Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics 1999 - Abstracts

Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics 1999
A correction for local biasedness of the Wald and Null Wald tests.Economics 
A new test for structural stability based on recursive residuals.EconomicsWright, Jonathan H.
A note on the performance of simple specification tests for the Tobit model.EconomicsHansen, Jorgen, Ericson, Peter
Capital structure and labour demand: investigations using German micro data.EconomicsFunke, Michael, Strulik, Holger, Maurer, Wolf
Diagnostics for IV regressions.(instrumental variables)EconomicsPesaran, M. Hashem, Taylor, Larry W.
Do the rich stay unemployed longer? An empirical study for the UK.EconomicsStancanelli, Elena G.F.
Fertility and the human capital loss of non-participation.EconomicsBelzil, Christian, Hergel, Philip
Market segmentation and stock price behavior.EconomicsCuthbertson, Keith, Hayes, Simon, Nitzsche, Dirk
Multiconintegration in stock-flow models.EconomicsEngsted, Tom, Haldrup, Niels
Near observational equivalence and fractionally integrated processes.EconomicsMarmol, Francesc, Reboredo, Juan C.
New men and new women? A comparison of paid work propensities from a panel data perspective.EconomicsBooth, Alison L., Jenkins, Stephen P., Serrano, Carlos Garcia
On kin groups and wages in the Ghanaian labour market.EconomicsCollier, Paul, Garg, Ashish
On some statistical methods for modelling the incidence of poverty.EconomicsPudney, Stephen
On the role of seasonal intercepts in seasonal cointegration.EconomicsFranses, Philip Hans, Kunst, Robert M.
Simultaneous determination of home work and market work of women in urban west Africa.EconomicsGlick, Peter
The effect of unemployment benefits on the probability of re-employment in Poland.EconomicsAdamchik, Vera
The hiring function reconsidered: on closing the circle.EconomicsMumford, Karen, Smith, Peter N.
Transitions to and from self-employment in Spain: an empirical analysis.EconomicsCarrasco, Raquel
UK intra-industry trade with the EU north and south.EconomicsGreenaway, David, Elliott, Robert J.R., Milner, Chris
Wave behaviour of mergers and acquisitions in the UK: a sectoral study.EconomicsResende, Marcelo
What has happened to the union wage differential in Britain in the 1990s?EconomicsHildreth, Andrew
When economic reform is faster then statistical reform: measuring and explaining income inequality in rural China.EconomicsRavallion, Martin, Chen, Shaohua
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