional distributions.EconomicsGranger, Clive W. J.
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