Nature Canada 1999 - Abstracts

Nature Canada 1999
A bird's-eye view: the world is a different place when seen through the eyes of a bird.Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
A dream come true: a group of volunteers turned their vision of a coastal hiking trail into one of Newfoundland's hottest tourist attractions.(East Coast Trail Association)Science and technologyMurphy, Michelle
Adventure, Ivvavik style.(rafting down the Firth River in Ivvavik National Park, Yukon Territory)(Cover Story)Science and technologyStruzik, Ed
A gamut of groups; mutations, knots and parliaments are terms for some of the creatures that like hanging out together.Science and technologyAaron, Richard
A harlequin mystery; can a decade-long banding study save these western sea ducks from the same fate as their endangered eastern cousins?Science and technologyBailey, Paul
A harvest of words.(origins of English words relating to nature in Canada)Science and technologyAaron, Richard
A hot topic: is there a downside to rising temperatures?Science and technologyParker, Raymond
A lasting legacy: conservation easements can help property owners protect the land they love in perpetuity.Science and technologyButler, Dave
An antidote anecdote: coneflowers hold the antidote to the prairie rattlesnake's venom.Science and technologyBeresford-Kroeger, Diana
A natural resource.(conflict between oil interests and caribou, Canada)Science and technologyParker, Raymond J.
A precarious perch.(fish, Ammocrypta pellucida)Science and technologyWake, Winifred (Cairns)
A summer beauty: for two weeks in July, the spectacular blooms of Catalpa speciosa provide a floral feast for the eye.(includes article on how to grow the Indian bean tree)Science and technologyBeresford-Kroeger, Diana
A wetland for all seasons: no matter what time of year, Minesing Swamp has something to offer nature lovers.Science and technologyJohnston, Eunice
Battle of the sexes.(water striders' mating habits)Science and technologyBishop, Todd D.
CNF welcomes New Arctic National Park.(Canadian Nature Federation)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Court orders case against Cheviot Mine to proceed.(Nature Alert)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Dew drop in: insects that stop to rest on the sundew's leaves soon find themselves in a sticky situation.Science and technologyBishop, Todd D.
Frequent fliers: pinning down the word "butterfly" is no lightweight matter.Science and technologyAaron, Richard
From gannets to whales.(nature attractions at Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec)Science and technologySchneider, Dan, Hanning, Rhona
Galloway Bay and Miry Bay.(birds, Canada)Science and technologyStabb, Mark
Hands-on research: it takes a light touch and steady nerves to band a rufous hummingbird.(includes related articles)Science and technologyBackhouse, Frances
Hope on the range.(includes related article on the preservation of Alberta's foothills)(rancher and conservationists strive to save Canada's prairie habitat by creating Waterton Lakes National Park)Science and technologyTighem, Kevin Van
Hummingbirds in the shower.(hummingbirds' preference for showers over baths)Science and technologyAniskowicz-Fowler, B.T.
Impartial listing endangered?(Nature Alert)(Canada's national list of species at risk)Science and technologyJohnson, Marc
Important bird areas get federal support.(Nature Alert)Science and technologySchultz, Caroline
In the lime-light.(plant, Clematis virginiana)Science and technologyBeresford-Kroeger, Diana
Lumpy chipmunks.(causes and treatment)Science and technologyAniskowicz-Fowler, B.T.
Made in the shade: birdlovers who drink coffee should choose their brands carefully.(environmental aspects of coffee plantations)Science and technologySchultz, Caroline
Meditating in the country.Science and technologySaunders, Gary L.
Natives and northern parks.(Yukon Territory, Canada's national parks)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin, Struzik, Ed
Nature Inc.: can the natural environment survive a corporate takeover of the world's food supply?(the impact of transgenics on nature)Science and technologyHiggins, Mark
Nature on-line.(environmental sites on the web)Science and technologySchroeder, Curt
Nature on-line.(excellent nature and environment sites on the Internet World Wide Web)Science and technologySchroeder, Curt
No golden future: the golden paintbrush's specialized habitat makes it an increasingly rare sight in Canada.(Castilleja levisecta)Science and technologyWake, Winifred
Now you see it, now you don't.(copper redhorse fish)Science and technologyJacobs, Donna
Polar alert: there are troubling signs that pollution and climate change may be adversely affecting polar bears.Science and technologyStruzik, Ed
Running out of room.(grizzly bears threatened by disappearing wilderness)Science and technologyWake, Winifred Cairns
Senate committee rejects call to adjust Tuktut Nogait boundary.(Nature Alert)(Canada's newest national park)Science and technology 
Splendour in the eelgrass.(marine flowering seagrass plants)Science and technologyMason, Adrienne
Starry Night.(Evaluation)Science and technologyBalint, Tom
Strange bedfellows.(Nature Alert)(Canadian societies come together following death of endangered species rule)Science and technologyJohnson, Marc
Super park.(Fish Creek Provincial Park, Canada)Science and technologyParkinson, Rhonda
The great blue yonder.(Great Blue Herons, Canada)Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
The hornet dilemma.(coping with hornet nests)Science and technologySaunders, Gary L.
The mascots of Sable Gully.(bottlenose whales, Hyperoodon ampullatus, Nova Scotia, Canada)(Cover Story)Science and technologyLangan, Kate
The never-ending understorey: hooded warblers nest in the shrubby vegetation that fills gaps created by windfalls in old-growth woodlands.(Species in Danger)Science and technologyWake, Winifred
The Rapunzel hypothesis: scientists are still scratching their heads over some basic biology of head lice.Science and technologyStabb, Mark
The rebound king.(endangered species peregrine falcon rebounds from extinction)Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
The seed-eaters: crossbills are particularly adept at extracting seeds from cone-bearing conifers.Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
The singing sex: do only male birds sing?Science and technologyAniskowicz-Fowler, B.T.
Three plants in one.(includes related article on how to grow Wintergreen)(heath or heather-family member called Gaultheria procumbens)Science and technologyBeresford-Kroeger, Diana
We love it, we love it not.(dandelions)Science and technologyAaron, Richard
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